Best Darts for Beginners - Reviews, Accuracy and Prices

Viper Diamond Soft Tip Dart
Viper Diamond Soft Tip Dart
Black Widow Steel Tip Dart
Black Widow Steel Tip Dart

One of the worst mistakes you could ever make is finding the cheapest darts you can find at any marketplace and start playing with them.

As a beginner, you might feel that all darts are more or less same and so picking some special darts won’t make a difference but believe me, you will never be so wrong in your life.

The darts you choose as a beginner, play a huge role in how well you play and how you develop your grip and skills over the time period. So, whether you want to play darts just for fun or you want to pursue it as a proper career, it is really essential to start your beginner darts wisely.

Well, no need to ponder! I have written this extensive best darts for beginners 2020 guide to let you make a wise choice right here.

1. Viper Diamond Soft Tip Dart(Editor’s Choice) 16g/18g Check Price
2: Black Widow Steel Tip Dart 20g/23g/26g/28g Check Price
3: Bottelsen Soft Tip Dart 16g/20g Check Price
4: Dart World Tungsten 27g/32g Check Price
5: Carrera Titanium Black Soft Tip Darts 18g Check Price
6: Viper Sure 16g/18g Check Price
7: Bottelsen Devastators Soft Tip Dart 20g Check Price
8: CC Exquisite Steel Tip Darts 22g Check Price
9: Vopa Dart Set 17g Check Price
10: Ignat Games Steel Tip Dart 20g Check Price
11: Cuesoul 19 Grams Dart 30g Check Price

Review of Top 11 Darts For Beginners To Buy in 2020

So everybody, grab popcorn or something and enjoy the ride! I guarantee it will be worth it to read before buying your first dart.


1. Viper Diamond Soft Tip Dart (Best Besginner's Choice)

Viper Diamond Soft Tip Dart

Only a few darts available in the market that can actually match the quality of this rich in performance Viper Diamond dart

It is surely crafted by some of the leading minds in the field of dart design and production.

Aluminum Shaft With Locking Holes

The use of a diamond-cut aluminum shaft with locking holes provides this dart a tight fitting. You will feel the lightness, good grip and beauty of quality as you how to hold this dart  and how to aim darts in your hand.

This dart is perfectly suitable for people who enjoy a greater flight in the darts game. It has all the capabilities to give you an advantage over your opponent in the competition.

Exceptional Balance

The dart has 90% tungsten and 10% nickel used for manufacturing. This gives the viper diamond dart an upper hand when it comes to balance. It is extremely well balanced and has a very dynamic performance level.

Some of the finest performances recorded in the game of darts were all because of this viper diamond soft tip dart.

A one-time investment can make you emerge as a total victorious.

Beautiful Casing

The viper diamond dart is packed in a beautiful and unique deluxe darts case. This helps rightly package the product, making it the ideal performer when it is laid side by side its opponents in a competition that is sure to go tough.

Final Verdict

I definitely recommend this product as the first choice for those people who are looking for something great in the darts game to their level to the next tier.

It is classy, quality and can help the beginner level players raise their game quickly.


2. Black Widow Steel Tip Dart (Starter Dart)

Black Widow Steel Tip Dart

Innovative Design

If you are looking for steel tip darts that are more advanced than their counterparts, you have got a very limited number of choices.

The Black Widow is just as unique as their name. One of the features is Spider Leg Shafts consisting of wires that are molded to the flights. Cheeky, huh?

Laser Point coating is also included to make sure your darts never fall out of the dart boards again.

The Black Widow darts have an amazingly perfect aerodynamic profile because of their skinny and short barreled design, much superior in flight to other darts.


Unlike a lot of professional darts, the black widow can be used by amateurs as well as professionals simultaneously because they are designed to do so.

You can definitely get the hang of these darts in no time.

Final Thought

One of the best darts with quality and durability but I would suggest something cheaper since you are a beginner and you won’t be good at handling them either


3. Bottelsen Soft Tip Dart (Budget Friendly beginner Dart)

Bottelsen Devastators Soft Tip Dart

Truly one of the amazing darts, one can surely feel the spark when playing. These darts are designed to bus with electronic dart boards, which score your throws automatically.

A soft tip dart has actually a thin tip made of plastic when it is thrown, the tip makes it way into one of the hundreds or even thousands of tiny holes placed on an electronic dartboard.

Top Notch

If you really value quality when it comes to playing darts game, you will find a very few options that will be above these Bottelsen darts. The GT III is one of the premier models of Bottelsen with perfect balance and versatile knurling.

It includes a Thurst Cut Barrel, which gives you an option of further forward, further back or right in the middle, whatever you want type grip while still giving tight and smooth hold.

This makes Bottelsen GT III an ideal pick for those throwers who are looking for smooth and knurled surfaces in different throwing situations.


Apart from versatile knurling, there are various other features that will make you chose this soft tip darts as a priority choice.

