Best Steel Tip Darts To Buy in 2020 - Reviews , Comparison and Buyer Guides

Ignat Games Professional Steel Tip Darts Set
Ignat Professional darts
CC-Exquisite Customizable Configuration Darts Set
CC-Exquisite Steel Tip
Bullseye Steel Tip Darts
Bullseye Steel Tip Darts

So, you a fan of the game of darts? Well, the truth is, it always depends upon the pilot. In this case, on your skills above all else. But still, the darts being used in the game can’t be ignored, and various types of darts can make a huge impact on the results.

If you are looking for a set of darts, which in case you are, we have written this on-point guide with Best Steel Tip Darts To Buy in 2020. It has an in-depth review with best steel tip darts you can buy in 2020, so grab your popcorn because this is going to be interesting.

First, you need to know that there are two kinds of steel tip darts, the soft-tip, and the steel-tip. Steel-tip darts are used with traditional sisal dartboards while soft tip darts are used with electronic dartboards. However, we will be focusing on steel tip darts here.

Darts are made up of various types of materials ranging from wood, brass, nickel, tungsten or silver but the ones made with tungsten are the best. These are the highest quality and the most expensive ones. However, these are not always 100% tungsten made only, the percentage can vary and it significantly depends upon the quality and durability of the darts. For example, a dart that is 90% tungsten and 10% wood will be high in quality and more long-lasting than a dart that is 60% tungsten and 40% wood.

Professional and competitive dart players usually prefer steel-tip darts and sisal dartboards over soft-tip darts and electronic dartboards. Electronic dart boards are a bit popular for home use and safe for walls too.

Quick List to Professional Steel Tip Darts

1. Ignat Games Professional Steel Tip Darts Set(Editor’s Choice) 18g/20g/22g/24g/26g Check Price
2: CC-Exquisite Customizable Configuration Darts Set 18g/22g Check Price
3: Bullseye Steel Tip Darts 21g Check Price
4: King Cobra Strikes Steel Tip Darts Set 21g/22g/23g/24g Check Price
5: Widdy Classic American Style Steel Tip Darts Check Price
6: Viper Blitz Darts 22g/24g/26g/28g Check Price
7: Fat Cat Predator Darts 23g Check Price
8: Bottelsen Hammer Head Devastators Hard Tip Darts 22g Check Price
9: KO Steel Tip Darts 24g Check Price
10: Black Widow Steel Tip Dart 20g/23g/26g/28g Check Price

Before wasting more of your time, let’s dive into the best steel tip darts you can buy in 2020:


1. Ignat Games Professional Steel Tip Darts Set

Commonly Affordable

This set with Ignat Games comes with six darts. These steel tip darts are made of brass and aluminum and have a brass barrel and aluminum shaft. The brass barrels are knurled for tough grip and controlled throw for improved accuracy.

Ignat Games Professional Steel Tip Darts Set

Their package includes eight poly flights. The flights are designed and manufactured for ideal and stable flight. Each dart weighs 22 grams.

Usable Extras

The package also includes a few good extras in addition to necessary accessories. First, it includes a dart sharpener which is a very vital addition to the package. You can always have your steel tip darts sharp and ready for action.

It also includes a carrying case with magnetic closure.

Ignat Games Professional Steel Tip Darts Set

Final Verdict

Overall, the set comes at a great price with a handful of unique features which don’t come at that price in other options. Although it includes six darts, these can be enough to score you a win, if played with care and good strategy.


2. CC-Exquisite Customisable Steel Darts Set

Budget Friendly

This set from CC-Exquisite can be a good affordable choice with good features for your home game room. Unlike all the other products we have listed in this list of best steel tip darts to buy in 2020, this set gives you some cool customization options.

CC-Exquisite Customizable Configuration Darts Set

You have the freedom to mix and match different combinations of barrel weights, flights, and shaft lengths to get the combination that performs best for you.

The set includes six brass barrels: 3 weigh 18 grams and the other 3, 22 grams.

