Best Electronic Dart Boards for 2022 (Reviews & Buyer’s Guide)

Darts is a constantly evolving game that adapts with the times and adjusts to modern trends. It began almost two centuries ago on wooden and cork-based boards and has now mutated into one of the biggest sports in the world.

As the sport grows, so does the technology being used to play the game. Traditional bristle boards lead the way in terms of steel tip darts but electronic dart boards now contain hundreds of additional features that not only add to the playing experience but make it much easier for players to take part.

Whether you struggle to do the complicated maths of large trebles or want to play in real-time with other players across the globe, electronic dartboards are beginning to take a dominant hold on the dartboard market.

We’ll be listing out the best electronic dartboards to buy in 2022 and explaining exactly what makes them stand out in such a saturated market. Check our buyers guide below the top ten list for even more tips on what makes a great dartboard.

Top 10 Electronic Dart Boards in 2022

Below you’ll find our pick of the top ten electronic dartboards available for purchase in 2022. Each board has been evaluated and ranked in accordance with the categories in our buyer’s guide. The boards are also ranked with average pricing and total value considered.

1. Arachnid Cricket Pro 900 Electronic

  • Weight: 11.73
  • Diameter: 15.5 inches
  • Match Modes: 48

Our top pick for the best electronic dartboard is the Arachnid Cricket Pro 900. When considering all the factors that make an electronic dartboard great including durability, mode variation, and playability it easily comes out on top as the number one pick.

The build quality of the Arachnid Cricket Pro 900 is second to none. The micro-thin segment dividers are consistent across the entire board and ensure that bounce-outs are extremely rare. The bed plastics themselves have a small amount of flexibility to softly cushion darts as they hit the board and receive soft tips very well.

Electronically the 900 provides a large catalog of 48 match modes to choose from including all of the standard modes associated with darts and can support up to 8 concurrent players. You may find yourself rarely playing any modes outside of 01 or cricket, but it’s nice to know that the variety is there.

One feature that the 900 can brag about over other boards on this list is the voice feature. This will tell you the score for each player and invite you to throw when it’s your turn. It’s a great addition to keep games with frames on track and scored accurately. The board also has a heckler mode which will berate you if you miss your doubles!

The LCD scoreboard on the front of the board is compact but easily read and shows two contrasting colors to make sure it’s viewable from a distance.

The input switches are clear and concise and give a very satisfying click sound when pushed, just to confirm you’ve pressed it correctly.

The most impressive feature of the 900 is its durability. Each and every aspect of the board is built with care and precision, meaning it has a shelf life of well over 2 years which certainly helps when the board is priced highly.

What I liked

  • State of the art design
  • Microthin wiring
  • Large game library
  • Excellent voice feedback
  • 8 player support
  • Heckler mode
  • Durable build
  • Large catch ring
  • Long shelf life

What could be improved

  • AC power only
  • Expensive



2. Win.Max Electronic

  • Weight: 3.4 pounds
  • Diameter: 13.5 inches
  • Match Modes: 21

Cost-effective and electronic dartboards are not two things that usually go well together. Normally it would mean unreactive sensors, poor scoring, and increased bounce outs but the Win.Max somehow manages to avoid all of these pitfalls.

The design of the Win.Max is sturdy and robust and has the regulation-size beds of a steel tip board. This is odd for soft tip boards which usually have larger multiple and bullseye bed but it makes this board the perfect choice for steel tip players who want to practice at home without the steel tip dangers.

The LCD scoreboard is small and simple but performs well. The board is receptive to darts and very rarely makes scoring mistakes. The score itself is well contrasted and can be read easily at a distance.

The bladed wiring on the board reduces bounce outs drastically and keeps your darts in the beds where you’re aiming.

The game library is full of classic game modes such as 01, Shanghai, and Cricket games alongside a host of lesser-known modes and variations.

The wide catch ring makes it an excellent choice for amateur and intermediate players who sometimes miss the target and don’t want to ruing their soft tip darts.

It might not be as technologically advanced as other boards on this list but the Win.Max comes in at number two with a reliable and consistent board that holds its own in the company of the best electronic dartboards.

