Best Dart Boards To Buy in 2020 - Reviews, Comparison and Buyer Guide

Arachnid Cricket Pro 900 Electric DartboardArachnid Cricket Pro 900 Electric Dartboard
Arachnid Cricket Pro 900 Electric
Ignat Games Steel Tip DartBoard
Ignat Games Steel Tip DartBoard
Viper Shot King Bristle Dartboard
Viper Shot King Bristle Dartboard

You can easily convert your boring and hectic time into a pleasant and fun time with your friends and family by playing the darts game. Darts game can not only provide you with fun but you can also become a professional player by practicing.

But for that, you will need to buy best dart board so that you can practice your game anywhere whether it’s a game room or pool halls. You also need to choose a dartboard that is fit people of all ages and all levels ranging from complete beginners to professional level players.

In addition to a dartboard that can accommodate all levels and ages of players, you also need to look for a dartboard that is durable and long lasting which means it must be high quality. It might be a little expensive but you will have to spend once, rather than every spending every couple of months.

With that given, you also have to keep in mind that the dartboard you are going to purchase must have self-healing powers and reduced bounce outs, because believe it or not, bounce outs affect your darts game significantly.

So, to make your life easy, I have compiled a comprehensive list of best dartboards that you can buy in 2020 depending upon your choices, desires, game style, skills in darts game and most importantly, your budget.

But before proceeding right away to the list of best dart boards, you must have good knowledge about different types of dart boards, which type of darts are suitable for which type of dart boards and which type of dartboard will be most suitable for you.

Product Name Our Rating Price
1. Arachnid Cricket Pro 900 Electric Dartboard(Editor’s Choice) Check Price
2. Ignat Games Steel Tip DartBoard Check Price
3. Viper Shot King Bristle Dartboard Check Price
4. Viper Hudson Bristle Dartboard With Cabinet Check Price
5. Nodor Supawires 2 Bristle Dartboard Check Price

1: Arachnid Cricket Pro 900 Electric Dartboard

Time is surely changing and with the changing time, the preferences and priorities of people are changing too.

This dartboard is somewhat ahead of the conventional dartboard demands in the market. As I went in depth with the features of this product, I realized this is something a lot of people would love, something to really cheer upon.

Arachnid Cricket Pro 900 Electric DartboardArachnid Cricket Pro 900 Electric Dartboard

A worthy investment indeed.

The product is an ideal choice for your personal collection, household gatherings, and bar etc. It can accommodate eight players simultaneously making it one of the leading electronic dartboards available in the market.

Higher Scores

If you are trying to raise your game of darts but not hitting the right targets, this Arachnid cricket pro 900 electronic dartboard is the ideal option for you.

It has a lot of features and everything about this dartboard makes it stand top in the league of best dartboards. Its designed in such a way to provide the players with maximum possible opportunities to score higher and raise their game level and sharpen their skills.

Nylon Tough Segments

No matter how long you play the game, its surface is not going to get damaged or even distorted because of the nylon material.

Beyond this, the micro-dividers help significantly to reduce the bounce outs and help you be at the top of the game even if you don’t have a lot of experience.

Unique Display

The Arachnid Cricket Pro 900 has a 4 player score display which means that it displays the statistics of 4 players at a time during the game.

This way, you don’t get bored and it also helps you compare your ratings with those of your friends instead of displaying only the scores of the leading player.

This single feature somewhat makes friendly duels a lot more interesting. It doesn’t only help raise the level of your game but also brings a certain level of seriousness too as no one would be arguing and fighting for the scores because it has got everything displayed right on the display.

Multiplayer Gaming

It has 48 games with 301 variations and 8 brand new games. As much as you love the traditional game of darts, you will have a whole new level with this electronic dartboard at your disposal.

It’s not another product that will line up your shelves but a pure and proper package to entertain you and your friends.

Voice Prompt

Voice prompt is a nice feature in the arts world. It serves as a good conversation starter and will let you put more fun into your game.

With the voice prompt, you can also hear the system call your scores which eventually helps you stretch for better scores you.

This feature produces really cool sound effects on every type of score, some of them will leave you and your friends laughing for some time.


The company package of Arachnid Cricket Pro 900 electronic dartboard is huge. It contains soft tip darts, extra tips, and an AC adapter as a means of power.

There are a lot of electronic dartboards available in the market that doesn’t include an AC adapter in their package. It can become very difficult sometimes to find an AC adapter that could power your product.

Final Thoughts

The unique design and features of this dartboard have made it an ideal choice for people who love to move ahead of the conventional dartboards and feel the grace of technology.

