5 Best Magnetic Dart boards for 2022 (Reviews & Buyer’s Guide)

The game of darts brings together people of all ages and locations. It originated in the UK in the 1800s but has since spread across the entire globe. As adults throw dart upon dart in practice at home, it’s only natural for their children to want to join them. Unfortunately, the regulation grade steel tips have extremely sharp points and can not only damage walls and floors but people too.

In order to make the game accessible to children and non-players, the magnetic dart board was born. These dart boards themselves are lightweight and portable while the darts are blunt and harmless, the perfect combination for excited children.

Today we’ll be covering the 5 best magnetic dartboards on the market and explaining what makes them rank above or below the competition. Read on for everything you need to know about purchasing the perfect magnetic dart board.

Top 5 Magnetic Dart Boards

1. BATURU Magnetic Dart Board

  • Weight: 1.67 pounds
  • Diameter: 15 inches
  • Material: Rubber coated fabric

Magnetic dart boards are constructed to be flexible, portable and harmless. They should have the ability to be placed on pretty much any flat surface while maintaining their shape and usability. The BATURU board is a fantastic example of safety combined with entertainment to create one of the best magnetic dartboards on the market.

The BATURU magnetic dart board playing surface is held up on one horizontal bar. The board material itself can wrap up and around the bar above to create a scroll-like shape. This means the board can fit inside most backpacks, making it incredibly portable. Once unraveled, it reassumes its shape perfectly and lays out flat like before.

The scoring area is made of rubber-coated fabric with lightweight metal plating beneath providing a magnetic surface. The metal has good magnetization strength to help your darts to stick whilst still being flexible enough to roll up tightly. The stitching around the outside of the scoring pad not only looks great but seems to be finished with a lot of care, meaning there are no frays that appear or other fabric issues.

The string attachment connects to a horizontal bar. You can use this string to hang the board on many different surfaces; doors, a tree branch, nails on walls. Anything that protrudes from a surface you can hang this board on!

The reverse side of the BATURU board features scoring rings of different values inside a shark’s mouth. It’s a nice twist on the game and provides younger players with a fresh new game mode to keep them interested for longer.

The board comes with 4 sets of 3 darts which feature sturdy flights and stick to the board well. The extra darts come in handy when others go missing. The only issue with the darts is the plastic used tends to bend fairly easily. The user should be careful not to drop or twist the darts too many times or they might lose their shape. When the dart hits the scoring area, the impact sound is soft and unobtrusive thanks to the soft but common materials used.

It’s not a substitute for a real dart board but the BATURU pack is a great starter set for new, younger players to get acquainted with the game of darts.

What I liked

  • Easily portable
  • Great magnetization
  • No sharp objects
  • Great for fun occasions
  • Fun reverse design

What could be improved

  • Technically inaccurate bed sizes
  • Darts bend easily
  • Dartboard tends to slide up and down on the rope



2. CUKU Magnetic Board

  • Weight: 2.09 pounds
  • Diameter: 13 inches
  • Material: Paper covered sheet metal on a plastic base

The CUKU Magnetic Dart Board is about as close to a regulation imitation that you will find in magnetic form. Its solid plastic structure gives off a classic feel and best replicates the look of a real dartboard.

The one bonus that solid plastic boards like the CUKU have over boards like the BATURU is that they can be mounted permanently and rigidly with multiple nails or attachments. The CUKU board comes with a keyhole slot built-in at the top of the frame which makes it simple to slot onto a pre-existing nail in a wall and doesn’t require an additional bracketing system. Saying that it also means that it is easily removed, so can be moved around at ease.

The core of the dart board is made of plastic with a paper-coated metal plating stuck on top. The quality of the adhesive seems to be strong and holds up over extended periods of play.

The design of the scoring area itself is the most accurate in terms of looks and bed sizes that you’ll find on this list. If you’re searching for a magnetic dart board specifically designed to prepare a young player for steel tip darts in the future, this is the one for you.

The double-sided design comes with an archery-style game on the reverse of the board, meaning more playtime and fun modes for younger players.

The one big issue some users have is with the number of darts provided. The CUKU comes with 3 sets of 4 darts … something rarely seen in magnetic dart board sets. Darts usually come in sets of 3 so this is quite unusual. The only reason we can think of would be to have a spare for each set which makes a little sense, although we wish they had just provided four 4 sets of 3 instead.

