Best Dart Scoreboards

Viper Pro Digital Dart Scorer
Viper Pro Digital Dart
Arachnid TouchPad Dart Scorer
Arachnid TouchPad Dart Scorer - Dart scoreboard
Viper illumiscore Light up Scoreboard
Viper illumiscore

Like other sports to play darts, you need the necessary equipment. Just as finding high-quality darts and dartboard is important getting the ideal Scoreboard is essential as well. If you use old and low-quality scoreboard, you will be unable to keep track of the score, and this will make it difficult to determine who won the games.Each Dart Scoreboard is made of different materials and is of different quality finding the right one can be quite problematic. If you are a fan of classic, you can take a look at Chalk Scoreboard, but if you are interested in advanced technology, then electronic Scoreboard might suit you more. In this article, we are going to discuss different Dart Scoreboards in detail their features, pros, and cons, etc. So, without wasting any time let’s take a look at them.

Best Scoreboards: –

Following are some of the top-rated Scoreboards on Amazon. We will be discussing each one of them thoroughly I recommend you give at least one of them a shot.

Product Name Our Rating Price
1. Viper Pro Digital Dart Scorer(Editor’s Choice) Check Price
2. Arachnid TouchPad Dart Scorer Check Price
3. Viper illumiscore Light up Scoreboard Check Price
4. Viper Chalk Scoreboard Check Price
5. Viper Dry Erase Scoreboard Check Price
6. Piero Lorenzo Magnetic Dry Erase Board Check Price
7. EZ Cricket Dart Scoreboard Check Price

1. Viper Pro Digital Dart Scorer

The dream of four friends led to the creation of the GL company. In the beginning, they used Darts as a way to drum up business for their bar. However, the popularity of dart games led to them becoming serious about it, and they made a lot of investments in dart related products. Over the years GL has created many high quality and excellent items. They have strived to provide equipment that will make the games more fun and exciting. GL was the first company willing to invest in soft tips and electronic dart boards. They were a relatively new concept at that time and carried a risk of failure. However, this investment resulted in a positive result. Innovativeness and risk-taking are the hallmarks of this company. We are going to discuss one of their products, i.e., Viper Pro Scoreboard.

Viper Pro Digital Dart Scorer

The Viper pro scoreboard brings you all your favorite electronic dartboard games that become compatible with steel tip darts. The large LCD makes it easy for players to keep track of their scores. This board has more than 655 games option, including the handicap feature. The handicap can be customized according to your desires. Handicaps such as L1, L2, L3, and L4 are used in cricket. According to which players are given head starts in case of Viper pro it gives marks to players. It uses a display board that keeps track of players segments. Traditional X and O are used for marking purposes and as targets are hit the board updates itself accordingly. If you don’t have anyone to play with, you can make use of its Player VS Computer feature. This will help improve your Darting skills. You can select your desired difficulty level and practice throwing darts. It comes with a detailed installation manual which provides step by step guidance. The games list includes cricket, no score cricket, low pitch cricket, and many other games. So, if you are looking for something a little more tech savvy than I recommend giving this product a shot. Here is a list of its Pros and Cons.

  • It has a large LCD monitor that can be easily seen from the throwing line.
  • Eight players can play at a time, and it comes with more the 40 games. Handicaps can be added as well.
  • The auto off and sleep mode feature saves battery power.
  • The soft keypads enable you to operate the scoreboard easy.
  • Readability problems the red numbers and black background make it hard to read the numbers.
  • It looks like a giant calculator.
  • If you play against the computer instead of throwing out random numbers, it follows a specific pattern.
  • It does not come with batteries or Ac adapter.

2. Arachnid TouchPad Dart Scorer

Arachnid Inc was originally a balloon inflator company but, in 1975 they switched to making darts. After seeing how, popular darts were in Ireland Rudy Allison the founder of the company got a burst of inspiration and shifted his attention towards Dart making. Allison partnered up with Dick Jones, and together they built various products. After going through numerous struggles, the company gained fame and has grown over the years. Arachnid is dedicated to providing high-quality products to its customers.

