6 Best Front Weighted Darts to Buy in 2020 - Reviews, Accuracy and Prices

Shot 90% Tungsten Birds Of Prey

Shot 90% Tungsten Birds Of Prey front weighted

Whimlets Professional Darts Set

Whimlets Professional Darts Set – Steel Tip Darts

Totem Steel Tip Darts By Shot

Totem Steel Tip Front weighted Darts By Shot

Darts is a game that can be played almost by everyone, anywhere in the world but there are some technicalities that matter a lot. First of these requirements is your darts. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or a professional darts player, you must have great quality best darts to make sure your game is exceptional.

There are a lot of different types of darts available in the market, each one having their own specialties and features. Some of them are front weighted and some are rear weighted darts.

We will be listing the 6 best front weighted darts of 2019 here but before going in deep, we want to make sure everyone reading this article has the know-how of some important dart features that can influence your choice for darts selection.


Quick List of Best Front Weighted Darts to Buy in 2020

Product Name Weights Our Rating Price
1. Shot 90% Tungsten Birds Of Prey – Falcon(Editor’s Choice) 22g/24g/26g/28g Check Price
2. Whimlets Professional Darts Set – Steel Tip Darts 20g Check Price
3. Totem Steel Tip Darts By Shot 23g/25g/27g Check Price
4. 16 Laser Darts Gold Widow Soft Tip Dart Set 23g/25g/27g Check Price
5. Darts Warrior Steel Tip Darts By Shot 22g/24g/26g Check Price
6. VENNOBIA Darts – Steel Tip Darts 18g Check Price

1. Shot 90% Tungsten Birds Of Prey – Falcon

If you are a darts lover, you must have heard about Shot. It’s a world-renowned darts brand from New Zealand and they have been making their name in the market since the 1970s. One of their most famous production lines is the Bird Of Prey darts that focus only on quality and accuracy.

Shot 90% Tungsten Birds Of Prey


Birds Of Prey is completely suitable for players of all skill levels. The shot has done a great job with these darts that provide an easy grip for beginners and durability and long lasting for the professional players as well.

These darts weight 27 grams and are 90% pure tungsten which makes them extra high quality and special for people who are just starting out.

Cream on the cake, all tungsten darts by Shot have a lifetime guarantee truly reflecting commitment and dedication to the customers.

Shots have made these darts out of the influence of the famous winged hunters of New Zealand having deadly accuracy, stealth, and speed.

The darts have hi-tech particle coating technology that boosts reflective colors and ensures the durability of the products. The darts have deep, glossy blue-black wings in flight, giving a premium overall look.

All darts are sold in a set of 3 and include refined channels and crosscut grip barrels, providing a tight grip to improve accuracy and flight.

The product dimensions are 7.1 x 3.9 x 0.8 inches and a lot of professional darts player recommend these darts to the professional as well as newer darts audience because of their reliability and ease of use.


2. Whimlets Professional Darts Set – Steel Tip Darts

Whimlets, a new yet reputable brand in the field of darts. The company was established back in 2017 with an ambition to develop great quality products with high precision and accuracy to aid its users.

It’s a European based company with its clients scattered all around the globe.

Whimlets Professional Darts Set


The Whimlets Professional Darts Set is phenomenal. These are high quality 20 grams brass darts. Purely professional steel tip darts with a brass body with aluminum flights is the best you can find.

Its perfect for everyday use because these darts are made of materials that can take and sustain rigorous wear and tear.

Customers love the fact that these darts are smooth and perfectly balanced making them perfect for all level of darts players.

Do dart cases excite you? Well, Whimlets knows that. So, they include a high-quality premium darts carrying case with every purchase of their darts set making it easy for you to carry and showcase your darts. Pack it up in your bag and enjoy the darts game with your friends, anywhere, anytime!

Moreover, the package includes 9 standard flights which give you multiple different set-up options rather than one, increasing the diversity of the game.

The amazing fact is, these professional darts set by Whimlets fly amazingly smooth and accurate despite the fact that they are made of brass instead of tungsten.

One of the drawbacks we must include is the fast wear and tear you might have to face if you drop them or miss your targets often or even hit the wall.

