Best Dart Board Cabinet for 2022 (Reviews & Buyer’s Guide)

The dart board cabinet was designed with stray darts in mind. It protects a board’s backdrop and in turn, protects your darts. Not only will loose darts damage your walls but they can also break, meaning you’ll end up needing a new expensive set! On top of protection, they also double up as scorekeepers and darts storage spaces, with most containing a scoreboard of some sort and a mount to hang your darts in.

Steel tip darts can be destructive by their very nature, especially when in the hands of young or amateur players. The pointed, sharp tips are great at tearing apart any surface they land on and can create chips, holes, and cracks in walls and plaster.

A quality dart board cabinet is a staple in any good player’s setup. We’ve found the ten best dart board cabinets and listed them down below, to help you pick the right cabinet for your darts!

10 Best Dart board Cabinets for 2022

Many of the cabinets below come in combination purchases with dartboards included. Although it is certainly nice to receive multiple items in a purchase, the reviews will be based solely on the quality of the cabinets and not the boards.

1. EastPoint Sports Belmont

  • Weight: 23.04 pounds
  • Diameter: 21 inches
  • Material: Hardwood

This particular dartboard cabinet set is the perfect mix of affordability, durability, and quality. The EastPoint Belmont cabinet comes in a combination pack with a bristle dartboard, but it’s the cabinet that really steals the show and can be considered the best dartboard cabinet set on the market.

The design of the board itself is simple yet effective. When closed, the board is a standard square shape with no protruding edges, 21 inches in width and when open it increases its width to become a straight-sided rectangle. The standard shape of the board helps it fit on most flat surfaces and can be squeezed in between wall decorations or other mounts.

The interior of the cabinet is equally efficient. The red-coated wooden backdrop provides ample protection for loose darts and bounce outs while the doors are sturdy, stable, and give plenty of space for the in-built chalk scoreboard. With well constructed and sturdy metal hinges, the doors hold well and do not sway with gusts of wind.

Chalk scoreboards can sometimes be advertised as such but struggle to hold the chalk, making scoring tough to read. The two scoreboards on each of the cabinet doors receive chalk very well and feature space for both 01 and cricket scoring. At the bottom of each, there are also in-built dart holders which are capable of holding 3 darts each.

No frills, no unnecessary accessories, and extremely ergonomic, the Eastpoint Sports Belmont provides an affordable solution to the problem of damaged walls and broken darts. Its price point alone is what makes it the best dartboard cabinet set on our list with no discernible loss of quality or durability when compared to other, more expensive cabinets. This is the perfect cabinet for home, club or pub use and is suitable as both a bristle and electronic dartboard cabinet.

What I liked

  • Very ergonomic
  • Very affordable
  • Sturdy hinges
  • Weighted doors
  • Great aesthetic
  • No unnecessary flair

What could be improved

  • Simple design
  • Basic scoreboards (chalk only)
  • Slightly small, no larger catch radius



2. DMI Sports Deluxe

  • Weight: 25.35 pounds
  • Diameter: 22 inches
  • Material: Hardwood

Unlike the Eastpoint board, DMI have taken into account the need for a stylish cabinet. Its place on a wall of a rustic pub would not be questioned and could even be considered as something other than a dartboard. The large, rounded door tops and homely rosewood finish give it a certain classy feel and help it stand out from other cabinet sets.

The two scoreboards come in a muted green color and help increase the contrast between the sore mark and scoreboard, meaning they’re easy to read. The door-mounted cricket chalkboard can also be used for 01 games and has plenty of space for marks and scores.

An MDF finish to the back of the cabinet ensures that bounce outs do not rebound aggressively or break on impact, but it could certainly look a little more attractive. Luckily enough, the rest of the board is finished very well and looks professional.

The build quality is excellent, with chip-proof hardwood being used for the main construction and durable brass for the sturdy door hinges. The doors hang solidly and stay in place well. Mounting hardware comes with the set and makes putting up the board simple and quick.

All in all the DMI Sports Deluxe board cabinet set is a great handsome cabinet option for venues where looks matter but does come in at a slightly higher price point than other boards on this list.