The beauty of this product is great and it further helps to create a seamless flow of play which is simply perfect.


2. Ignat Games Steel Tip DartBoard

Whether you are a professional player or just enjoy some fun time with your friends and family, this Ignat games dartboard is a premium quality 18 inches dartboard that will assist to improve your game and offer you a rich darts game experience.

Ignat Games Steel Tip DartBoard

The dart board also includes 6 steel tip darts and is not only perfect for professional people but also provides great room to learn and experience the rich techniques of darts game for complete noobs.

High Quality

The Ignat games dartboard is made to last long because of its high-quality Kenyan Sisal fiber material. The moveable number rings on this dartboard also increase its life without any questions.

When you play with the dartboard on a regular basis, fun or professional tournaments, it gives you the peak performance and a rich experience to learn from.

Self Healing Powers

This bristle dartboard is not only great in design and aiding the players but its super dense high-grade sisal fibers give a self-healing power to the dartboard. This keeps the aesthetic appeal of the dartboard by automatically closing the holes.

You don’t have to worry about anything, throw the dart. Pull it out after the game and you will see the hole repairing itself instantly making the dartboard durable and long lasting.

More Opportunities

The Ignat games dartboard is designed to offer more opportunities of scoring to the players than the other dartboards because of its ultra-slim system that is 65% than the conventional round wire system.

It’s not only much slimmer than the other dartboard but it also makes sure that you have got more scoring opportunities as compared to the other dartboards.

Reduced Bounce Outs

The Ignat games dartboard is a complete staple free dartboard providing a scoring area of up to 16% and making sure that there are as fewer bounce outs as possible.

In addition to that this dartboard will ensure maximum scoring opportunities for you irrespective of the fact that you are having a professional tournament or fun with your friends.

New Darts Games

Doesn’t matter if you are a noob to the darts game. Ignat has got everything covered for you. The company provides a manual type eBook called 35 Ways To Play Darts to help you become an expert at almost all the darts games.

You will be able to download the eBook comfortably by using the web card provided in the package.

The package also includes illustration and darts scoreboard for better understanding. In addition to that, there is a dart measuring tape included to help you set up the game properly. You will also get a complete mounting kit including brackets, bumpers, and bolts to make sure the dartboard is mounted perfectly.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the Ignat games dartboards surpass all other dartboards with similar features and characteristics.

Even if you are a noob to the darts game, this dartboard can help you build the basics of darts playing and raise your level to where professionals play.


3: Viper Shot King Bristle Dartboard

The golden era of your darts career will start with this Viper Shot King dartboard as it offers both soft tip and steel tip darts. It has everything that can make your game exciting and your time enjoyable.

Viper Shot King Bristle Dartboard

The dartboard is suitable for players of all level and people of all ages, especially children as it can be used with soft tip darts too.

Neatly Compressed Fiber

You can’t go wrong when you choose something unique like this. The Viper Shot King is made of bristle fibers that enhance the durability and make sure the product is long lasting and quality.

The board doesn’t give itself as a very hard surface thus making itself perfect for the darts game. If you want to raise the level of your game, this can prove to be a step in the right direction.

The use of compressed fiber not only enhances the gaming experience but also provides a chance for the new players to learn and sharpen their skills.

Moveable Number Ring

You can match the numbers on the ring to achieve anything you wanted during the game, one of many factors that make it an interesting and worthy to invest product.

I have looked a lot of products in the market and reached a conclusion that this one of the finest products available with features that anyone can match it to their desired requirements.

Staple Free Bulls Eye

The staple-free design is introduced to reduce the bounce outs and to help you hit the targets accurately with ease. You might not know its importance right now but once you start playing the game of darts, you will realize how much help the staple free design provides.

You might be afraid to order at first that once the product is delivered to you and you have played a game on it, all your fears will vanish away because of its high quality and experience rich gaming features.

It is really well designed, keeping in mind the goal to serve people of all levels and all ages.

Tournament Quality

You can’t really play and enjoy a game of darts on a tiny board. I personally would like to play it online on a virtual dartboard than to play it practically on a very tiny one.

But same is not the case with the Viper Shot King. You will be stunned to find out that it’s not only satisfying to play on this dartboard but it also provides a lot of room to explore the game itself. The dartboard is 18 inches in diameter and its 1.5 inches thick.

A lot of expert dart players have expressed their reviews and considered the Viper Shot King, one of the best dartboards available in the market and I will agree to it too as it is very unlikely to find something like this with this price tag and these features in the market.