Arachnid TouchPad Dart Scorer

One of their products is TouchPad Dart Scorer. This is a perfect alternative to chalk and dry Scoreboard. Since most of the features in this scorer are automatic, you don’t have to do anything and can focus freely on your games. This scoreboard is able to record score for 24 different games such as Count up, Hi-Score, All five and many others. With this scorer you can play five cricket games and it can also display the ranking of players. If you are playing with a large group then keeping track of each player’s score and turn can become quite a hassle, however, with this TouchPad Dart Scorer you don’t have to worry about it. It takes care of everything for you. The extra features such as solo player, single in and out, double in/out and sleep mode makes the game more exciting. This e-scorer runs on both batteries and AC adapter, please note these are not included with the product, and you will have to buy them separately. Let’s take a look at some of the Pros and Cons of this product: –

  • It automatically calculates scores for up to 8 players.
  • It automatically calculates scores for up to 8 players.
  • Works very well with bristle boards and LED can be used to display the score of different games.
  • It has voice Prompts for the next player and the option of Handicap is available as well.
  • Scoring is not accurate.
  • The sound is distorted and loud.
  • The blue numbers and black background combo causes readability issues.It becomes difficult to read the numbers clearly.

Instead of using the regular chalk and dry scoreboard here is a unique and more fun alternative, i.e., Viper Illumiscore Light up Scoreboard. It requires an external power source which is A4 Batteries these are not included in the box and are sold separately. If you are interested in playing darts at night, then this scoreboard will provide you many benefits. The light of this scoreboard is intense and sharp which provides a clear view of the board. Even during the daylight, the board light does not end up getting affected. If your scoreboard needs repairs, you can make use of the warranty no other company provides this service. GL strives to provide its customers with complete satisfaction so, if you don’t like their product, you can return it.The grease pencils included in the package glow each time they come in contact with the board.This makes it easy to see the board and write about it, particularly in dimly lit areas.No need to wait for the daylight just make use of this board and have a fun time using it. Let’s take a look at its Pros and Cons.

Viper illumiscore Light up Scoreboard
  • It has a smooth surface you can write on the board easily and the score can be erased quickly. Just grab any clean cloth for a quick wipe.
  • This comes with two grease pencils.
  • This comes with two grease pencils.
  • 1-year manufacturing warranty.
  • Not enough space to write.
  • The pencils break easily.
  • You have to buy batteries separately.

4. Viper Chalk Scoreboard

GL is a top-rated company that is dedicated to providing excellent quality dart products. They have a long history and are willing to go beyond the limit to provide products that will help improve their customer’s user experience. Their willingness to take any kind of risk to create fantastic products makes them unique. We are going to discuss one of their products Viper Chalk Scoreboard without further ado let’s take a look.

Viper Chalk Scoreboard

If you enjoy classics, then this scoreboard is perfect for you. It has a simple design and is suitable for players of different levels. It has a green background which makes the white chalk more prominent. Unlike the modern scoreboard which have many complicated features this scoreboard is suitable for both the old generation and the new one. This way all family members can have a fun time playing together. It is 23.5 in Height and 15.5 in Width which makes it compatible with your cabinet and wall. This board is made of medium density fiber, and chalkboard paint is used for printing purposes. You don’t need to spend time figuring out how to install the chalk scoreboard all the necessary mounting equipment is provided which makes your job hassle-free. Here is a tip before making use of this board you should season it. It will result in you being able to write more easily and clearly. Let’s take a look at its Pros and Cons:-

  • The smooth surface makes it easy to write on the board.You can also erase stuff quickly as well.
  • The attached wooden ledge allows easy access to the eraser and chalk.
  • It comes with mounting hardware which makes installation easy.
  • Chalk does not work properly on this board.
  • The chalk holder has a small space and is unable to hold chalks properly.
  • It is a bit flimsy.

GL started when four friends saw a business opportunity in Darts. Since then, this company has produced many excellent dart related products. They regard their customer’s satisfaction above everything else and are willing to take risks to provide high-quality products.  Viper is a brand that manufactures darts for players of different skill levels. They produce bother soft tip and sharp tip darts along with other dart equipment. We are going to talk about one of their products, i.e., Viper Dry Erase Scoreboard. You can find all of Viper’s products at GL’s website or can place an order on Amazon.

