Best Dart Board Cabinet to buy in 2020 – Reviews , Comparison and Buyer Guides

Are you a dart games lover? Because if you were not, you probably would not have been searching for the best dart cabinets to purchase in 2020.

Well, we have crafted this enormous list of best dart cabinets to buy in 2020 keeping in mind the vast audience of the darts league and their different tastes equally.

Dartboard cabinets are usually a little expensive than the normally used dartboards and there’s an obvious reason for that, the dartboard cabinets are way more classy, stylish and high quality than the normal dartboards.

Sometimes, you might not only want to play the darts game but to enhance the décor of your room and this is where the dartboard cabinets stand the best.

With great dartboard cabinets, you are not only enhancing your gaming experience but you also get some extra top-ups like the scoreboard, throwing lines, markers and dart holders that really enrich the overall game experience. And in case you are looking for something else than Dart Board Cabinet, you can check our detailed reviews on Best Dart Board, Best Electronic Dart Board and Best Magnetic Dart Board.

In addition to all these features, the biggest of them still remains undiscussed. Yes! Dartboard cabinets protect your walls from all the bad throws, very efficiently.

We will dive right into our list of amazing dartboard cabinets you can purchase this year but before we do that, it’s very important to shed some light on the facts and features to consider before making a final choice.

Product Name Our Rating Price
1. Viper Metropolitan Dartboard Cabinet(Editor’s Choice) Check Price
2. Barrington Dartboard Cabinet Check Price
3. GSE Games & Sports Dartboard Cabinet Set Check Price
4. Imperial Dart board Cabinet Check Price
5. American Heritage Billiards Dartboard Cabinet Check Price

Top 5 Best Dartboard Cabinets 2019

So here we begin we detailed review and comparison of top Dart Board Cabinet of 2019.

1: Viper Metropolitan Dart Board Cabinet

If you want something with a great finish, high quality, and amazing features, Viper Metropolitan dartboard cabinet is standing right next to you.

Viper Metropolitan Dartboard Cabinet
Viper Metropolitan Dartboard Cabinet


The metropolitan dartboard cabinet by Viper is constructed by 100% pine wood making it durable and long lasting.

Moreover, Viper has enhanced a classy and luxurious look over this cabinet by adding soft galaxy black backing that gives a feeling of purity and class while playing the game.


The cabinet, like most of the cabinets, contains two main doors that are capable of storing your darts and similar accessories. The doors include bronze hinges that are high quality, produce less noise and last longer than other items.

Good Storage Area

There is a lot of room in this dartboard cabinet. In addition to the space for accessories, it also provides some extra room at the bottom that enables you to adjust your throwing styles and gripping accessories for maximizing gaming experience.

It can store six soft or steel tip darts, six additional flights or shafts and also includes a great multifunctional pocket that has the space to store barrels or points.


The Viper dartboard cabinet not only features one but two amazing scoreboards. There’s one on the left side for quick scoring while the one on the right is famous for its smooth surface and both actually provide more or less the same functionality.



2: Barrington Dartboard Cabinet

Looking for a high-quality dartboard cabinet that can provide you with long hours of great entertainment without any hesitations? Barrington dartboard cabinet has got it all covered for you.

Barrington Dartboard Cabinet
Barrington Dartboard Cabinet


The dual doors have got spaces on the inside that can secure your darts and the dartboard safely, protecting them from the outerwear and tear.

The doors are attached to the box hinges that enable you to close and open the doors without any weird noises.


Its very necessary to have a dartboard cabinet that is finished perfectly because a great finish promotes a classy and premium look that eventually provides a sense of security and confidence to the player, enhancing its overall gaming experience.

The cabinet has velvet fabric installed on the plywood that will protect your dartboard from all the wear and tear caused by the throws and it also protects the wall it is hanged upon.


Often the dartboards included in the package with the dartboard cabinets are just to complete the formality but the dartboard that comes with this dartboard cabinet is high quality and made of bristle, providing you options to rotate it too.


The package includes all the necessary accessories required to start a darts game initially. The dartboard comes in with two sets of steel tip darts that are completely suitable for beginners as well as professionals.

In addition to that, the package also comes in with six additional flights to make sure your darts are always up, each one of them.



3: GSE Games & Sports Dart board Cabinet Set

If you are looking for a budget dartboard cabinet that has all the qualities of premium cabinets, the GSE Games & Sports dartboard cabinet is the right choice for you.

GSE Games & Sports Dartboard Cabinet Set
GSE Games & Sports Dartboard Cabinet Set

High Quality

This might be one of the very few products in the market that are constructed with the most famous New Zealand pine wood. This not only makes the product long lasting and durable but the blackish look that the pine adds to the premium class of this cabinet is just amazing.

Large Cabinet

The opening dimensions of this dartboard cabinet are 41.5 x 21.5 x 3.5 inches that make this cabinet, one of the best and most suitable for arranging official tournaments.

The dartboard is made with sisal material that is high quality and more sturdy than the normal wooden dartboards.

In addition to that, you don’t have to purchase darts separately because the package includes quality six steel tip darts, each weighing 16 grams already.



