Best Dart Boards To Buy in 2020 – Reviews, Comparison and Buyer Guide

Marky Sparky Doinkit Magnetic Dartboard
Marky Sparky Doinkit Magnetic Dart board

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Fun Adams Magnetic Dartboard
Fun Adams Magnetic Dartboard

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RobSky Roll-Up Magnetic Dartboard
RobSky Roll-Up Magnetic Dart board

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Darts is a great time-passer and fun game along with the fact that it improves the player’s accuracy and hand to eye co-ordination which comes in handy a lot in practical life.

However, traditional darts might be risky for children and people who are complete beginners. The sharp dart tips can hurt someone who gets in the way of the throw but that doesn’t mean you have to stop playing the darts game at all.

NO! There are a lot of alternatives. The best being the magnetic darts and dart board. Ever heard of them before? Well, we will be crafting a list of best magnetic dart board to buy in 2020 today. In case, you are looking for something else than magnetic dart boards, do check out our detailed reviews on Best Dart Boards, Best Dart board Cabinet and Best Electronic Dart Board.

Magnetic dart board are safe and easier to use for anyone, ranging from experts and pros to beginner level players and even kids too. You can have a lot of gaming fun and safety both at the same time.

With magnetic dart board, magnetic darts are used whose tips are made of strong magnet that sticks with the dart board real hard.

Magnetic dart board are completely safe and sound for anybody above 6 years of age.

It sounds too good, right? But there’s one complexity.

Choosing the best magnetic dart boards for you might be a little tricky sometimes because of the availability of hundreds of different options in the market, each with its own various specialties.

But you don’t have to worry for that now because this list of best magnetic dart board reviews 2020 has taken care of everything for you.

We will dive into the list real quick but before that, it is necessary to know the features that you have to look for in a high-quality magnetic dart board.

Product Name Our Rating Price
1. Marky Sparky Doinkit Magnetic Dartboard(Editor’s Choice) Check Price
2. Fun Adams Magnetic Dartboard Check Price
3. RobSky Roll-Up Magnetic Dartboard Check Price
4. BetterLine Magnetic Dartboard Check Price
5. TG Magnetic Roll-Up Dartboard Check Price

Best Magnetic Dart boards To Buy in 2020

check our detailed review of top and best selling magnetic dart boards that one must buy. So, lets begin!

1: Marky Sparky Doinkit Magnetic Dart board

We have listed this Doinkit magnetic dartboard to be number one in our list and it truly deserves to be.

Marky Sparky Doinkit Magnetic Dartboard


There are a lot of different advantages and unique features of this magnetic dart board but one of the most amazing is the fact that it perfectly suitable for people of all ages and skill levels.

You can have a whole new level of darts game if you chose to purchase this magnetic dart board for you.

This dart board is made of neodymium magnets which are really high quality and durable. It might be a great deal for younger dart players but it is equally suitable for all ages.

It is a magnetic dart board so it doesn’t use conventional dart board working mechanism at all. This means that you can use this dart board however you want and it won’t be taking any damage. No wear and tear, one of the best advantages of magnetic dart boards aside from the fact that they are super safe too.

The board has classic faux cracks on the board and comes with a hook to be easily hung in any room.

It is super stable and is made using the neodymium magnets and space age Doinkit materials that are light, super safe and virtually indestructible.

The product comes with amazing accessories such as colorful darts and much more. The package includes a 16-inch dart board and a set of 6-safe magnetic darts.

The Doinkits Magnetic Dart board is one of the best choices when it comes to the best magnetic dart boards and you now know the reason.



2: Fun Adams Magnetic Dartboard

Are you looking for something of a dart board that is easy to take anywhere, high quality and durable? Well, the Fun Adams magnetic dartboard is what you need.

Fun Adams Magnetic Dartboard

The Fun Adams magnetic dartboard is a 16 inches high-quality magnetic dartboard that is perfect for all ages and all levels be it kids or adults, professionals or noobs.


This magnetic dart board has set standards in the dart board industry that every manufacturer would love to achieve. It has a perfectly well-rounded shape and the fact that it doesn’t have any bounce outs is the most amazing feeling ever. If you have played darts game before, you would get me.

It has a very beautifully engraved magnetic technology because the darts stick in so firmly that you won’t have to use extra power to make sure the darts don’t fall down.

It’s built with high-quality magnetic materials that whenever you make a throw, the darts stick to the magnet.

And the real charm is here. Fun Adams has smartly included two extra hooks in the package to make sure that the dart hangs uptight, firm and stable on the wall because stability is the core component of a great darts game.

The Fun Adams magnetic dartboard is super easy to install and is a perfect gift material if you have a friend or family member whose birthday is coming up.

The product dimensions are 16.4 x 16.2 x 1 inch and weigh 2.8 pounds.



3: RobSky Roll-Up Magnetic Dart board

One of the safest magnetic dart boards to play with. The RobSky Roll-up magnetic dartboard is a kind of board that you can handover your children and you won’t have to worry about anything at all.

RobSky Roll-Up Magnetic Dartboard


The RobSky Roll-Up is a 17 inches magnetic dart board that is best for exercise and fun gaming competitions with your friends and family.

The most amazing thing about this dart board is yet to be revealed. This RobSky Roll-up dartboard is a dual-sided magnetic dart board.