Final Thoughts

Overall, this dartboard has got everything a passionate darts player will need. It’s not only one of the best dartboards in the world but it’s a worthy product that everyone will love to have in their household.

The product is great for everyone, whether noobs or professional players, adults or children.


4: Viper Hudson Bristle Dartboard With Cabinet

The right product for the right job. All you need to do is mount it on your living room’s wall and you are good to go. If you really want to make this dartboard bring enjoyment and fun, you have to explore all its features.

Viper Hudson Bristle Dartboard With Cabinet

This is a dartboard cabinet that can accommodate up to 4 players at once and is completely perfect for all levels of players.


The fabrication of this dartboard is just sublime and the thing that I love the most is the use of mahogany.

Although, a lot of people will say that this product is just used to play the darts game but I can debate on it for an hour on how this product enlightens your living room when you know how to place this dartboard in the right place.

This a dartboard with complete package and also includes a stunning cabinet so you don’t have to worry about protection of your dartboard wall again.

Viper has it covered for you.


Many times, people argue that a conventional and traditional dartboard is the way to go when a topic of darts game tournament is under discussion.

Well, this is not true because this dartboard can help you achieve any goal that you desire. It’s a perfect tool for people who have to spend some time in the game of darts and now want to raise the level of their game and want to develop more skills.

You will love the experience you have on this dartboard, it gives you a sense of confidence and definitely enjoyment is utmost when you are playing with your friends and family.

Self Healing

The bristle and sisal dartboards are always self-healing in nature. You can play a hell lot of tournaments on them and there will be no damages.

One thing I assure you with this dartboard is that you won’t have to spare money every few seasons to purchase a new dartboard. You can choose this product and you will have a feeling of a new dartboard everytime you start playing on it.

It is long lasting and durable because of the type and quality of material used in its construction.

Mounting Hardware

You have the power to chose whether you want to have this dartboard fixed on a table or mounted on top of your living room’s wall.

It is super easy to install and takes a few minutes. So, you don’t have to plan weeks before to enjoy it with your friends and family. Just make a sudden plan, mount it up and start playing right away.

Final Thoughts

I guarantee you will be able to feel the magic and the blend of quality as you start playing the game of darts on this dartboard.

It’s not just a dartboard that will be another addition in your closet, it’s a proper package that lets you experience a whole new level of the game of darts with unique dimensions.

I believe that this product can be a great choice for you if you are new and looking for something ahead of the conventional dartboards.


5: Nodor Supawires 2 Bristle Dartboard

If you are looking for a colorful, heavy duty and solid dartboard, this Nodor Supawires 2 bristle dartboard with 18 inches regulation size is going to be a perfect fit for you.

Nodor Supawires 2 Bristle Dartboard

It is highly suitable for tournaments, parties, and home use. The Nodor Supawires is endorsed by American Dart Organization because of its compatibility to handle both seasoned and noob players.

Good Quality

The Nodor Supawires 2 dartboard with 18 inches regulation size is made of extra dense high-grade sisal fibers which makes it a great quality practicing bristle dartboard for tournaments as well as a home use. In addition to that, the great quality moveable numbers ring further prolongs the life of this amazing bristle dartboard.

Dramatic Bounce Outs

Everyone hates the bounce outs during a game of darts. Well, there is no need to worry for bounce outs right now.

The thinnest round wirings and dividers are setups in a way to make sure that the players get minimum possible bounce outs from every dart that you throw.

Self Healing

Not only you get a competitive product with sisal fibers in such a cost but more importantly, you also get a self-healing dartboard too.

So you don’t have to worry about breaking the dartboard from now on because every toss on the dartboard will heal instantly after the dart is pulled out.

Excellent Scoring Options

Do you want to score high in the early days of starting out?

This dartboard which can handle soft and steel tip both kinds of darts at the same time has got it all covered for you. It offers you the maximum scoring potential that is possible with its staple free Supabull bulls that you won’t find in any other dartboards in the market.

Tournament Quality

This quality dartboard endorsed by American Dart Organization is suitable for tournaments, household gatherings and party scenes with friends and family.

You will get a bundle of all the necessary mounting hardware included in the package so you won’t have to worry about purchasing it from the third-party market.

Apart from all the amazing and delicious features, this Nodor Supawires 2 Bristle Dartboard also provides a 1-year free warranty covering you against any defects and issues one may face in a brand new product.