What I liked

  • Durable plastic
  • Regulation size steel tip beds
  • Easy usability
  • Large game library
  • Wide catch ring
  • AC power and battery power
  • Simple inputs
  • Very responsive
  • Cheap electronic dartboard

What could be improved

  • Simple
  • Not regulation soft tip dartboard bed sizes



3. Gran Board Dash

  • Weight: 5.34 pounds
  • Diameter: 15.5 inches
  • Match Modes: 30+

It wasn’t too long ago that if you wanted to play darts with someone, you would have to grab a friend and give them a set of darts. The Gran Board dash makes this whole process easier by removing the additional human … kind of!

The Dash is the front runner in a new wave of boards that utilize online play. No matter where you are playing from you can connect with other Dash players around the world and go head to head. With more and more people practicing from home, this is a fantastic way of keeping your game up and playing against competitive opponents.

You’ll notice that this board doesn’t have any form of user interface. That’s because the game modes and scoring are managed through a mobile application. Simply connect your mobile or tablet to the board via Bluetooth, download the app and you have access to a wealth of scoring statistics, game modes, and online play. It’s a revolutionary approach to the modern dart game which could end up taking the industry by storm in coming years.

The application hosts hundreds of different game modes due to the fact that each one is editable and has multiple variations. It supports up to 8 local players and 16 online.

The board material is solid and the sensors are extremely accurate. Darts tend to stick in the board well and score every time they’re thrown. It truly is a unique board.

The downsides would be that without a device with Bluetooth or if your device is out of battery, you cannot score your darts. It’s physically impossible to play on this board and score without the use of a mobile device. Make sure to bring a charger if you’re running low on battery!

The Dashboard is intuitive, unique, and incredibly original and very much deserves its spot amongst the top electronic dartboards.

What I liked

  • Online play
  • High tech design
  • Impressive mobile application
  • Huge game library
  • Competitive practice modes
  • Compact design
  • Solid build
  • Reduced bounce-outs wiring

What could be improved

  • No internal scoreboard
  • Must use a Bluetooth device
  • Battery-powered only



4. Viper ION Electronic

  • Weight: 4 pounds
  • Diameter: 15.5 inches
  • Match Modes: 48

Darts players are always looking for new and exciting ways to practice. Enter the Viper ION Electronic, the only dartboard that physically shows you where you need to hit!

The ION has LED illuminated segments which light up and show you where you need to be aiming. The plastic in the scoring beds is slightly transparent meaning you can easily see the LEDs once they are lit up. The board makes the most of this feature and contains game modes that revolve around these incredible lights.

This electronic dartboard comes with a massive library of 48 game modes supporting up to 8 concurrent players, meaning your practice sessions should never get boring ever again!

The automatic scoring on the board is very receptive and very rarely misses a landing dart. There are also board settings in place to make sure you can undo or register any missed darts.

The only downside to the ION is the fact that everything in the lower part of the board frame seems forced into such a compact design. The LCD scoreboard is quite small and the list of games even smaller. This however is due to the battery compartment which takes up a large amount of space on the front of the board. Great for portability, but we would have preferred a larger scoreboard or more physical inputs.

What I liked

  • A unique bed lighting system
  • Lighting based games
  • Large game library
  • Receptive sensors
  • Distinctive look
  • Durable build
  • Mains and battery power

What could be improved

  • Small LCD display
  • Can be off-putting in the dark


5. Target Nexus Online

  • Weight: 13.76 pounds
  • Diameter: 15.5 inches
  • Match Modes: 10

Every board has its main selling point and the Target Nexus Online holds the cards as being one of the only electronic dart boards with a successful online service. Whenever you step up to practice on the Nexus, you will always have someone to play against.

This ground-breaking development features a built-in interactive touch screen for a fantastically simple experience. All of your game and score management is done at the touch of a screen without the need for physical switches on the face of the board. This makes the entire board extremely easy to use and less cluttered.

The in-built application only features 10 specific games but executes them consistently well when playing online.

The board even has a microphone and camera built-in and players can toggle them on or off depending on whether they want to talk to their opponent on the other side of the world. This also ensures the games are fair and you can see that your opponent is playing as usual.

On top of its multiplayer features, the Nexus doubles up as a reliable single player practice board. The plastic build is solid and durable and receives darts well; it’s designed very cleverly to reduce bounce outs and has a bladed, thin spider.

The board runs on mains power and doesn’t support battery power.