Viper Dry Erase Scoreboard

If you have dogs and cats, you will love this Bissell pet vacuum. It is a stick unit with a V-shaped edge. That shape is convenient for picking up all sizes of debris. The edges take care of tiny dust while the center parts remove large debris.

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  • This is compatible with all kinds of dry erase markers.
  • Mounting hardware and erase markers are already included in it.
  • It can be installed easily.
  • The marker doesn’t work very well.
  • The score written on the board is difficult to remove.
  • You might end up getting the wrong board.

6. Piero Lorenzo Magnetic Dry Erase Board

Piero Lorenzo is a well-known company that sells many different kinds of products such as health and lifestyle, etc. They started with producing wallets and have now expanded into various categories. Since their launch, they have dedicated themselves to providing complete satisfaction to their customers. Piero Lorenzo stands by its products, if you are not 100% satisfied, the items can be returned with no questions asked. Magnetic Dry Erase Board is one of their products that is currently available at Amazon. We are going to take a look at its features and see what makes it suitable for use.

Piero Lorenzo Magnetic Dry Erase Board

It has a simple and classic design and serves as a perfect replacement for the Chalk scoreboard. This Dry Erase Board also has magnetic properties which makes it compatible with various metallic surfaces. Compared to the chalk scoreboard you don’t have to worry about the eraser leaving residue behind. Everything on the board can be erased quickly and easily. You can use any cloth, and no smudges will be left behind. It has a lot of writing space, and the installation process is simple. This scoreboard easily sticks to smooth surfaces and is very easy to use.

Following are its Pros and Cons:-

  • It is quite suitable for keeping track of your cricket and 01 games score.
  • Compatible with all types of dry erase markers.
  • It has strong magnetic backs which makes it compatible with various metallic surfaces..
  • The reusable magnetic sticker base makes it easy to move the board wherever you want whenever you want.
  • It should have a tray for placing markers.
  • The adhesive doesn’t work very well with drywall. You will have to use nails.
  • The quality could be better.

7. EZ Cricket Dart Scoreboard

The rise in technology has revolutionized the modern world. You can find apps for almost everything on the market and Darts are not exempted from it as well.Instead of having to write down all of the players scores and calculating them the e-scorer does the job for you. This minimizes the risk of cheating and makes it easy for you to focus on your game. All you have to do is kick back, relax and have a fun time playing darts with your friends. You can download the app directly on your mobile phone no need to carry around the scoreboard and finding places to attach them.


EzCricketScore is suitable for recording cricket score and is best for a two-player game. This game has different modes such as cutthroat and standard scoring. You get all the rules and references at your fingertips consult them whenever you want which makes it especially suitable for beginners. This app is compatible with 4.0 android devices, and auto-calculates all players score. No need to rack your head trying to tally the score just download the app, and it will do the rest itself. This app is easy to use and has the auto tracking score feature. It requires access to Open network sockets and information about the networks. The Dartboard setup function provides step by step guidance regarding the board setup. It can be beneficial to both beginners and experts. Here are its Pros and Cons: –

  • This is available on multiple devices such as kindle fire, iPod, iPad, and iPhone, etc.
  • You can use it whenever and wherever you want.
  • The about tab contains information regarding the Cricket game which helpful to beginners.
  • The team name and scores font size is small. It should be increased a little bit.
  • It does not show statistics.
  • Since it only keeps score up to four people, it is not suitable for a large group.

Some tips to consider when buying your Scoreboard:-

Here is a tip when buying Dart Scoreboard always consider its size, for example, if it ends up being larger than your Cabinet’s size it won’t fit and you will have to find another location which will result in money being wasted. On the other hand, if you end up with a smaller size, then you require it will result in creating readability issues. You should take a number of players into consideration as well and buy the scoreboard accordingly. It is recommended that you buy a Scoreboard which will be able to accommodate at least 8 players. If you are interested in electronic Scoreboard then it is recommended that you buy one with an excellent Backlit screen. It will make the score more prominent and will let you know what is going on throughout the game. Furthermore, you should buy an electronic Dart Scoreboard with a lot of customization options this will make your Dart games more thrilling.

So, in conclusion every piece of Dart equipment is important and buying a cheap Dart Scoreboard will lead to disastrous results. I hope that this article provided you helpful information and will be make it easy for you to find the perfect Scoreboard.