4: Imperial Dart board Cabinet

High quality, made in USA cabinet with class and premium looks

Imperial Dartboard Cabinet
Imperial Dartboard Cabinet


The dartboard included with this cabinet is made of bristle material which makes it highly durable and long lasting. It also includes mounting setup to make the installation easy for you.

In addition, the dartboard also has pre-packaged six steel tip darts to make sure you can start playing the moment, you receive your dartboard cabinet.

Sturdy & Classic

The Imperial Dartboard Cabinet has obviously got its premium and classy looks from the solid pine wood used in its construction.

The cabinet is quite large that make sits able to be used for official tournaments where the dartboards are usually bigger than the normally used sizes.

The cabinet also places a number of logos on the doors, you can select one of your desire to input a little extra spirit and passion the darts game, one might be needing it.



5: American Heritage Billiards Dart board Cabinet

This cavalier solid wood dartboard cabinet can be the ultimate edition in your darts passion. Its beautiful design and great finishing is something that deserves to be included in the list of top 5 best dartboard cabinets of 2019.

American Heritage Billiards Dartboard Cabinet
American Heritage Billiards Dartboard Cabinet

Dream Cabinet

The solid wood used in the construction of this American Heritage Billiards dartboard cabinet is very high quality and reliable. The cabinet has space for storing up to six darts below the corners of the dartboard.

The hinges used in the doors are very high quality to eliminate any weird closing and opening noises and the package includes two scoreboards, one on the left and the other on the right.


The package includes two chalks that help players write scores immediately on the scoreboard to avoid misconceptions and ensure fair play. In addition to that, six steel tip darts are also included to make sure you can start playing the darts game, the moment this cabinet arrives at your doorstep.



Final Words

So, this was all about the best dartboard cabinets you can purchase in 2020.

We have crafted this list after a lot of research and user reviews and we certainly believe the products listed here, truly deserve to be here.

Though you might not make a final choice here these products are the best and will surely help you narrow down your hunt with all the features and necessary things mentioned once you are practically into the market.

Factors To Consider Before Buying A Dart board Cabinet

There are hundreds of different options is available in the market, some are pricey, some are cheap. Some are pricey because they have a lot of options while a lot of them are uselessly pricy too.

So, it’s always handy to have initial knowledge about the features and necessary things that you must look in to make sure the price you are paying is reasonable and you are not wasting your hard earned money.


Dartboard cabinets are made of different materials. The most commonly used material is solid wood. In woods too, there are a lot of variations like cherry wood, yellow poplar hardwood and mocha solid wood. Each one of these having different features and specialties.

The woods are also coated with special polymers such as urethane that makes the overall product durable and whether resistant.

On the other hand, there are dartboard cabinets made of steel too, coated with black polish.

Some people like to have a steel dartboard cabinet hanging in their living room while others are passionate about the traditional, conventional looking wooden dartboard cabinets. It’s merely a choice of desires and preference.


It’s very important to have an idea of the length and width free on your wall where you are going to hang the dartboard cabinet.

Because it’s no use if the dartboard cabinet hanging on your wall in a tiny little place is looking all messy and compact.

You need to determine where in your house, you are going to hang the dartboard cabinet to avoid in miss conveniences in the future.


Commonly, the dartboard cabinet consists of three common sectors. Two of them constitute the two doors of the cabinet, that mask the entire interior of the cabinet while the third one is the central part of the dartboard cabinet that is the first thing you see when you open the two doors and this is where the dartboard will be fixed too.

To the inside of the doors are fixations for hanging your darts or a scoreboard.

There might be other designs too with slight variations, it depends on you and you only to make a choice here.


This is something, we recommend you must be looking for.

The highest quality and premium dartboard cabinets have a scoreboard included that makes it easy for you to keep count of the game, maintaining transparency throughout the competition.

The inside of the cabinet’s doors contains a whiteboard that helps you record scores of each player during the game and erases them after it.

However, a lot of the upper-class and premium dartboard cabinets also include an electronic scoreboard that makes it super easy to keep track of the everyone’s performance but that’s not necessary if you are tight on the budget.

Advantages Of Having A Dart board Cabinet

A dartboard cabinet comes in handy in a lot of situations.

You might be upset about spending a little extra money on a dartboard cabinet and might think that was not necessary at all but a good quality dartboard cabinet can bring you a lot of benefits.

Let’s discuss them.


You need to understand that a dartboard cabinet is really a piece of furniture in your house that can increase or decrease the overall decor of your house.

It’s just like the other sofa sets, cupboards present in your living room or lounge and therefore it must be high quality, premium and classy looking.

When it’s closed, it enhances the overall look of the game and when it’s open, it will be providing all the people in the room, an unforgettable experience and memories.


Here comes the number one reason to purchase a dartboard cabinet.

Yes, the entire reason for the existence of a dartboard cabinet is to protect your dartboard and the wall on which it is hanged.

However tough and durable the dartboard may be, the excessive wear and tear of the throws can damage your dartboard irrespective of its quality and make the material.

In addition to that, the huge number of miss-hits involved in this game also ruin your beautiful, classy looking walls too.

So, if you have a good quality dartboard cabinet, not only your walls are protected from getting damaged but the dartboard is also safe and you can put it anywhere indoor or outdoor anytime you want.