These darts are designed with extremely high-quality material to make them durable and long lasting. Even the tips are also resilient than other darts. I would highly recommend going for these darts.

Final Verdict

One of the best darts available in the market. People who are looking for a good product so they can enjoy a quality time playing the darts game can have these Bottelsen darts in no time.


4. Dart World Tungsten (Mid Level beginner)

Dart World Tungsten

If you want to experience real class and charm, this is the dart that I would recommend you to purchase right away.

It has been considered one of the best darts for beginners by experts worldwide and same is my opinion, though I am not an expert at all.

Compact Design

This is the best tungsten darts for beginners with perfectly high quality and durable. The 80% use tungsten means the dart is made to be balanced and strong. It’s essential to mention that this dart can pinpoint the targets and make real-world impressions.

The use of tungsten automatically puts the dart in the list of those used and admired by established professional dart players.

High Accuracy

The dart doesn’t fall easily off your hands. Different people like different styles of darts, one thing that remains constant is the grip. Everyone loves to hold a dart that has a tight grip, so they can accurately hit their target easily. Well, this dart provides you that comfort.

Its razor-like design provides an ideal atmosphere to have a seamless competition. Beyond the fact that it actually helps you acquire skills, you actually step into a new world where quality darts are the king.


The topspin revolving shaft gives you the kind of edge that no other dart available in the market can provide at the moment.

Many masters of the dart game love this feature. This feature is especially recommended for those who are just starting out in the darts game and for professionals too, but they will most probably have already a grip on it.

Ideal Selection

The dart is enclosed in a beautiful galaxy metal carrying case. Making it a perfect gift choice. It can also be kept as part of your interior room decorations and can be kept in your home or office.

The case is beautiful and unique, taking the product to a whole new level.

Final Thoughts

If you want to make the right impression on your opponents and audience just from the beginning, this is the dart you have to purchase.

It has the perfect finish, great quality, and credible features, a whole package you can rely on.


5. Carrera Titanium Black Soft Tip Darts

Carrera Titanium Black Soft Tip Darts

Advanced Design

Next in the list of our top 11 darts of 2019 is something from the Target Darts. These soft tip darts are excellent for somewhat advanced players but are manufactured keeping in mind the level of darts for beginners uk.

If you are someone who is having trouble gripping the darts, this might be a good choice for you.

It has Target Pro Grip shafts that are bi-directional and feature a pixel grip. This style of grip helps you give all benefits of heavy knurling without having to worry about the dart getting caught at your finger after the throw, that ruins your accuracy big time.

Great Flight

When you use this dart, you will come to know that it is exceptionally stable in air. This is due to a couple of reasons. The balance also helps but I would give the crown to the flights mainly.

The Vision flights introduced in these Target darts are beautiful and very effective at keeping the dart on a straight path till it hits the dartboard. However, the only downline is the price.

Final Thoughts

Great darts. High quality and durable. You can have them if you have a little know-how in the dart games field and want to raise your level from beginners or amateurs to professionals.

However, if you are a beginner, I would recommend going for a cheaper choice for now and you can upgrade to these later when you want to be named a professional.


6. Viper Sure

Viper Sure

A product that lights up your life with quality and beauty. This dart can make you look like a person of pure class with its fine finishing and tungsten touch.

Tight Grip

The rubberized hand grip lets you have a tight hold on this dart. A perfect grip is really essential for an on-target throw and complete accuracy.

This unique dart will give you satisfaction and a sense of completeness.

Reinforced Cone

The unique cone makes the dart comfortable and durable, thus long-lasting. It is made in such a way to give the flight, a perfect balance.

Keep in mind, balance is most important to acquire and hit your target easily.


It’s the little things that add up to create big finishes. The added style and beauty make this product something you will love. Nothing can make you lose out of the blow and the shine that comes with this amazing dart.

It is one of the best-designed darts available in the market.

Final Thought

The strength and design of this dart are unique. You can gift it to someone or use it to squash your opponents yourself.

With this dart purchased, you will be stepping in the right direction.


7. Bottelsen Devastators Soft Tip Dart

Bottelsen Devastators Soft Tip Dart

Great Quality

These darts from Bottelsen are all about giving you the best quality and experience in the least possible money. If you are looking for a professional best soft tip darts for beginners that is comfortable for beginners, the Devastators are for you.

It has a lot of great features. For instance, the coarse knurling around the shaft improves grip without catching on your fingertips.

You don’t even have to look at it to hold it because it tapers towards the rear. Thanks to their combination of easy use and low price making them one of the best choices for beginners in the industry.

Some Flaws

There is no doubt, these darts are cheap, good quality and very easy to throw. But, these might not be the best darts to throw as compared to pricey models and counterparts available in the market.

The most significant issue you will have to face is flimsy flights and not enough stability. Well, these are the most essential features when you are playing the darts game.

But still, when you are a beginner there is a lot of room for skills and you are mostly practicing and learning, rather than playing professional tournaments. So, it will be ok if you decide to go with these darts.