What I liked

  • Professional look
  • Clean finish
  • Stylish
  • Durable build
  • Strong hinges

What could be improved

  • Expensive
  • Tall door height
  • Basic scoreboards (chalk only)
  • No finish on the MDF backing



3. Viper Vault Deluxe

  • Weight: 27 pounds
  • Diameter: 22 inches
  • Material: Hardwood

Off the back of the success of the shot king bristle dartboard, Viper decided to venture into the world of dartboard cabinets. They have a large array of different boards varying greatly from each other, but the Vault Deluxe beats all of them to the number three spot on our list.

With a sturdy build and dark wooden finish, this Viper cabinet has fantastic durability. The hardwood shell is chip-proof and certainly looks fantastic on any flat surface. The backdrop is made of MDF and finished with a matte black covering, making it fit right in and not stand out too much.

The hinges are heavy and sturdy, meaning the doors don’t swing without any human input and are secured well. They even have in-built magnets at the top and bottom to keep the doors firmly closed when the board isn’t in use.

The integrated wood doors feature a rounded top for aesthetics and a dry erase scoreboard on both sides. The right-hand door even features an Illumiscore board and comes with a specially constructed pen. Combining the pen and Illumiscore board makes the written score light up and glow in darker environments. This is a unique feature you won’t find on many competitors’ cabinets.

The set comes with lots of helpful accessories included including markers, an eraser, darts, and of course the Shot King bristle dart board.

This is an excellent board but is reflected in the price point, at almost three times the price of our number one pick. If you have the budget, it’s well worth the purchase!

What I liked

  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Wood-style finish
  • Illumiscore backlighting
  • Many accessories
  • Magnetic doors

What could be improved

  • Very expensive
  • Gimmicky scoreboard



4. Viper Hideaway

  • Weight: 12.8 pounds
  • Diameter: 21 inches
  • Material: Hardwood

First things first, let’s get things straight. You definitely do not buy the Viper hideaway cabinet set for the dartboard! What holds all the value in this combo is a well-built and extremely useful darts budget darts cabinet that not only protects well but looks sharp too.

This no-frills board is perfect at getting the job done. Its wood construction protects walls very well and the matte-covered MDF behind the board does a great job at absorbing loose darts.

In the interior of the cabinet, you’ll find two wedges stuck to the inside of the frame. These act as a mount that you can perch your board in and will hold it there without the need for a bracket. They work well but do sometimes allow the board to pop out on it’s z-axis. Make sure you push the board in slightly each time you play or it will sway into the dartboard cabinet when you throw a dart.

The two doors feature chalk scoreboards on their interior side for 01, cricket, and set play games. Due to the price of the board, these scoreboards are printed directly onto the cabinet frame and not onto mounted scoreboards which is a bit of a shame. The doors also feature magnetic strips to keep the cabinet closed when not in use.

The biggest downside to the Viper Hideaway cabinet is its looks. It’s black, matte black and very dark grey. There is nothing aesthetically pleasing about this board! That however doesn’t matter if it’s just a helpful tool to keep your walls safe. Its lower price point helps it find a solid fourth on our list of the top ten dartboard cabinets.

What I liked

  • Cheap
  • Magnetic doors
  • Great protection
  • In-built mounting system
  • Multiple game mode scoreboards

What could be improved

  • Dull looking
  • In-built mount restricts replacement board size
  • Scoreboards are directly on wooden doors



5. Hathaway Drifter

  • Weight: 33.51 pounds
  • Diameter: 25 inch
  • Material: Pinewood

If class and good looks are what you’re after in a dartboard cabinet set then the Hathaway Drifter cabinet set is the one for you.

When closed, the vintage cabinet looks fantastic having been crafted from solid, reclaimed pine wood. A distressed, Timberwood finish completes the look and ensures it wouldn’t look out of place in a members club or vintage lounge. The knobs on the doors are made of high-quality iron hardware and the doors themselves even brag iron cross beams!

In terms of quality, this dartboard cabinet does everything it needs to. The doors each have chalk scoreboards attached to them with designs capable of scoring 01 and cricket modes and the cabinet has plenty of shelf storage space underneath where the board hangs.

