Best Soft Tip Dart Boards for 2022 (Reviews & Buyer’s Guide)

The game of darts is constantly evolving. People are finding new and improved solutions to common problems when playing with regular steel tip darts. New players know the troubles that these sharp points can cause, including chipped walls, punctured floorboards, and even minor injuries!

Soft tip darts are the number one solution to these issues. Not only are they extremely safe to use and unlikely to damage anything, but they are also much cheaper to replace and upgrade than usual steel tip darts.

Soft tip dartboards are manufactured extremely differently from their steel tip counterparts. It’s important to know the differences you might experience when purchasing a soft tip dartboard and how to pick out the best pick for you and your practice sessions.

In this article, we’ll be showing you the best soft tip dart boards to choose from as well as what to look for when choosing a dart board. Soon you’ll have yourself an excellent soft tip dartboard to take your soft tip darts game to the next level!

The Best Soft Tip Dart Boards

Some of the boards in the reviews below have electronic components. We’ll only be reviewing the quality of the soft tip dartboards themselves and not the electronic features.

1. Franklin Sports Soft Tip Board

  • Weight: 2.2 pounds
  • Diameter: 18 inches
  • Material: Hard Plastic

When it comes to a balance between cost and quality the Franklin Sports soft tip dartboard is the best of the bunch. Not only does it replicate a regulation size dartboard well but it also comes in at a very agreeable price.

The dimensions of the Franklin Sports board match those of a regular dartboard, albeit slightly smaller in diameter. The beds correspond with the size of European soft tip dart beds and have plenty of imprinted pockets to catch those triple and double darts. The bullseye also features both an inner and outer section, making it suitable for competitive practice.

The perforations themselves are deep enough and solid enough to receive darts well. Bounce outs are few and far between thanks to the solid construction of the beds and darts stick solidly but not too deep that it’s impossible to pull them out!

The catch ring on this Franklin board is fantastic, with one perforated ring for catching loose darts and an additional ring of solid plastic to hold the scoring numbers.

The board has an in-built mount in the back of the plastic frame which is made specifically for mounting onto walls via a nail or screw. It holds well and reduces swaying thanks to the mount’s design.

This Franklin board doesn’t have any incredible features, but what it has is done extremely well. You’ll struggle to find this quality at this price point anywhere on the market. Our biggest tip however would be to purchase slightly better soft tip darts than those that come with the board; the ones that come included are quite poor and bounce out regularly.

Being the best soft tip dart board on this list, the Franklin Sports board is a must-have for home practice!

What I liked

  • Very affordable budget dart board
  • Perforated holes hold darts well
  • Regulation bed dimension
  • Easy mounting
  • Frame storage for darts
  • Simple design
  • Inner and outer bullseye design

What could be improved

  • Small size
  • Darts included are low quality



2. Biange Soft Tip Dart Board

  • Weight: 4.6 pounds
  • Diameter: 18 inches
  • Material: Hard Plastic

The second pick on our list of the best soft tip dart boards is a board that replicates the bed sizes and dimensions of competitive Asian and North American soft tip boards.

The Biange board features hard plastic scoring beds up to 20% larger than those found on regular steel tip boards. This style of bed is becoming ever more popular in soft tip tournaments around the world and could be a great format of the game to get involved in shortly.

The plastic spider seen around the beds provides great segregation between the different scores and means loose darts will always find a home in the perforated beds rather than bounce out. The perforated holes across the board are well made and help darts stick very well.

One of the best features of the Biange soft tip dartboard is the perforated catch ring which is around an inch wide and will catch missed darts without breaking them.

An inner and outer bullseye (also 20% larger than regulation bullseyes) is a feature that’s not found on all dart boards. It’s a great addition and makes this dart board a great pick for people who are serious about their soft tip game

On the back of the plastic housing are two mounts, one on the top and one on the bottom. The board is easily mounted by hanging each mount onto a screw or nail. You could choose to only hang the top mount, but the board might swing from side to side slightly when darts land!

What I liked

  • Simple mounting
  • International bed sizes
  • Solid perforations
  • Razer plastic spider
  • Perforated catch ring
  • Solid build
  • Regulation size board

What could be improved

  • Slightly expensive
  • Bulky frame


3. Fat Cat 727

  • Weight: 2.8 pounds
  • Diameter: 19 inches
  • Material: Hard Plastic

Although it’s yet another electronic board on our list, the Fat Cat 727 stands very well as a soft tip dartboard in its own right.

Marketed as a miniature soft tip practice board, the 13-inch target face features directly proportionate bed sizes including triples, doubles, and double bullseyes! This makes it great for target training for those players who need a portable board to carry around with them for practice.

The size and weight of the Fat Cat 727 make it the perfect choice for traveling businessmen and women who like to practice on the go. Although it’s not regulation size in diameter, the bed sizes are perfect for accuracy training.

As catch rings go, the ring on the Fat Cat soft tip dartboard is well designed with a slightly different pattern to most. The diamond perforation makes it stand out separately from the board’s scoring beds while still catching darts well and reducing bounce-outs.

The only slight issue we have with this Fat Cat soft tip dartboard is the spherical pieces of plastic behind each scoring number. They’re a little large and take up a large proportion of the catch ring surface area. If you hit these with a soft tip dart, your tip is almost certain to snap.