The darts themselves are very similar to that of the BATURU dartboard. They have good magnetization helping the darts to stick but are prone to being bent and ruined. This is a common feature of plastic magnetic darts.

What I liked

  • Solid dartboard build
  • Three dart sets included
  • Simple wall mount
  • Alternate archery scoring game
  • Reversible

What could be improved

  • A strange number of darts
  • Very noisy dart impact



3. ESJAY 18 Inch Board

  • Weight: 4.1 pounds
  • Diameter: 18 inches
  • Material: Paper covered sheet metal on a plastic base

Take the CUKU dartboard and edit the scoring area design slightly and you’ll find yourself with the ESJAY 18 Inch. This hard plastic board makes for great family fun or time killing for one person.

The magnetic dart board itself features a paper-lined metal sheet stuck onto a plastic base. The sheet sticks well and is still in place after multiple uses. The plastic is around an inch thick and provides stability when hung on a flat surface.

The keyhole slot is in the same position as the CUKU, but the ESJAY magnetic dartboard also comes with a hook and nail. This is great if you don’t already have a place to hang it in mind and means you won’t find yourself needing to go down to the DIY store.

This dartboard is double-sided, featuring a mathematics-style game on the back. All of the numbers are multiples of ten and numbers you might actually hit in a real dart game, which is great for arithmetic practice! Magnetic dart boards usually feature entertaining reverse features and the ESJAY is no exception.

Alongside the magnetic dart board you’ll receive 2 sets of 6 darts, which can then be divided into 4 sets of 3 depending on how many players want to play. This makes it great for social environments such as man caves or office break rooms.

The scoring area has a very plain design compared to the CUKU and darts can slip from the surface at times although generally, the magnetization seems pretty reliable. As with all plastic magnetic dart boards, the impact sound of a dart is very loud.

What I liked

  • Solid darts construction
  • Metal wall mount included
  • Reversible
  • Mathematics game
  • Large dart beds

What could be improved

  • Noisy dart impact
  • Only 2 colors of dart
  • Slippery surface



4. Giggle N Go Magnetic Dart Game

  • Weight: 1.6 pounds
  • Diameter: 15 inches
  • Material: Rubber coated fabric

This magnetic dart board wins the award for the most fun game and colorful board on our list. Playing darts should be an enjoyable pastime for all people young and old and the Giggle N Go certainly brings enjoyment for the younger crowd.

The Giggle N Go is built in the same ‘roll and go’ style as the Baturu board. It uses a horizontal bar with a long sheet of rubber-coated fabric to create the scoring area. This rubber-coated fabric is lined on the inside with lightweight metal plating which magnetizes the dart but also rolls up similar to the fabric. It can be placed in a bag or carried in one hand, making it brilliantly portable.

The entire build has zero sharp edges or pointed darts, making it a perfect starter dart board for young children who can’t yet use steel tips.

Most magnetic dart boards have a similar design and shape to a real dartboard. The Giggle N Go follows this trend, whereas the reverse side has a large monster painted on it. There are scoring zones inside the monster’s mouth with different values for the thrower to aim for, perfect for excitable kids. When each dart hits, prepare for tonnes of laughter!

The wall mount utilizes a string sling which can be placed over anything it will fit on, usually a nail or hook but it could be taken for outdoor use and placed on a tree branch too.

The Giggle N Go dartboard only comes with 2 sets of 3 darts, although the company do advertise that additional darts are available.

The darts themselves have slightly more weight at the front of their build than others on this list and that makes them slightly less reliable at sticking to the magnetic surface.

What I liked

  • Fun dart board design
  • Reversible
  • Great dart magnetism
  • Huge bullseye

What could be improved

  • Board tends to move up and down
  • Very front weighted darts



5. DoinKit Darts

  • Weight: 1.98 pounds
  • Diameter: 15.75 inches
  • Material: Paper covered sheet metal on a cardboard base

Sometimes the plastic darts included with magnetic dartboards can still find their way to be sharp or potentially dangerous if swallowed. Enter the DoinKit Darts board. It has an extremely simple design but what it lacks in complexity it makes up for with one-of-a-kind magnetic darts. It’s certainly not one of the best magnetic dartboards but it brings some very unique features.