Final Thoughts

Overall, this is a great dartboard with great features. If you are someone who is looking for a mixture of noob and professional experience playing the game of darts, you can choose this Nodor Supawires 2 bristle dartboard with your eyes closed because it has both the soft tip and steel tip options.



That’s all readers!

I crafted this extensive guide of 5 best dartboards to buy in 2020 keeping in mind the needs and desires of both ‘the professional players’ and the ‘extreme noobs’ who are unfamiliar with the rules of engagements of the darts game.

When you enter the market to purchase a product, you are highly confused because there er a lot of products available with same features and different price tags but with this guide in mind, I hope you will be able to clearly narrow down your search to just a few products based on your desires and most important of all, your budget.

Knowing The Types Of Dart Boards

You need to go through this part thoroughly because even if you are a complete noob in the darts game, after going it through you will have a fair idea about where you are, what is your level, what are your requirements and what type of dartboard can fulfill those requirements easily.

Bristle Dart Board

Bristle dart boards are usually made of hemp fibers or sisal fibers. You might have heard hemp before. It’s a name used for a cannabis plant but mostly it is used when growing cannabis specifically to use its fibers.

Sisal is known to be a southern Mexican agave. Both sisal and hemp fibers are great to be used in the manufacturing of bristle dartboards because they are durable and long lasting materials.

Bristle Dart Boards

Bristle dartboards were not invented in a single day. A company was known as Nodor first invented clay dart boards back in 1919. Then in 1923, the same people invented plasticine dart board and elm dart boards. Finally, through all the hard work and struggles, they invented a pure, original Bristle dartboard in 1935.

Bristle dart boards are usually used for steel tip dart boards because the steel tip darts stick very well in the Bristle fibers. This is also one of the biggest reasons, professional players love bristle dartboards.

Also, the holes that the darts create automatically close after some time and this way, the dartboard remains in service for a long time. Just pull out the darts and the holes will start recovering instantly.

For these reasons, bristle dartboards usually tend to last longer than all other types of dart boards. But be prepared to spend more money too because the better the product, the higher the price too. If you want to be a professional player, you shouldn’t be afraid to spend a little extra money to get your grip on the best dart board available in the market.

Electronic Dart Board

Electronic dart boards are the latest types of dart boards with most advanced technological features available in the market. You can have these dart boards at home or in a public establishment for recreational purposes.

Electronic Dart Boards

However, electronic dart boards are more likely to be used for entertainment and enjoyment purposes as compared to professional use like in the tournaments.

The board small holes which hold the soft tip darts coming in when you throw them at the dart board. The electronic dart boards are extremely safe for children as they are used for soft tip darts and soft tip darts are made of rubber and soft  plastic material which is safer for everyone.

Being an electronic dart board, these feature a set of interesting lights and effective sounds keeping everyone entertained. It even keeps track of the score of players and a few electronic dart boards also have mobile apps that not only let you track your statistics during the game on your mobile phone but also let you connect and play

With the score calculation feature of this electronic dart board, you are free from the hassle of calculating the individual scores during the game. In addition to that, there are no arguments between the competitors, the dartboard clearly shows who is leading.

Magnetic Dart Boards

Magnetic dart boards are by far the safest, easiest and cheapest dart boards available in the market. The tips of the darts are made of the magnet which simply sticks to the dartboard wherever they hit it. As the darts are magnetic, they are completely safe for children too.

magnetic dart board
magnetic dart board

Also, there is no wear and tear as the darts are not sticking into the dart board but magnetically attached.

The best part is remaining yet. You won’t have to spend a lot of money to acquire this dart board and it will last for a long time, literally, these magnetic dart boards are one of the most durable alternatives available.

However, if you want to see yourself as a professional player in the future, you can start off your career with this dartboard but you must move on to other types of dart boards in near future to raise your game level and skills.

Coiled Paper DartBoards

Heard of coiled paper dart boards before? Well, coiled paper dart boards are made from layers of paper that are stacked against each other. To make sure the darts you are throwing a stick into the dartboard properly, their tips need to be very sharp.

Coiled Paper DartBoards
Coiled Paper Dart Boards

If in case, the darts are not sharp enough then they will fail to penetrate through all layers of the dart board and fall down eventually, increasing the bounce outs rate.

In addition to that, when the darts are stuck into the dart board, don’t pull them out too aggressively because that will tear the paper of the dart board too.

Since the name suggests, the coiled paper dartboards are made of paper, they are already going to be torn apart really good after a handful of games, making them less durable.