What I liked

  • WiFi connectivity
  • Touch screen input
  • Online play
  • Well built
  • In-built camera and microphone
  • Simple design

What could be improved

  • Expensive
  • No battery power
  • No direct ethernet connection



6. Viper 800

  • Weight: 6 pounds
  • Diameter: 15.5 inches
  • Match Modes: 57

If you’re willing to overlook traditional bed paint designs, the Viper 800 might just be the best-looking board on our list. The red, black, and grey combinations make it look consistent yet stylish and would look great in a games room or bar.

The board itself is impressively made with razor-edged plastic wiring throughout the board meaning consistent darts and fewer broken soft tips. The one questionable aspect of the design would be the catch ring, which utilizes a confusing diamond pattern similar to that seen on the Alunyan board at number 10 on this list.

Electronically this board stands out in the display department. The large frontal LCD scoreboard display can be confusing at first. There are many rows and columns consisting of different numbers and values. Once you play a few different games and modes (of which there are a whopping 57), you will quickly understand how the scoreboard utilizes its complex design. Having such a busy LCD screen means that everything is in one place and cannot be missed.

If you find yourself without an opponent, you can always make use of the adaptive AI opponent on the board. It will change its skill level to match your developing game and always give you a hard-fought match.

The entire interface is extremely helpful. There’s a large list of dart games on the left-hand side of the board and on the right, you’ll find multiple silicone buttons to input your modes and players. Overall, it’s well designed and efficient in terms of spatial management.

The Viper 800 is powered by an AC adapter from your mains power socket and doesn’t support battery power.

What I liked

  • Placeholder text
  • Adaptive AI
  • Audio feedback
  • Helpful interface design
  • Complex scoreboard
  • Edged wiring
  • Huge game library

What could be improved

  • Slight usability learning curve
  • Complex scoreboard
  • Mains power only



7. Arachnid Cricket Pro 450

  • Weight: 6 pounds
  • Diameter: 15.5 inches
  • Match Modes: 31

The younger brother of the Arachnid Cricket Pro 900, the 450 takes the must-have simple features of the 900 and streamlines it into a more affordable, entry point style model.

31 match modes are more than enough to keep you entertained, especially seeing as it supports up to 8 players at any given time. All the main modes are in the playlist including 01, cricket, and Shanghai, and are easy to track given the five dedicated LCD scoreboards. There’s a dedicated cricket scoreboard for scoring marks and a larger LCD for single-player games.

The board itself is well made with classic soft tip darts beds and receptive plastic incisions for your darts to land in. The spider wiring is generally thin except for the outer double wiring which for some reason is much thicker than the rest.

The board’s additional features include audio heckling when you hit good or bad scores and a dedicated reset button for when things just get too confusing to fix!

The Cricket Pro 450 doesn’t have nearly as many features as the 900 but comes in at a lower price point and proves to be a worthy contender a little lower down our list.

What I liked

  • Classic Arachnid style
  • Eight player support
  • Dedicate cricket scoreboard
  • Multiple LCD displays
  • Compact design
  • Full reset button
  • Heckler audio option

What could be improved

  • Thick double wiring
  • Power button too close to other buttons
  • AC mains power only, no batteries



8. Biange Electronic Board

  • Weight: 4.6 pounds
  • Diameter: 15.5 inches
  • Match Modes: 27

The Biange 15.5 inch electronic dart board is a fantastic combination of simplicity and uniqueness. With the combination of both battery power and mains power, it can be whatever you need it to be; a permanent wall fixture or a portable board to take elsewhere.

The beds have classic soft tip dimensions including slightly larger treble, double, and bullseye segments surrounded by ultra-thin plastic spider wiring. The plastic indentations receive darts well and rarely cause bounce outs.

The score display system is very clear and precise, with hard plastic input button buttons next to the LCD displays to pick and choose your game type.

The board supports up to sixteen players but works most effectively during four-player games where each player can have their own individual scoreboard.

The speaker for the board’s sound effects is poor in quality and quite quiet if used in loud environments. Additionally, the blue and whiteboard design isn’t for everybody but doesn’t make a huge practical difference.