The door hinges are stiff and hang well without swaying around when darts hit.

The size of the cabinet is large, much larger than most dartboard cabinets on this list. Make sure to double-check you have enough space for this 25-inch wide monster cabinet!

What brings the board down is its price point. It’s regularly found at four times the value of our number one pick and frankly, cannot warrant that price given that it doesn’t have that many more outstanding features. Still, a cracking board that looks pristine.

What I liked

  • Stunning design
  • Iron trimmings
  • Sturdy build
  • Stiff hinges
  • Magnetic doors
  • Large storage space

What could be improved

  • Expensive
  • Very heavy
  • Very large



6. Viper Metropolitan

  • Weight: 24.2 pounds
  • Diameter: 21 inches
  • Material: Pinewood

Looking for a classic and vintage-looking board with plenty of storage? The Viper Metropolitan ticks all of those boxes and more.

It’s important to note first that although the Viper Metropolitan dartboard cabinet measures 21 inches wide, it also measures a massive 27 inches tall, all thanks to its additional storage area under the board. Make sure you have plenty of vertical space to mount this board in!

The reason for the crazy height would be the board’s most unique feature. Underneath the main cabinet area, Viper has a built-in additional storage area. The 15 pocket dart caddy has pockets of all sizes made to fit darts, flights, stems, and all of your other darting accessories. It’s extremely useful and stays well out of the way of the playing area.

The hinges on this board are made of bronze and hold very well without any swaying, despite the oversized doors.

Speaking of doors, the right door features an easy wipe dry erase scoreboard and the left a very useful out-shot cheat sheet. The board comes with a dry erase marker which works well together with the scoreboard and is easily wiped completely clean.

One unique feature of the Viper Metropolitan is a tiny little pen magnet for the dry erase marker. This might seem trivial but it stops the pen from rolling out of the cabinet from time to time when your darts land on the board!

A black felt lining on the back board completes the board well and adds a touch of class to the finish. All of these attractive features come at a price, making the Metropolitan a middle-of-the-range dart board cabinet. Just make sure to measure your wall space before purchasing this monster of a dartboard cabinet!

What I liked

  • Felt lining
  • Large storage capacity
  • Dry erase scoreboard and marker
  • Pre-installed board mounting bracket
  • Vintage design

What could be improved

  • Slightly expensive
  • Very large



7. Hathaway Centerpoint

  • Weight: 28.6 pounds
  • Diameter: 25.5 inches
  • Material: Hardwood

Boards and cabinets in public settings like pubs or bars usually look a little worn aged. Save the years of use and sun damage and buy a lightly used-looking cabinet straight out of the box!

The look of the Hathaway Centerpoint is certainly interesting. The dark cherry wood has a nice color palette and the polish finish is rough and coarse in places … but it’s quite comforting! It feels used yet extremely homely and definitely comes across as a ‘local pub’ style of dartboard cabinet set. It won’t win any awards as the best dart board cabinet but it’s a solid addition to the list.

In terms of build quality, the Centerpoint is put together well. The cabinet doors open easily and evenly thanks to high-quality, stainless steel hinges but don’t swing or sway once open. Green fabric on an MDF backing provides a vintage backdrop and the doors themselves have a rounded top design.

The dry wipe only scoreboards on the doors’ interior sides are very simple but are capable of doing the job for both 01 and cricket games.

The board features hooks attached to the top of the frame for easy mounting to any wall. In theory, this means that no mounting brackets are needed, however, brackets tend to be more stable than these hooks on nails.

What I liked

  • Vintage look
  • Plenty of interior space
  • Hook attachments for mounting
  • Dry-wipe scoreboards
  • Hardwood finish

What could be improved

  • Looks aged
  • Very simple scoreboard design
  • No stand specifically for darts



8. Viper Hudson

  • Weight: 24.69 pounds
  • Diameter: 23.25 inches
  • Material: Wood

Take the Viper Metropolitan, remove the lower storage area and you get the Viper Hudson dartboard cabinet. It really is as simple as that! Most of the build and features are identical except for the shortening of the doors due to the lack of additional storage space and pockets. The Hudson board is therefore far more suitable for venues where wall space is an issue.