It also includes six durable aluminum shafts. There are twelve poly pro flights with two different designs. 6 of them are standard, and the other six are slim.

The package also includes six unique rubber o-rings that fit between the barrel and the shaft to ensure it doesn’t loosen.

2-In-1 (Affordable & Quality)

There’s no doubt this set from CC-Exquisite is affordable but keeping that in mind, no compromises on quality and features are made whatsoever. It’s a great option if you are looking for a quality set of darts with extra features without breaking your bank.

This dart set also comes with a dart sharpener and a carrying case.

CC-Exquisite Customizable Configuration Darts Set

Final Verdict

You have seen the features and the pricing. While this dart comes with a six darts set, two people might not be able to play simultaneously because you may not be able to adjust the combinations of barrel/flight/shaft that could keep both players entertained and satisfied.


3. Bullseye Professional Steel Tip Darts

Great For Homers

This Bullseye Steel Tip Darts set is a very good choice for people who use dart game as a home passion and play casually, during their free times usually. This is probably one of the very few dart sets that come with 24 darts so that you will have a maximum of 8 dart sets, and you can play with a lot of friends and family members simultaneously. What a time that would be!

Bullseye Steel Tip Darts

Amazing Features

These are steel tip darts and include silver plated grips and barrels. The barrels have knurling and grooves for tight grip and control. The shafts have a convex kind of design and are made of nylon.

The darts also have polypro flights and are designed to reduce the air drag and improve the stability and accuracy of the throw. Each dart weighs 21 grams.

Instead of a carrying case, this dart set comes in with a jar like a carrying case which proves helpful in keeping your room clutter free.

Bullseye Steel Tip Darts

Final Verdict

Overall, this dart set is a great return for money and a wonderful choice for home use. The quality is also standard, actually more than good for home use and the fact that you get 24 darts in the package makes it even exciting.


4. King Cobra Strikes Steel Tip Darts Set

Affordable But Not Cheap

King Cobra Strikes Steel tip darts are specially made, keeping in mind the beginner level dart game players. However, products made for beginners are usually cheaper darts , but that doesn’t mean they are of low quality and doesn’t offer the same entertainment as the professional ones.

King Cobra Strikes Steel Tip Darts Set

King Cobra Strikes steel tip darts might be cheap; they still offer the same level of quality that is beyond other models in the same league.

The knurled brass grip of these tip darts is easy to hold on to and even easier to let go of when you are making a throw. A good thing, while purchasing you have the option to go for three darts set or six darts set, so you might have replacements lined up.

Some Drawbacks

Off course, there are advantages and disadvantages of every product, and there are some more with products made for beginners.

You will find that these darts struggle when it comes to durability and long-lasting, they can also have unsteady flights or have broken shafts when impacted by other darts simultaneously.

Other than these couple of drawbacks, you will find that these are an excellent choice for immediate beginners and amateurs in a darts game. However, we will suggest a little better than this for advanced and professional players.

King Cobra Strikes Steel Tip Darts Set

Final Verdict

The price, quality, features and drawbacks, all of these combined suggest this King Cobra Strikes steel tip darts are ideal for people who are just starting out in a darts game.

There are a few downsides, but those won’t matter for beginners, even we think those downsides will be good learning points for beginners. However, we will recommend something like Viper Blitz for our advanced players.


5. Widdy Classic American Style Steel Tip Darts


These classic style darts by Widdy bring a traditional and cultural Americano to feel and class to the game. They are durable and include a barrel made of a single piece of wood.

Widdy Classic American Style

These are some of the best general and recreational steel tip darts that you won’t be able to find anywhere else at this price point and with this handful of unique features.


The package includes a total of 12 darts in the set; each dart weighs 14 grams.

It is front weighted and is 5-¾” in length and also includes three turkey feather flights, ain’t that traditional?

A section of steel that is inserted into the barrel provides balance, so the dart is not so heavy from the front, allowing it to fly stable and producing an accurate impact.

Widdy Classic American Style

Final Verdict

These Widdy Classic American Style Steel Tip Darts are great for those people who are close to culture or people who want to have both beautiful and functional steel tip darts.