What I liked

  • Very portable
  • Regulation size board
  • 16 player support
  • Micro thin segment dividers
  • 4 LCD displays
  • Simple control panel

What could be improved

  • Strange color design
  • Poor loudspeaker quality



9. Arachnid Lightweight Electronic Dart Board

  • Weight: 2.3 pounds
  • Diameter: 13.5 inches
  • Match Modes: 21

If you’re looking for a simple electronic board to move around freely and hang in different places, the Arachnid Lightweight is the board for you.

Let’s start with the weight and build quality. Despite its 1kg weight, the Arachnid feels surprisingly sturdy and well made. The plastic is rigid and holds well and the bed material is similarly impressive. This board saves weight in the fact that it has an extremely thin catch ring. This is great for portability but bad for amateur players who tend to miss the board from time to time.

The bladed plastic spider on this board is great at guiding darts into their beds instead of flying back out. Another thing to be said about the beds is that they are much thinner than standard soft tip beds. They represent steel tip beds more than soft tip beds in their width and height, making them great target practice for regular steel tip dart players.

The electronics are well programmed and visible through a clear LCD scoring display. It supports up to eight players and has durable (if very small) silicone rubber input switches.

This board is another one that measures 13.5 inches. These boards can be great for precise practice but if you’re looking to replicate a full-size regulation steel tip board, think twice before choosing a 13.5-inch board over a 15.5-inch traditional board.

What I liked

  • Extremely portable
  • Durable input switches
  • Bladed plastic spider
  • Lightweight
  • Affordable

What could be improved

  • Very thin catch ring
  • Not regulation size
  • Battery operated only



10. Alunyan Electronic Dart Board

  • Weight: 5.07 pounds
  • Diameter: 13.5 inches
  • Match Modes: 27

Coming in at number ten is the Alunyan Electronic Dart Board. Although not the best electronic dart board on the market, it certainly provides a wealth of modes and a solid build which will prove a decent choice for those wanting to stay clear of the mainstream boards.

The plastic itself is solid and well made with a decent amount of flexibility in the individual beds’ plates. This helps to keep bounce-outs to a minimum and protects your soft tip darts from damage.

The board comes with darts holders built into the side of the frame which is a very unique feature rarely seen on other boards. You can store your darts here without them being in the way of regular practice.

This electronic dartboard supports up to a whopping sixteen players! It utilizes the four LCD display points on the front of the board to alternate between individual scores and makes it extremely clear who is up next to throw with flashing lights. Of all the boards on our top ten list, this is without a doubt the most effective at supporting large groups of players.

Where the Alunyan drags a bit is in its catch ring and price point. The catch ring has been designed in some strange diamond style meaning it doesn’t catch any darts at all, merely stopping them in place and letting them drop to the floor. A very weird choice indeed from the designers! Then there is the price point; at $130 or above it is priced similar to higher-end electronic dart boards. It’s not fair off this in value but there are definitely similar boards to this at much lower price points on the electronic dartboard market.

This is a 13.5 inch board, making it good for precision practice but it shouldn’t be used to replicate a regulation size dart board.

What I liked

  • Well built
  • Unique darts holder
  • Sixteen player support
  • Spare tips included
  • Bright LCD display

What could be improved

  • Poorly designed catch ring
  • Overpriced
  • Not regulation size



Electronic Dart board Buyer’s Guide

Board Material

Most electronic dart boards are made from hard molded plastic. The beds themselves feature hundreds of small indentations which are made to receive the tips of soft-tipped darts. By definition, the best electronic dart boards will always be made of the same materials.

One thing to check on the actual scoring zone plastic is that it has some ‘give’. If the plastic on the beds has no flexibility, it will result in lots of bounce outs. You can do this by putting light pressure on one of the beds with your index finger and seeing if it depresses slightly. It should move down by about a millimeter or two at least.

Bed Segmentation

Bed segmentation refers to the plastic ultra-thin spider that separates the scoring beds on the board. Its shape determines the effect it has on a dart when it hits it head-on and can reduce bounce outs or cause more.

The best electronic dart board will always have wiring that is pointed or ‘bladed’. It has a thin, sharp edge in order to guide the darts into one side of the wire instead of bouncing out. Another popular choice is ultra-thin rounded wiring. This type of wiring is cylindrical but thin enough to reduce its surface area.