Wooden Dart Board

Wooden dart boards have the honor of being the oldest type of dart boards to exist in the market. Even before bristle dart boards were invented, professional players used to train, practice and play their tournaments on wooden dart boards.

Wooden Dart Boards
Wooden Dart Boards

They are usually made of elm or poplar tree.

Being the oldest ones in the league, the wooden dartboards require a little extra maintenance and you have to soak them for 24 hours before you can use them for a game. This prevents the dartboard from being cracked after darts are thrown at it. You need to make sure that the dart tips are really sharp so they stick well otherwise the darts will be falling apart.

A lot of people might think that wooden dart boards are old and out of style but they still keep their class and their legacy to date. If you are just starting out and want to have a feel of old ages, you know what you have to do.

Cork Dart Boards

The cork dartboards are not as popular as they used to be so it might be very difficult to get one too. They are way cheaper as compared to almost all other types of dart boards and have much more wear and tear too. Obviously, less durable!

Cork Dart Boards
Cork Dart Boards

The cork dartboards are not for professional, everyday players but people who play darts game casually for fun sometimes are the real fit for these dartboards.

Cork dartboards are a lot of times mistaken as the bristle ones. A common mistake made by the rookies.

Cork dartboards work best with the steel tip dartboards. Well, not so safe for the children and even for people who are complete noobs when it comes to darts game.

Bristle Dartboards Vs Electronic Dartboards, Which One To Buy?

The choice solely is yours.

A lot of people love Bristle dartboards and a lot of people love the electronic dartboards on the other hand. The only difference is priorities.


Both types of dartboards are special and outstanding, according to their own features and benefits.

Bristle Dartboards:

Bristle dartboards, in general, are durable and long lasting. They also cost a lot less as compared to electronic boards. You can use both soft tip and steel tip darts with the bristle dartboards.

What the bristle dartboards lack is advanced technology. They are not electrically powered thus lacking LCD display, auto score calculation is also not available. In addition, you can’t have the fun of multiplayer gaming either.

Electronic Dartboards:

Electronic dartboards are best for people who are relatively new and like to enjoy the crisp of advanced technology.

It’s a complete family package with the multiplayer gaming option and not only that but it also lets you connect with players from worldwide enhancing the overall experience of dart gaming.

Electronic dartboards have sublime LCD display making it easy to read scores and it calculates the overall statistics of players too, freeing you from the hassle of manual calculations and arguments between players.

In addition to the features mentioned above, electronic dartboards use soft tip darts which are extremely safe for new people and children too as compared to bristle dartboards.

Above all, electronic dartboards offer extreme durability over a good number of years and exceptional game experience with its technology-rich features.

The only downside might be the power source.

Dart Board Cabinet

If you have found a perfect dartboard along with an excellent set of darts to excel your career in the darts game, this is not the end. You still need a dartboard cabinet to house your new purchase in.

A dartboard cabinet is still loved by people who don’t want to keep the dartboard as a showpiece but want to enjoy the darts game occasionally in a friendly mood. With a lot of various dartboard cabinets available in the market, you need to pick just the right one for you.

The list that I have compiled regarding the best dartboards to buy in 2020 already contains a lot of dartboards that have dartboard cabinet included in the package but still, there might be a few options that don’t have a cabinet and depends upon you. You can either have a dartboard with a cabinet or one without a cabinet.

How To Protect Your Dart board Wall?

While you have already taken the decision to purchase a dart board, the next thing you will have to worry about is to keep your dartboard wall from being damaged by bad throws. You can protect your dartboard wall by simply setting up a dartboard backboard.

Dartboard backboards are a great way to protect your wall from den and holes. You can protect your wall by setting up this backboard just behind your dartboard. Yes, you will have to spend some money on purchasing it but believe me this early investment comes in handy in the future. In addition to the added safety, it also provides a cool look to your wall and it is cheaper than the dartboard cabinet too.

Fun Or Professionalism – Which dart board to choose?

Now, as you have got a fair idea about the dart boards, which types of dart board are used for what age and skill levels and which types of darts are used for which types of dartboards, its time to decide whether you want to play darts game occasionally, just for fun or do you want to peruse the darts game as a professional career?

If you want to start a professional career in darts game after some practice you must purchase a dartboard that has good size, self-healing powers, slim segmentation, low bounce outs and staples free quality.

On contrary to that, if you are looking for a dartboard so that you can spend some free time with your friends and family and have some enjoyment, then you need to choose a soft tip dartboard that is highly durable and good quality, low bounce outs, multiplayer options and has multi-gaming options with a lot of variations.