Best Dart Mats to Protect your Floor

Viper Padded Throw Toe Line Dart Mat (Steel and Soft Tip Darts)
Viper Padded Throw/Toe Line Dart Mat
ZAAP Heavy Duty Throw Line Rubber Dart Mat
ZAAP Heavy Duty Throw Line Rubber Dart Mat
Shot! Darts Professional Dart Mat
Shot! Darts Professional Dart Mat

Dart is a fun game, but it could become dangerous as well if you do not take precautionary measures. Let’s be honest and admit that no one can hit the bullseye every time and miss some of their shots no matter how professional they are. Due to which your darts, walls, and floor get damaged too. You might have placed the best dart backboards to protect your walls and darts that hit the walls, but what about the floor and those darts that hit the ground? For this, you should have the best dart mat that will protect your floor and darts both at the same time. Here we have provided you with the seven best dart mats to protect your floor. Just scroll down and find the one that is most suitable for your gaming room and your budget as well.

Product Name Our Rating Price
1. Viper Padded Throw/Toe Line Dart Mat(Editor’s Choice) Check Price
2. ZAAP Heavy Duty Throw Line Rubber Dart Mat Check Price
3. Shot! Darts Professional Dart Mat Check Price
4. Dart World Let’s Play Darts Dart Mat Check Price
5. Winmau Xtreme Dart Mat (Heavy-Duty) Check Price
6. Winmau Soft-Feel Dart Mat Check Price
7. XQ Max Check-Out Dart Mat Check Price

1. Viper Padded Throw/Toe Line Dart Mat ( Best Dart Mat )

This pick is ideal for everyone who is looking for a soft padded dart mat for foot comfort and additional safety. This mat is made from vinyl material, which offers a decent level of protection to your flooring and darts

Viper Padded Throw Toe Line Dart Mat (Steel and Soft Tip Darts)
The significant advantage of vinyl construction is that it provides a soft feel and firm grip to the floor and ensures the stability of the mat. When it comes to comfort, this mat is everything that is needed. It is also stored easily as packing this viper padded mat is also very convenient. There are marking of two reference lines for both soft-tip and steel-tip darts. But this mat is somehow thin, which means it will not absorb every falling dart in it. But this is not that big issue because your darts will not bounce back; neither they will break as they are made of vinyl, so the issue of unpleasant odor also minimizes. This is going to be a great mat, but if you are a cost-conscious player, then it is not for you. Main Features
  • Made of soft, cushioned vinyl
  • the Viper padded throw line dart mat
  • Heavy-duty, the non-slip mat measures 117″ L x 24″ W x 1/4″ D
  • Provides a regulation distance embossed toe line for both steel tip darts (93-1/4″) and soft tip darts (96″)
  • Made in USA

Viper padded mat is one of the thickest mats for darts. If you are looking for something thicker enough to protect your floor and darts, then this dart mart will be best for you. However, it is somehow pricey, but it is once in a lifetime investment because it is longlasting

  • Soft padding for comfort
  • Two throw lines for soft and steel darts
  • Good overall quality
  • Easy to roll after use
  • May not be able to handle heavier darts
  • Price is relatively high

2. ZAAP Heavy Duty Throw Line Rubber Dart Mat

ZAAP heavy-duty rubber dart mat offers high-quality in the affordable price range. This mat covers 9 feet and 9 inches, and it is over two feet wide. It is a unique masterpiece for traveling and keeping it with you because when you fold it, it shrinks into a compact size

ZAAP Heavy Duty Throw Line Rubber Dart Mat

This dart mat comes with the built-in four lines to give reference to the players depending on the dart tips and the game being played. It is also a great reference provider for different players having different skill levels.

This mat has a 17-pound weight, which is quite better and lighter than several rubber dart mats. The only downside of the mat is that it does not stick to the floor well, so it is better to use these mats with hard floor surfaces.