This dartboard serves two types of dart game lovers with its dual-sided design.

One side of the dart board is designed for a bullseye target and eye vision. It has an eye-catching design that can relive your eye fatigue and is helpful for exercising eye vision.

While the other side of the dart board is completely designed for people who love a traditional theme in the darts game. It provides a great learning experience for people of all ages and skill levels.

The darts included with this dart board are blunt tipped because of which they are completely safe to be even handed over to toddlers because the sharp ones that come with the traditional ones are dangerous.

It is a great magnetic dart board with a flexible cloth which means that it can be rolled up when not in use or whenever you want to take it to someplace out, making the whole experience easy and super savvy.

Apart from all the amazing features, this roll-up board is very high in quality and long lasting because of the rubber-steel and velvet material used in its construction.

It gives a proper premium feel when you are playing the darts game on it, the darts stick like glue with no slide effect or fall rate, making it one of the best magnetic dart board choices.

The fact that it can be rolled up makes this dart board super portable because you have the opportunity to take this magnetic dart board anywhere, anytime you want and you won’t even have to free up an extra space in your car too.

The product dimensions are 16.9 x 17.7 x 1.5 inches

The package includes one roll-up magnetic dart board and a set of six blunt tip magnetic darts.



4: BetterLine Magnetic Dart board

Whether you play alone, with friends or family, this BetterLine magnetic dartboard is known for the learning opportunities it provides to the players and its safety level.

BetterLine Magnetic Dartboard


This 16-inch magnetic dart board also uses the very famous and efficient neodymium magnets technology that is known for enhanced magnetic sticky behavior which eliminates the darts bounce rate and makes sure your darts stick to the magnetic dart board in the first throw, making it your final throw.

This magnetic dart board is a real blow the conventional dart boards because the conventional darts have steel tips that can hurt you or someone who gets in the way while you are making a throw.

On the other hand, the darts used with magnetic dart boards are blunt tipped darts who work on the mechanism of magnetism. These magnetic darts stick better too, reducing the irritative bounce rates.

It comes with a one-year hassle-free guarantee and is really high quality and durable and you can also gift it to someone because everyone is going to love it.



5: TG Magnetic Roll-Up Dart board

Yet another roll-up magnetic dart board.

TG Magnetic Roll-Up Dartboard

This 17-inch magnetic dart board is something you will love to have because of its indoor as well as outdoor capabilities.


This TG Magnetic dart board is not something old fashioned but an ultra-powerful magnetic dart board that really makes things flow.

It is a clothed magnetic dartboard that protects your wall very efficiently against the wear and tear caused by the dart throws and miss-hits. All the fun with no holes in your walls.

It also features a dual-sided darts game with a traditional dart board on one side and featuring a bullseye game on the other side, to let players enhance their targeting strategies and also relax up their eyes for a better vision and accuracy in the game.

It’s a very powerful portable dart board that can hang quickly anywhere and can be rolled up quicker than that, a perfect object to be taken to trips and hiking trails with your friends.

The product dimensions include 0.1 x 17.5 x 14.5 inches and weighs around 1.79 pounds.

It comes with a set of 6 magnetic dart boards, 3 of them are yellow while the other three are red colored, enabling the participants to have a clear visualization of their respective darts.

This magnetic dart board is ultra safe because the darts have no point and the tips are completely flat. These darts stick like glue, they don’t fall or slide away from the target, enhancing accuracy.



Features To Look For Best Magnetic Dart boards

Magnetic Dart board Size

Generally, there are two types of magnetic dart boards:

There are a lot of different magnetic dart board sizes but the most commonly used in the industry and manufactured by the dart board brands is the 16 inches size.

When you want to purchase a dartboard, we will recommend purchasing one with a standard size because it will serve you two important purposes. First, it will help you hit the target right on point and second, you will gradually cope up with the standard throwing line that will help you in competitions.

Magnetic Dart board Material & It’s Quality

Magnetic dartboards are generally made up of a thin metal sheet that is 16.5 inches in diameter and is known as a metal disc. The manufacturers will then enhance the disc with their own designs, patterns, and additions.

Sometimes manufacturers also place a soft velvet-like material on top of the metal disc. What this velvet does is, it shows numbered segments all over the board and disguises the metal disc at the same time.

If you are choosing a hang-up magnetic dart board, you can expect them to have velvet or rubber steel material because these are lightweight, easy to pack and comfortable to carry with anywhere, anytime.

Mounting And Installation of Magnetic Dart Boards

Mounting a magnetic dart board is usually very easy compared to other kinds of dart boards. You just have to hammer a nail in the wall and hand the dart board with it.

The dart boards commonly have a hole in the backside or a hook given to make it easy for you to hang them up on a nail.

But if you are not looking for a mount-up magnetic dart board at all, the best option for you might be a stand-up board that has got its own base to the ground and you can take these boards anywhere anytime and start playing your games.

Conclusion – The Best Choice

So, what do you think about the magnetic dart boards?

These dart boards can be one of the best choices for you if you are looking for a convenient, safe and professional dart boards that can serve people of all ages and levels.

There are a lot of varieties available in the market and we sincerely hope, this list of best magnetic dart board reviews 2020 will enable you to have a clear vision in your mind about what type of dart board you need to purchase.