Whimlets also provides an extended 3-year product warranty making it a risk-free purchase for every buyer, the package also includes a free e-book as a guide and a dart sharpener, which is very useful while playing the darts game.


3. Totem Steel Tip Darts By Shot - Front Weighted Darts

Shot comes again!

As we discussed earlier, Shots is very big and reputable brand when it comes to high quality and long lasting darts.

The totem darts by shot are just another addition to the great line of darts they have produced so far.

Totem Steel Tip Darts By Shot


Totem is front-weighted professional quality darts that come in with axial cuts and a max grip having 7.5 mm of diameter and 49 mm of length.

The darts come in a new style with a shortboard style packaging, all the info regarding the darts and content is displayed neatly on the packaging.

The darts have a front tapered style barrel with the squarish bullnose. The dart has two grip sections, one is a thin ring micro style shark grip and the other is a pyramid style grip. You can use the one, you desire.

The dimensions are 7.1 x 3.9 x 0.1 inches and the darts weight 22 grams each which is normal for high quality and stabilized darts.

If you are looking to take your darts game to the higher level, the totem is the darts you have to go for.

The shot is a big brand and they always go for quality and customer loyalty, the number one reason why they are loved immensely around the globe by dart players. Each dart is tested extensively in Shot’s purpose-built flight lounge by Shot’s team and a team of hired professional players and then its launched in the general market.


4. 16 Laser Darts Gold Widow Soft Tip Dart Set

Ever heard of laser darts before? They are the pioneers of darts and have been in business for more than 20 years now. Their history is full of exceptional darts, having an accuracy and destruction you’ll never forget.

16 Laser Darts Gold Widow Soft Tip Dart Set


These darts have 90% tungsten material, making them high quality and durable. The billet is center ground and shaped.

The barrel is designed to give you all the possible comfort and accuracy with the front-weighted balance to make sure there are stability and enhanced accuracy and a slim profile for accurate dart patterns.

These widow darts by laser darts are vapor-coated in high heat furnaces that fuse mixtures of titanium/tantalum nitride and titanium carbide gas to the tungsten barrel. Each barrel has three coatings.

These multi-layer coatings provide a great, rigorous finish for both unmatched gripping qualities and a premium look.

The dart weighs 16 grams which is just perfect and optimal for almost all types of players. The packaging also includes a nice, premium looking Deluxe Case where the darts can be beautifully showcased. The package also includes extra flights, shafts and required tools to make sure you are always able to play the darts game even if your current darts are bad in shape.

Overall, the customers love this dart. We have analyzed a lot of reviews from customers who purchased and used these black widow darts. All of them seemed happy and satisfied by the performance and accuracy of the darts.


5. Darts Warrior Steel Tip Darts By Shot - Front Weighted Darts

Another darts set by Shot that made to our list of best front weighted darts is darts warrior steel tip darts set.

Darts Warrior Steel Tip Darts By Shot


These warrior darts weight 25 grams and maybe a little bit heavier than normal darts.

They have an easy to hold grip for beginners but are extremely long-lasting, making them perfect for both beginners and professionals.

Almost all the Shot’s darts are made of tungsten which shows that they have maintained a level of quality and class because tungsten is a hard metal, making your darts long lasting and anti-resistant to all the wear and tear.

As we might have mentioned above, all Shot’s dart barrels come in with a lifetime guarantee which is just amazing.

The dimensions are 7.1 x 3.9 x 0.8 inches and weight 25 grams approximately.


6. VENNOBIA Darts – Steel Tip Darts

Vennobia is another reputable name in the dart games industry. The Vennobia darts set is perfect for a lot of people who have a different taste, who want to enjoy a class yet don’t want to burden their pockets too much.

Vennobia Darts

These Vennobia darts have 2BA aluminum shafts that are more durable than the usual PVC rods.

The dart barrels are designed with high-quality steel and brass that helps provide exceptional balance during flight and styling.

There is an O-ring installed between the steel barrel and the aluminum shaft that prevent the darts from loosening up when dropped.

The Vennobia darts maintain their class with poly pro dart flights feature that is designed specifically to help increase the flight path and reduce the air drag.