Main Features

  • Professional mat with 4 printed oche lines (7’6″, 7′ 9 1/4″, 8’0″ and 8’6″)
  • Durable anti-slip rubber
  • Rolls up for easy storage
  • Overall dimension: 118 x 24.5 x0.1in
  • Folded dimension: 5 x 5 x 24.5in

One of the best mat for professional use. Not only this reason puts it on the first, but its low price is another positive aspect of the dart mat. Hence if you are looking for something that not only works great but also does not impose a burden on your pocket, then this zaap dart mat must be on top of your priority list

  • Affordable pricing
  • Decent build quality
  • It doesn't move easily after placing once
  • It provides four different throw lines
  • Strong rubber odor
  • Take some time to make you comfortable with it

3. Shot! Darts Professional Dart Mat

This is another heavy-duty mat that helps you to maintain stable footing during play, and the 3 mm thick padding ensures that your darts will not wreck the construction of your floor.

Shot! Darts Professional Dart Mat

This dart mat also has two reference lines, one for soft-tips and one for steel-tip players. This mat also has similar dimensions. This mat covers much space on your floor, but when you need it outdoor, so yes, you can keep it with you by folding it and making it a small cube. This is also lightweight, so the hassle of the heavy-weight mat even vanished. But the mat feels less grounded, so you need to use it on sturdy floors. Another issue is the smell of the rubber that might irritate you for several days but wait for a while until it vanishes.

Main Features

  • INDUSTRIAL GRADE RUBBER- Professional, non-slip 3mm dart mat for added protection to save bounce out darts
  • THROW LINES- This mat includes easy to see, official soft tip dart, and steel tip dart throw lines.
  • NONE CURLING- Measuring out to be 9ft 9″ (2995mm) L x 2ft (625mm) W the Shot Dart Mat does not curl up at the ends!
  • EASY TO STORE- No hassle Shot Dart Mat can easily roll up and store in any cabinet or on a shelf

This is another good product for a home, bar, or any competition space to keep the floor and, most importantly, dart safely from potential damage. The dart mat is professional-looking, which does not mean only professionals can own this; everyone who liked it can buy this.

  • Attractive design
  • Two throw line markings
  • Anti-slip and sturdy
  • Strong rubber odor in the beginning

4. Dart World Let's Play Darts Dart Mat

Our next addition is to let’s play darts dart mat, which offers a fine balance between price and quality, and it is the best fit for most of the buyers out there.

Dart World Let's Play Darts Dart Mat

The pro-quality design and rubber construction made it ideal for using it at both home and tournaments. The micro grip of the mat keeps you stable while playing or throwing darts. You will also observe different reference lines for different kinds of darts and players. The overall size of the dart mat is the same as most of the dart mats own. You will not observe any unpleasant odor of rubber.

This is the best-functioned mat in all regards. If you are also looking for something that will provide you the best quality with an affordable price range, then this would be another great choice.

Main Features

  • Suitable for Tournament and Home use
  • 3mm thick rubber mat
  • Durable non-slip micro grip

This is another excellent mat for everyone out there. But if you are worried about price and you cannot afford a pricey dart mat, then this is not for you. But this is a once in a lifetime investment because it is a highly functional and long lasting dart mat.

  • Heavy-duty rubber mat
  • Comes with three throw line markings
  • Micro grip design for increased stability
  • Perfect for home and tournament use
  • Throw lines aren't raised
  • Price is relatively high

5. Winmau Xtreme Dart Mat (Heavy-Duty)

Winamu is known for its strongest build-quality. The same is the case with this Xtreme dart mat that is made up of heavy-duty rubber that will maintain the tip of your dart.

Winmau Xtreme Dart Mat (Heavy-Duty)

But the mat has a somehow high price, but when you observe its manufacturing, then you will get that these are not much pricey. This dart mat is also compatible with both home and tournament use. It also has two reference lines for both soft-tip and steel-tip players. Hence if you need to add professionalism in your dart game, then this is the one thing that you must buy.

Main Features

  • Heavy-duty rubber dart mat by Winmau
  • Suitable for both home use and pub/club
  • Official tournament oche measurements
  • Protects the floor from bounce-outs
  • Styled and colored to bring life to any darts set up

It is the most famous brand in dart companies, and it is known for its strong build. Hence if you are looking for something that adds more professionalism in your dart game, then you must opt for this.

  • Made up with heavy-duty rubber
  • Premium build quality
  • Suitable for both home and tournaments
  • Price is comparatively high

6. Winmau Soft-Feel Dart Mat

Another masterpiece in our list is a winmau soft-feel dart mat that is made of dense fiber that feels both comfortable and durable at the same time.