Later on, you can go for a professional set of darts.

Final Thoughts

Well, the Devastators are truly devastators whether it is the price, quality or the flights. Just kidding!

They are great quality, durable and long lasting and cost way less than other darts with different brands but the same features in the market. One drawback that is, is the flimsy flights.


8. CC Exquisite Steel Tip Darts

CC Exquisite Steel Tip Darts

There are a very few darts that can match the precision, quality, and design of these CC Exquisite Steel Tip Darts. With the weight ranging from 18-22 grams, they are a perfectly ideal choice.

Good For Professionals

These darts are extremely suitable for professional level players. But that doesn’t mean the beginners can’t get their hands around them.

It’s completely fine for a best steel tip darts for beginners to acquire CC Exquisite Steel Tip darts and start raising their level. It is packaged to serve all level of dart players.


The ability to shape each dart based on the design of its shaft is amazing. You can adjust the length of your dart in order to get your desired results. Isn’t that amazing?

One of the best advantages you will have using this dart over your competitors is its fine steel build, giving it greater flight than normal.

Ease Of Use

The dart is designed aerodynamically, keeping in mind that it is to be used by the utmost beginner level players.

It simply has no competitor in the market

Final Thoughts

What I like about this CC Exquisite darts is that they can be used to serve any level of players. Because of this, it delivers amazing results because all levels of players use it and share their experiences, and tips with it.

This is the real product, a complete package.


9. Vopa Dart Set

Vopa Dart Set

This is one of the best soft tip darts for beginners used for practice especially by darts for beginners. It is super affordable and you get 12 darts in one set which means that you can play with three other people.

Unique Grip

The Vopa darts weight 17 grams and have very unique, tight gripping pattern. This pattern allows you a confident hold over the dart, thus enabling you a nice throw at your target.

And because of this pattern, you will have a little more comfort and advantage over the other low priced darts available in the market.


It also includes 12(4×3) stylish flight sets, so everyone can recognize their darts easily.

Besides that, you will also be getting a 12 months hassle free product guarantee and a 100% good quality guarantee for every purchase too.

Final Thoughts

These are lightweight, have 3 sets, good grip and what not? It’s a proper package and that so in this price, an entire group can enjoy.

Definitely, something to go for.


10. Ignat Games Steel Tip Dart

Ignat Games steel tip darts

Its only 18 grams but one of the best steel darts for beginners in the world. In addition to that, the Ignat darts are most colorful and best-packaged darts in the market too.

A Unique Casing

The beautifully designed casing is perfectly suitable to be presented as a gift to your loved ones. Moreover, the combination of different flight darts makes it one of the finest products that have been introduced by Ignat.


There are not a lot of darts available that include a sharpener in the package too. It is very important to have a sharpener because it helps you make a firm grip on the dart board.

Each set is made from some of the finest materials that you can find the market these days.

Study Frame

The dart has a very powerful frame. What does that possibly mean? Yes! Durable.

It is perfect for those who are just beginning to play the darts game and for those who are casual players. The Ignat Games darts can be used comfortably in friendly competitions.

Final Thoughts

A beginner? And looking for suitable dart for a good time pass or even friendly match? You got Ignat Games Steel tip darts at your disposal.

Overall, great quality, great flight, highly durable and most importantly they don’t cost a lot too.


11. Cuesoul 19 Grams Dart

Cuesoul 19 Grams Dart

There are certain things that can create that royal effect wherever you are, this is one type of dart that can increase your class big time. And as the title suggests, it weighs 19 grams only.

Likewise, it is shiny and appealing. Everyone wants to have it.

Unique Packaging

The Cuesoul PU Luxury gives real elegance and pure class. It will create a great impression if presented to your loved ones as a gift. Very ideal for people who want to have a good collection in their office or bedroom.

No Losses

Cuesoul is great at delivering products. You can order and sit back, the rest depends upon the Cuesoul guys.

I can keep talking about the value that Cuesoul provides with this product but it will make no significant difference if you don’t actually purchase and experience everything yourself.

Also, there is free shipping offer too. What more do you need in a great quality dart?

Various Levels

There are a very few darts that give you the choice of different skill levels. The Cuesoul is perfect for people with all levels of skills and experience.

The shaft comes with a groove type style that makes it easier to grip and make your throws, improving its accuracy.

If you are looking for a product to take your game to the next level, this is something you need to settle for. It is quite affordable too.


I know, its always confusing to decide what option suits you the best when there are several hundred variables available in the market, some with less price tag, some with greater features.


When you are looking for the best darts for beginners in 2020, you need for something that is not too expensive, yet delivers almost the entire fun and experience of the game.

Some darts are Magnetic darts , front weighted darts and Rear Weighted Darts , best unicorn darts for beginners , Do you Love Games? Play darts Games.

I truly hope this guide will help you close down your search to a few best darts and lets you decide the best product according to your desires.