There are a few more design differences between the two boards other than the lower section. The doors feature a rounded top on the Hudson, giving it a classic cabinet feel and the doors themselves are much shorter in length.

The boards both brag an out-shot cheat sheet on the interior of the left door and an easy wipe scoreboard on the right but the Hudson scoreboard features much larger numerals at the cost of two fewer scoring columns. It’s perfect for games of two players but any more and scoring might be an issue.

The Hudson also features an in-built board mount, making hanging a dart board inside the cabinet relatively easy. It’s a great option for those who are impressed by the Metropolitan but want to save on wall space.

What I liked

  • Felt Lining
  • Standard Size
  • Dry erase scoreboard and marker
  • Out-shot cheat sheet
  • In-built mounting hardware

What could be improved

  • Lack of storage space
  • Single column scoring only
  • Expensive for this style of cabinet



9. TG Cabinet

  • Weight: 14.9 pounds
  • Diameter: 20 inches
  • Material: Particle Board (MDF)

We like to provide solutions to players of all abilities, levels, and budgets and the TG Cabinet is a great example of a cheap dartboard cabinet done very well. What are the main features you require from a cabinet? That it closes, protects its wall, and helps you score. The TG dartboard cabinet does all of these and then some.

The MDF construction feels light and flimsy and sure, it will chip when hit directly by steel tips or dropped, but it protects other surfaces very well. It absorbs the tips of darts so as not to damage them and on top of that is lightweight and portable. The one big downside of MDF is its durability. This dartboard cabinet won’t last years but will provide decent quality protection for less than regular players.

The scoreboards installed on the interiors of the doors are chalkboards. They have scoring areas for both 01 and cricket games, however, the cricket scoring digits are extremely small. It could be slightly tough to read from a distance but easier when collecting your darts. This does however allow for a lot of free space at the bottom of the scoreboards.

A small ring hangs from the top of the inside of the cabinet frame to connect a board to, however realistically you’ll want to install your own mounting hardware to the backdrop of the cabinet to ensure a stable board.

The dartboard cabinet features magnetic seals on the doors and cabinet frame to make sure the doors stay closed when not being used. This is good to see as it’s a feature that sometimes doesn’t even make it onto higher-end boards!

The cabinet itself is small and makes fitting in an official tournament-size bristle dart board very tight. It’s possible, but it will be a squeeze and won’t leave much storage space around the edges of the board. It’s probably most suited to being an electronic dartboard cabinet and can be considered the best electronic dartboard cabinet on this list.

What I liked

  • Cost-effective
  • Decent protection
  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • Amateur friendly

What could be improved

  • Low-quality build materials
  • Not durable
  • Very small
  • Poor attention to detail



10. Franklin Sports

  • Weight: 21.8 pounds
  • Diameter: 22 inches
  • Material: Hardwood

Another semi-budget pick to round out the list, the Franklin Sports dartboard cabinet is very similar to the TG Dartboard Cabinet in many ways.

Instead of MDF construction it utilities low-quality hardwood for its frame and doors. This puts it ahead in durability and is more likely to last you a few years of practice.

The chalk scoreboards are extremely bright green in color but receive chalk well. They do have quite large digits and smaller marking columns but are absolutely usable.

A dark green felt backdrop adds a slight vintage feel to the board despite its boxy appearance. On top of that, the doors have a tendency to be slightly skewed, making them a little annoying to look at when closed!

The dartboard cabinet itself has two hooks attached to the top, similar to Hathaway Centerpoint so that the user can easily hang the cabinet from any wall attachments such as nails.

Just like the TG Cabinet, the Franklin Sports is an extremely tight fit for official tournament size dart boards, leaving next to no storage space around the board itself.

It does the job. It doesn’t look great whilst doing it, but it does the job!

What I liked

  • Frame hooks for mounting
  • Affordable
  • Lightweight
  • Compact

What could be improved

  • Very small
  • Poor construction quality
  • Strange scoreboard design
  • No magnetic doors



Dart board Cabinet Buyer’s Guide

A dartboard cabinet is essentially a house for your dart board. They serve the purpose of protecting your walls from sharp steel-tipped darts which have the potential to chip and ruin any surface. Some are also highly decorative and can look great in a bar, pub or man cave.