The dartboard itself has a plastic frame encasing a paper-covered sheet metal on a cardboard base. It is not thick and could potentially bend if dropped or manipulated, but if taken care of will do a great job. The darts stems and flights are constructed from plastic mesh, meaning they’re malleable and will retake their shape if squashed or bent. The tips are encased in a rubber housing yet still manage to stick firmly to the dartboard.

The DoinKit darts board takes a slightly different approach to mounting in that it has two mounts built into the back of the frame. These mounts hold well but can be hard to initially locate and hook onto wall attachments. These in-built rear mounts are only seen on a few magnetic dart boards.

This is the only selection on our list that is not reversible. The DoinKit darts board features one realistic board design with all of the scoring beds of a regulation board, making it a great starter board for players who think they might be interested in taking further steps in darts.

This magnetic dartboard arrives with only 2 sets of 3 darts, although the design of the darts makes them much harder to break than other magnetic darts and so you might not need more than the amount that is included.

What I liked

  • Extremely safe materials
  • Colorful fun design
  • Unique dart style
  • Super strong magnets that stick well

What could be improved

  • Overpriced
  • Cheap feeling material



Magnetic Dart boards Buyer’s Guide

When purchasing a magnetic dartboard there are a few things you will want to look out for to make sure you pick up the perfect dart board and not a cheap knockoff. Using our buyer’s guide below, we’ll make sure you end up with the best magnetic dart board possible!



There are two main styles of a magnetic dart board. The first would be a plastic replica mold covered in a paper-lined metallic sheet. The sheet is stuck to the plastic frame with adhesive glue and acts as the magnetized scoring are. The frame is attached to a wall via a small slot at the top of or behind the dartboard. The materials uses are common materials yet sturdy.

The second style is a pendant-style magnetic dart board. The dartboard itself is made of rubber-coated fabric and hangs from a horizontal plastic bar. The fabric can be wrapped around the bar and carried around.

Dartboard Size

Due to the fact that magnetic dart boards are built predominately for children, they come in all different shapes and sizes from 10 inches all the way up to the standard 18. If you’re looking to buy for a player who might move into real darts in the future, aim for a larger dartboard size around 17 to 18 inches.


Most magnetic dart boards feature a reversible design. On one side is usually a replica dart board and the other a dart game such as an archery board or maths-based target game. Both sides of the board should have similar build quality in order for this to be of any value. Double-sided boards are usually created with children in mind.



Magnetic darts tend to come in a few different styles but usually appear with hard plastic stems and flights with a flat magnetic metal tip. Make sure to check that the darts you buy are a little malleable and won’t break if dropped a few times. You might even find that some magnetic darts are made of meshed plastic which is a much more durable design.


A magnetic dart board set should come with a minimum of six darts broken into two sets of three. Any less than this and two players will not be able to play at once. If you want to play with the whole family, you’ll need a minimum of twelve darts, especially after a few go missing! Extra darts are a must with every magnetic board.

Magnetization Strength

Be sure the surface area of both the scoring area and dart head is large enough to stick to the board well. On a magnetic dart board you can expect darts to slip down slightly upon impact so the scoring beds should be slightly larger than typical boards.

Wall Mount Attachment


In a pendant dartboard, the board is attached to the wall via a string sling attached at the top of the board. This sling can be placed over any protruding object including nails, hooks, branches or even doorknobs.

The solid plastic-based boards usually have a small keyhole built into them that can be placed over a nail or hook. They are placed at the top of the board or built into the back and do not normally include an additional bracketing system.

Target Audience


There are a few boards on the market such as the CUKU and Esjay that replicate regulation boards in the way they are designed and presented. Look for a larger-sized magnetic dart board without the reversible fun features. A magnetic dart board is a perfect choice to challenge someone in your office to a quick game of darts.


Introducing darts to children can be tricky, but magnetic dartboards make this a lot easier. Be sure to pick out the colorful and family fun double-sided boards with multiple game types to keep children as interested as possible in their board. Use a measuring tape to mark out a safe distance to throw from as even though magnetic dartboards are incredibly safe, darts can still bounce off and hit throwers if they are thrown from close quarters.

In Conclusion

If you’re looking to pick up a magnetic dart board in the near future, be prepared to spend a bit of time searching for the perfect item. Magnetic dart boards vary in quality and size and some may not be suitable for older more adult audiences. With our top 5 picks and buyers guide above, you should be able to find a magnetic dart board that suits your needs and sticks with it for years to come!