Winmau Soft-Feel Dart Mat

If you are okay with spending a large amount of money for a piece of the longlasting mat, then this is the best mat for you. There is a rubber construction underneath the mat to make it stable and sturdy on every kind of flooring. This dart mat will provide you the best tournament measurements, which means that it is a tournament level dart mat that you can take with you while going for a tournament. It is somehow thin than other dart mats, which is a little bit a downside, but it won’t bother you much. But as we have already explained, it is somehow pricey, so everyone cannot afford it.

Main Features

  • Winmau soft-feel dart mat – ochee
  • One Size

A masterpiece from winmau that is mainly for professionals. It is durable, and this is the reason why it is highly recommended for professionals. It is somehow expensive, so everyone cannot buy this, but if you are an enthusiast and want something durable and longlasting for your floor, then this must be in your wishlist.

  • The mat features a dense fiber with a soft, durable feel
  • It has a rubber underlay to prevent slipping
  • Oche measurements according to official tournament specifications
  • It's lightweight and doesn't take up much space
  • It's overpriced
  • A bit too thin and narrow

7. XQ Max Check-Out Dart Mat

XQ max dart mat is another best recommendation on our list. It is a simply designed dart mat that will protect your floor from missed darts, and it will also protect your darts from bending.
XQ Max Check-Out Dart Mat, Red

This dart mat is made of the most comfortable material with the non-slip latex underside that will prevent this mat from slippage and provide sturdy support to the player. This mat also has two reference lines for both soft-tip and steel-tip players, which means that you can take this mat along with you on tournaments as well. Summarizing, if you are looking for a premium quality dart mat that will protect both floor and darts, then this is going to be a better choice for you.

Main Features

  • Original XQmax check-out dart mat
  • Top designed with different check-out for a simple finish
  • The mat is made from 100% durable fine sling
  • non-slip latex underside
  • Protects the floor of falling darts

Another great choice for the dart players is here. If you are looking for something that is affordable and protects your floor and darts at the same time, then this XQ max dart mat should be your first choice because it fulfills all your needs within an affordable price range.

  • Protects your dart from missed shots
  • Made up with most durable fling sling
  • The best option for professional tournaments
  • Non-slippy
  • Not recommended for pubs and clubs

Most Frequently Asked Questions about Dart mats for Floor

Why we need a dart mat?

Some people do not realize how vital dart mat is for their darts game so here are some reasons why you need a dart mat;

  • To protect your floor
  • To protect the darts
  • To get a perfect toe-line position

In what cases do you not need a dart mat?

If you think that you will need your dart mat everywhere so you might be wrong in such case because there are some situations where you do not need a dart mat which is as follows;

  • If you move outdoor
  • When you change the darts type

Is it necessary to use a dart mat?

Yes, it is necessary to use dart mats to protect your floor and darts. Otherwise, you will have to spend a lot buying new darts set every time you play the darts game.

Buyer guide to choose the best Dart Mat

Having the best dart mat is not that difficult nowadays, but if you are new to this gaming line and know nothing about protecting your floor and darts, then this is going to be very useful for you. Plus, you will get a piece of knowledge about how to choose the best dart mat. Here are some features that you should keep in mind while buying the best dart mat.


The material of the dart mat is significant because it will help you a lot in protecting your room floor and also your darts. There are three main types in which dart mats are usually constructed;

  • Vinyl
  • Foam
  • Rubber

Foam is the best choice for indoor use; vinyl dart mat would be best for clubs and pubs. Rubber dart mats will be best for tournaments and outdoor use.

Non-slip design

Another feature that you must not ignore is to ensure that the dart mat has a non-slip structure. Because dart mats that have a non-slip structure perform better than those who have slippery construction.


If you are practicing for tournaments, then you must know that throw-line is very important to consider. Dart mats make it distinguishable and easy to understand about throw-line.


You should always go for that dart mat that has good construction and also affordable. That is true that expensive dart mats will perform better than the cheap ones, but you should always stay in your budget.


Here! We have elaborated seven different and best dart mats to protect your floor and darts and make it easy and quite a fun task to find the best out of it. We have tried our best to provide every kind and category of dart mats so that everyone with every type of budget could buy any of it. To find the one that is most suitable not only to your gaming room but also to your pocket and buy it as soon as possible. 🙂