The dimensions are 1.73 x 1.42 inches and the package includes 15 steel tip darts, 1 darts sharpener and 15 different style options which are amazing for people who want to have versatile playing style, changing their options often.


Final Verdicts

Once you get to know the basics and practice a little bit, darts is a very skill based and enjoyable game. You can have your friends called over for dinner and have a set or two on a lighter mode with your friends.

We compiled this list of Best Soft Tip Darts  and Best Steel Tip Darts to make sure that it helps players from all skill levels. Even if you are a noob, after reading this article, you will have a greater perspective of what you have to look for in the market because you will have knowledge about the basic things you need to check while purchasing a darts set.

You can also review Best Magnetic Darts and Best Cheap Darts.

What Are Front Weighted Darts?

Front-Weighted darts are simply those types of darts that has weight attached in front of them. If you are willing to buy some beginner level darts than check out our review of Best Darts For Beginners.

Choosing The Best Darts

Everyone has their own choice!

Same is the case with darts, there are a lot of variations available in the market but a lot of it depends upon your personal preferences. Some people like heavyweight darts while others love darts that are truly light-weight and the amazing part is, you have almost unlimited options.

There is a wide range of choice like barrel length, flight span, weight, spirals and grooves, soft tip darts or steel tip darts and much more.

When all this variety is available at first hand, choosing the best dart according to your desires must not be impossible. Following are some of the few factors that are really important in determining the overall performance of your darts and eventually your entire game.


Obviously, whenever you are preparing to purchase something and that means anything, the first consideration that comes into your mind is your pocket.

No one wants to burden their pocket more than they can handle. There are a lot of budget ranges. Mostly, professional players go for darts that cost somewhere between $75-$85 per dart.

This might be a bit expensive for amateurs and complete beginners. These darts have a lot of potential for sure but if you are someone who plays the darts game casually with friends or family, you might have some better and cheaper options available.

Tungsten Percentage

There is a rule in the darts world; higher the percentage of a tungsten material, higher is the quality of the darts. There is a reason behind this fact. Tungsten is a very durable and long lasting metal that can resist the wear and tear and toughness that darts have to go through and this is not it, it also provides an exceptional grip and is a heavy metal that enables manufacturers to create more stable darts.

Here’s a tip!

Low-quality darts will be either made of brass or stainless steel and they will be less consistent, less durable and will harm your skills in the longer run. So, don’t always go for cheap products, sometimes its good to invest a little for a better future.

Balance And Weight

A lot of people might neglect the impact of balance and weight of the darts but it matters a lot. A heavier dart requires less grip and is most of the times more stable for heavy people while a lot of people love lighter darts because of the fact that they are easy to grip the darts and throw darts.

People who usually focus more on finger motion than wrist action should usually use light-weight darts.

Balance also matters a lot. A little variation in the balancing will greatly affect the flight of your dart and your finger positioning. Front weighted darts are usually front-gripped because they have more weight towards the front of the barrel and also need to be thrown a little higher as compared to rear-weighted darts.

Barrel Length

The length of the barrel will determine the overall balance of the dart. Generally, longer barrels create a more evenly-balanced dart that favors a middle grip. However, many dart players like a rear or front weighted dart which usually have a shorter barrel length with a tapered design to shift the weight towards the front or back of the barrel shaft.

Shape And Texture

There are a lot of darts available in the market with variations such as smooth barrel darts and the other ones with grooves and spirals that allow players to have a tighter grip.

Commonly, darts with grooves are most loved because they allow a tighter grip and fly much straighter than other darts in the market.

In addition to the texture, the shape also matters a lot.  It basically impacts the throwing style of the dart. There are a lot of designs when it comes to darts such as traditional or cultural ones and straight or V-shaped designs. Thus, there are a lot of different styles and variations available to make sure players with all tastes are provided with opportunities in the darts game.

Benefits Of Front Weighted Darts

Mostly, players want to have darts that are evenly balanced and can be thrown while gripping the dart from the middle. Such darts are highly recommended for amateur and professional level players.

A lot of players also love front weighted darts that provide an extra power and flight with an easy grip but it takes a lot of practice to master this style which eventually makes you a professional player.