6. Viper Blitz Darts Hard Tips Darts

The Best Around

First, in the list, the Viper Blitz Darts truly deserve their top position. These are made of 95% pure tungsten and 5% nickel. With a slim design, the darts have deep grooves and knurled bands which help in good grip and give you control over your throws.

Viper Blitz Darts

The Yukon aluminum shafts help rotate the flight after the darts make contact with the dartboard, which helps eliminate or at least minimize bounce-outs as much as possible.

Premium Packaging

The package includes an aluminum case, additional flights, and an accessories pouch. Each darts weighs 24 grams.

Viper Blitz Darts

Final Verdict

Being at the top in the list, these darts do come at a price, and we encourage only serious players to purchase these because these are less ideal for traditional home use.


7. Fat Cat Predator Steel Tips Darts

Ideal Choice

We have included choices for serious players as well as beginner level players. This one belongs to a professional deal. These fat cat predator darts can be used in your room, but we will suggest to keep for your own use instead of playing with a bunch of friends and family.

Fat Cat Predator Darts

They are designed with a slim profile and consist of 80% tungsten and 20% nickel ratio. The barrels have deep grooves, knurled bands, and rings, everything aiding in giving you an excellent and accurate grip. Better and comfortable grip will always help you improve your accuracy and throw.

Improved Accuracy

The diamond-cut aluminum shafts have holes that ensure a tighter fit and on-point flight without the need to be constantly tightened.

The set comes with a dart mechanic wrench for tightening, flights, flight protectors and a hard shell case with a soft fabric lining. Each dart weighs 23 grams.

Fat Cat Predator Darts

Final Verdict

Analyzing the features, price bracket and quality of this dart set, we will recommend this to people who have some experience with dart games in the past.


8. Bottelsen Hammer Head Devastators Hard Tip Darts

The Ideal Choice

If you are looking for the best steel tip darts in the market, then the Bottelsen Hammer Head Devastator darts are going to make it easy for you. These darts like the Viper Blitz are also made of 95% of pure tungsten which helps improve the weight distribution by a significant margin.

Bottelsen Hammer Head Steel Tip Darts

The coarse knurl provided on these darts will make sure you have a strong grip on these darts while making your throw. We have seen a very limited number of darts in the market that are as comfortable and accurate to throw as these Bottelsen Hammer Head Devastators as it depends solely on you to make a soft or hard throw.

Quality Product

Keeping in the view the good performance, it’s not everything these darts possess. When you purchase this product, you will be getting everything that you would expect from a quality product of a quality brand.

These darts arrive in a closed, beautiful storage box that contains all the accessories and replacement parts included with these darts.

Bottelsen Hammer Head Devastators Hard Tip Darts

Final Verdict

While these darts may be a bit pricey, we truly believe these are the second best steel tip darts available in the market, and if you are passionate about the darts game, this is the option for you.


9. KO Steel Tip Darts

Budget Choice

While these steel tip darts provided by K.O might not be the cheapest option available in the market, we are sure these are the best budget pick in this list based on their qualities and features. If you want to a professional quality product with mesmerizing features and don’t want to empty your pocket at the same time too, these K.O steel tip darts are going to be your best friends in this journey.

The knurling on these darts enables you to choose between various surfaces. These darts also include a barrel that gets softer at the back with more knurling at the front so that you can have your dream grip with more ease and comfort.

Good Design

You must not think that these darts lack in quality or features because of their affordable price. They are 90% tungsten made and include almost every other quality of professional darts available in the market. They even come with a hard plastic case.

KO Steel Tip Darts

Final Verdict

Are you someone who is passionate about darts game but is also heavily dependent on a budget to make his passion come true? No need to worry from now onwards. These K.O steel tip darts are your beginning towards a bright name with darts game.

Though they are affordable and equal in quality to their professional counterparts available in the market, still they might have some drawbacks like flimsy flights and shafts that can break when struck with force but overall, they pass results with flying colors.