Before purchasing a dartboard cabinet set there are a few factors you should consider ensuring you end up choosing the correcting one

Build Material

Your dartboard cabinet should be made from the most durable and sustainable material. This way it will last much longer and provide maximum protection for your walls. Cabinet manufacturers sometimes use cheaper materials that might potentially damage your darts, so it’s important to check before your purchase. Popular materials used in dartboard cabinets include:


The most durable option, a solid wood cabinet provides fantastic protection for walls and has the best resistance against chipping and splitting from steel tip darts. Boards made of wood construction tend to be the most expensive but also the best dart board cabinets on the market.


MDF is an engineered wood made of wood fibers from a combination of hard and soft woods. It is more malleable than hardwood and much lighter but splits and chips far more easily. When steel tip darts penetrate MDF they go in quite far and do not bounce out, hence why it’s regularly used for cabinet backdrops.


Plastic cabinets should be avoided for steel tip darts and bristle dart boards. This is because steel tip darts will deflect aggressively from a plastic darts cabinet and potentially break. Plastic cabinets should only be used for electronic dart boards. The best electronic dartboard cabinet would be made of hardwood but plastic is a great budget option.


Dart board cabinets come in many different sizes. What is most important is to make sure that your cabinet will fit a regulation size dart board. A regulation size board measures slightly over 18 inches in diameter, so the absolute minimum width and height you want your board to be would be 19inches, to afford for small gaps on each side of the board. Smaller cabinets (below 20inches in width) are more suited to being an electronic dartboard cabinet.


Wooden cabinets mostly look very similar with a large square-shaped cabinet to hold a dartboard and two doors attached to the sides that open and close on metal hinges. The main variation comes in the design of the doors, some of which are simple rectangular shapes and others have ornamental decoration on top such as a rounded or carved design. This obviously makes very little difference to gameplay but should be considered in terms of available space.

Aesthetics should also be taken into consideration if you are purchasing the cabinet set for a game room or public space.


The best dart board cabinets provide ample storage space for your darts and other accessories. Some, like the Viper Metropolitan, have additional storage space below the board with pockets for stems, flights, and chalk. Others rely on the space around the board for storage. The larger the cabinet, generally the more space there will be inside the frame for keeping all your darting bits and bobs.


Weight needs to be considered when buying a dartboard, especially if you are thinking of hanging it on a fragile mount or wall. The better boards tend to be made of materials that weigh a lot and so you should check to make sure that your wall is capable of holding 12kg or over. Also, keep in mind that the weights mentioned above are for the dart board cabinets only and do not include the weight of additional boards. A plastic electronic dartboard cabinet will weigh far less than its hardwood bristle counterpart.


Scoreboards are usually located on the interior of each of the doors of a dartboard cabinet set. They come in two main forms; chalk and dry wipe. Chalk scoreboards are more vintage and look more aesthetically pleasing, however dry wipe scoreboards are far more efficient. They’re quicker to write on, wipe, and clean. Both types require regular purchases of chalk and markers. A good dartboard cabinet would have two scoreboards on both doors but some feature an informational poster instead.

Mounting Hardware

Some dartboard cabinet sets come with in-built mounting hardware both on the back of the cabinet and on the inside. You will need two mounts; one for the back of the cabinet to attach it to a wall and one on the inside to mount a board. Be sure to check what comes included in the dartboard cabinet set before taking it home, you might need to make a trip to the local DIY store!

Included Boards

For the purpose of this article, we have only been reviewing the best dartboard cabinets, but many of the sets come with boards included. To check whether or not the cabinet set dartboards are worth keeping, check out our guide on the top ten best bristle dart boards of 2022.

In Conclusion

Whether you own a bristle or electronic dartboard, it’s imperative to make sure you’re protecting your walls from bounce outs and irreparable damage. A cabinet set can make sure your walls are chip and mark-free as well as provide brilliant dart storage and scoring capabilities. Using our buyer’s guide and list you’ll soon find the perfect cabinet set match for you!