Board Size

Unlike bristle boards, electronic dart boards do come in varying sizes. The most popular to purchase is the 15.5-inch diameter board. This is because it is the same size as regulation bristle dartboards and is great for those who want to be consistent in both formats. Regulation-sized electronic dartboards on the competitive circuit are also 15.5 inches wide.

Another common option is to punt for a 13.5-inch electronic board. These boards are a little smaller than usual but are great for smaller areas and situations where you want to improve your one dart accuracy. If you’re looking to practice your regulation-sized board 01 game skills, stay clear of 13.5-inch boards. If you’re a more casual player, they might be to your liking!

Input Mechanisms

Input mechanisms vary from board to board and can affect the durability and usability of the board in many ways.

The most common input mechanism found on an electronic is hard plastic button switches. These are the most durable due to the material they’re made from and tend to react well to different input pressures. They don’t wear too much over time and make a satisfying click when pushed.

Silicone rubber switches are the second option. They are cheaper to make than hard plastic switches and sometimes get stuck underneath their plastic frame but provide a good alternative to game mode switching.

Finally, you have the touch screen input mechanism. This is reserved for boards that have a wireless scoring application in-built for tablets or mobile devices. With these devices, you can swipe and tap your way through all of the board’s functionalities and settings.

Power Source

It’s important to consider the power source of your electronic board and cross-check that with where and what you want the board for.

Some electronic boards run off mains power and require a cabled connection to a power socket, usually located in a wall. Be sure to check the length of the cable and whether or not it will reach a socket in the position where you want it.

Other electronic dartboards run off of battery power with larger boards running off of 9V and C battery sizes while smaller boards will function off of AAA or AA batteries. Boards that are powered by batteries are far more portable but require battery changes frequently if used in a popular setting. Bear in mind how costly this could be over time and be prepared to stock up on AA batteries.

Game Library

Electronic dartboards come with a variety of pre-installed modes to keep players entertained but also practice specific skills within the game of darts. In theory the more modes a board is capable of running, the better.

There are a few specific modes you should keep an eye out for when purchasing an electronic dartboard:

01 Games

The 01 games are the classic dart game and the best overall practice for any dart player. Players start at a number ending in 01 (101, 301, 501, 701) and score down to zero. Their last dart must be a double in order for the game to end, although this is also interchangeable in most decent electronic boards.


Cricket games require accuracy and consistency in the larger scoring beds of a dart board. The player must hit the numbers 15 to 20 three times each and the same for the bullseyes in order to win the game. It is a game for two players or more and is found on most electronic dart boards.


In addition to the two main modes you should expect to find on a new electronic dart board, there may also be a huge library of additional modes and variations on the classics.

Many electronic dartboards have the game Count Up, a variation of 01 games where the players score up instead of down. There could also be Around The World, a game where players have to score from 1 to 20 in consecutive order to win the game. Generally, electronic dart boards are at their best when they offer a large library of new and unique games as well as the tried and testing classics.

Player Count

Electronic darts machines enable players to play along with many others. Whether there are just two of you want to play one-on-one or a group of eight of you, electronic dart boards can usually accommodate you all.

The industry standard for electronic boards is a minimum of two-player capability. These boards will have individual inputs and an LCD display scoreboard for each player. In some cases, this will extend up to four players with their own individual inputs.

On an electronic board with a wireless scoring system or tablet application, it’s not uncommon to find games for eight players or more! This is due to the fact that the board doesn’t need individual physical inputs and scoreboards for each player and instead can have everything inputted through a mobile device or tablet.

Online Capabilities

One of the most successful features of modern-day electronic dartboards is to be able to play in real-time against players from all over the world. Some high-end boards give you the option to set up online profiles and go head to head with another player using the same board and software.

Boards that support this feature are usually accompanied by a mobile or tablet application. This software then connects to the internet via your device’s internet connection and manages the scoring and matchmaking from inside the app.

Always check the application that is needed for these processes and make sure it is compatible with your devices.

Sound Effects

Some electronic dartboards these days come equipped with sound effects. These range from small blips when a dart hits the board to full-on heckling from AI voices. It’s important to consider if you want these additional effects, especially if the board is going to be erected in a social setting.

The sound effects are usually unobtrusive and only compliment the games you’re playing, but on some boards, you can turn on musical motifs, crowd booing, and other loud sounds. Make sure you know if these can be turned off or the board has a volume control unit before you buy the board to avoid any noisy surprises!