10. Black Widow Steel Tip Dart

A Unique Design

If you are looking for unique steel tip darts, that are better in design and quality than their counterparts, you will find a very few units that are better than these Black Widow Steel tip darts. These darts include many unique features like Spider Legged shafts that include wires modeled to the flights

Black Widow Steel Tip Dart

These Black Widow Steel tip darts include Laser Point coating that ensures your darts never fall out of your dartboard again, even if thrown with a very little force. Another advantage of these darts is their very skinny and short barrel. This ensures your aerodynamic profile with these darts is superior to almost all other steel tip darts in this price bracket.

Extremely User-Friendly

Unlike Viper Blitz and Bottelsen Hammer Head Devastator darts that are suitable mostly for professional dart game players, these Black Widow steel tip darts are extremely suitable for both amateurs as well as professionals.

You can get the hang of these professional steel tip darts incomparably short order.

Black Widow Steel Tip Dart

Final Verdict

Its true, these Black Widow steel tip darts are even more expensive than some of the most professional steel tip darts available in the market like Viper Blitz and Bottelsen Hammer Head steel tip darts, but still, they have every feature tempting to spend a little more bucks and enjoy your time with the darts game in quality.

Moreover, in addition to giving you a quality and professional time, these darts are extremely ok to be used by amateurs, which is a plus point.


How Can You Choose Right Steel Tip Dart For Yourself?

Choosing the right darts for you can be a hell lot tricky when you have a lot of options available in the market. It can even become trickier when you are just starting out in the field and have no prior experience or knowledge related to it. But you don’t need to worry; below we have listed some factors you must take care of which will help you choose the best steel tip dart for you.

Your Budget

Budget is one of the most important factors which comes into play whenever you are buying anything, irrespective of the product or the field. This list contains the best steel tip darts of 2019 with some unique and amazing features, each one better than the other but there are various price ranges including expensive, affordable and cheap because we don’t want you to accomplish your passion by burdening your wallet. So, you need to decide what are you willing to spend. If you are just a casual player, there are some cool darts listed above, manufactured specially for home use. If you are a professional player, you can choose your product accordingly.

Steel Tip Or Soft Tip?

Instead of wasting a lot of time reading articles, searching on websites and articles or magazines, you first need to narrow it down to either steel-tip darts of soft tip darts. When you have made a decision, your choices will be broken down to half, making it much easier for you to take a final decision.


This matters. The build quality of your dart decides how long it will last and how it will be affected by the wear and tear. In addition to that, the quality also vastly affects performance during the game. The best quality darts are made of tungsten and nickel. However, there is a wide range of darts made with other materials available in the market too.


There are darts available in the market ranging from 12 grams to 50 grams, though the upper limit is rarely used, the average weight of darts in a dart game is somewhere between 12-25 grams per dart. 30-gram darts are also widely used, and this can be considered a more realistic upper limit.


The barrel is the point from which the dart is gripped for a throw, and they tend to vary when it comes to the degree of knurling. Knurling is the ribbed part of a dart that allows you to grip it tightly without letting your fingers slip over it. Of course, not every dart is knurled, and a lot of them are smooth. There are a lot of choices as you might have a fair idea by now and everything depends on personal choice.


There are a lot of different types of dart shafts, but the most commonly used are made of plastic. Dart shafts made of plastic are inexpensive but can be fragile at sometimes. Another option that is inexpensive and better than the plastic shafts are dart shafts made of aluminum. Aluminum dart shafts are highly durable as compared to plastic ones. Carbon fiber dart shafts are also available in the market.


A stable dart flight is very important for improved accuracy, and on a point target hit. The little bits at the end of dart usually determine the flight of your dart.

Conclusion – Top Steel Tip Dart

We know how much challenging it could be to look for best steel tip darts in the market and that is why we have created this extensive buyer guide on best steel tip darts to buy in 2020. We really hope you leave this read with a decision in your mind. And as per the Dart Savvy Team’s recommendation will go with Ignat Professional Steel Tip Dart.