All in all, the Fat Cat 727 is a fantastic mobile choice for amateur to intermediate players looking to practice on the go.

What I liked

  • Portable
  • Easily mountable
  • Diamond catch ring
  • Accurate bed dimensions
  • Compact

What could be improved

  • Small, non-regulation size
  • Strange plastic spheres behind scoring numbers



4. Franklin Sports Electronic Dart Board

  • Weight: 2 pounds
  • Diameter: 15 inches
  • Material: Hard Plastic

Despite its diameter being smaller, the Franklin Sports electronic dart board has a larger target area than its counterpart at number one on this list. The scoring area directly replicates that of a standard European dart board with traditional dimension beds and inner and outer bullseyes making it a great soft tip alternative to bristle boards.

The razer-thin plastic spider that separates each segment is quite deep and helps guide every dart into a perforation rather than bounce out and break. The segments themselves feature hundreds of tiny holes, each designed perfectly to hold darts in the board without making them hard to remove.

Soft tipped darts will have no problem landing in the scoring beds of this board but the catch ring is extremely small. Miss the scoring beds and you are likely to miss the board altogether as the catch ring is only a few centimeters wide. Saying that its catch ring size adds to its portability and makes it easier to carry around for practice.

Similar to the non-electronic Franklin Sports soft tip board, this version also features darts storage on the side of the plastic frame. In-built rear mounting sockets allow for the board to be easily mounted on a nail or screw.

What I liked

  • Very affordable
  • Regulation size
  • Inner and outer bullseyes
  • Darts storage
  • Razer thin spider
  • Easily mountable

What could be improved

  • Tiny catch ring
  • Small scoring number displays
  • Only one mounting socket



5. Theefun Safety Dart Board

  • Weight: 1.54 pounds
  • Diameter: 16 inches
  • Material: Soft Rubber Darts & Plastic Bristle Board

Even soft tip darts can cause damage at times. In the hands of children, they could potentially be dangerous to other people due to their pointy plastic soft tips. To make darts even safer for younger generations, the rounded rubber-tipped dart was invented. These darts feature extremely soft, flexible tips at their point and scoring area material to be caught.

The scoring areas and beds of the Theefun Safety dart board are made of hundreds of plastic bristles which are only very slightly flexible. The soft-tipped rubber darts then indent themselves between the bristles and get caught in between them.

The quality of the plastic bristles on the Theefun board is very high, with the darts penetrating well and holding quite securely in the board. The darts do not stick as well as usual soft tip darts on a standard soft tip board but that is the trade-off you make for safer rubber darts.

The board does not feature a catch ring to catch missed darts but that is sort of irrelevant since the tips of the darts are made of soft rubber and will not snap when they hit a hard surface. All this could mean is there will be more darts on the floor, so be sure to lay down a mat to catch them!

At the very center of the top of the catch ring, there is a reinforced nail hole for secure mounting. Be careful not to damage it when mounting as this is the only one.

The board comes with six soft tip darts but we would recommend ordering more of these speciality tips when you can.

It might not be the best soft tip dart board on the market but the Theefun Safety board is a good choice for younger players.

What I liked

  • Safety orientated
  • Well built
  • Nail hole built-in
  • Ergonomic
  • Soft head darts included
  • Good for very young players
  • Cost-effective

What could be improved

  • Not a professional board
  • Low dart retention
  • Very basic
  • Fragile



6. Arachnid Illuminator 3.0 Dart Board

  • Weight: 5.4 pounds
  • Diameter: 16.5 inches
  • Material: Hard Plastic

Forget that this is an electronic dart board for a moment. The Arachnid Illuminator 3.0 just so happens to double up as a great soft tip dart board too, even without its electronic components!

To start with, Illuminator 3.0 features a very unique design with a standout blue, white, and grey color scheme and original fonts with a playful feel. It’s extremely nice to look at and would look great in a bar, lounge, or game room.

The dart board is built into a thick, durable plastic frame with in-built cabinet doors. There is an in-built hanging bracket on the back of the cabinet making it incredibly easy to hang on nails or screws.

The perforations in the scoring beds are deep and consistent helping darts stick in the board well. Bounce outs are extremely rare unless you hit the micro-thin segment dividers directly.

An extended catch ring surrounds the target area and has deep perforations that help catch darts flying from the board and make sure they don’t break or drop on the floor.

The inner and outer bullseyes are segmentless but have an excellent dipped design to help darts glide into one or the other.

What I liked

  • Fantastic design
  • Unique color scheme
  • Consistent perforation depth
  • Cabinet included
  • Easily mountable
  • Wide catch ring

What could be improved

  • Non-traditional
  • Only one nail socket



7. INNOCHEER Safety Darts Dart Board

  • Weight: 2 pounds
  • Diameter: 16 inches
  • Material: Soft Rubber Darts & Plastic Bristle Dart Board

On the surface, the Innocheer Safety Darts board might look identical to our 5th pick on this list, the Theefun Safety board. Well, it is. Except for one distinct feature; the Innocheer has one large bullseye.

On this dart board, you’ll find only one target area for the bullseye. This makes the overall target area for a fifty-point score much larger but is less realistic than having an inner and outer bed. Of both of the rubber tip boards on this list, this is probably the better kids dart board set. Dart players of all levels will enjoy it but most will want more of a realistic challenge.

Soft rubber round tips are collected in scoring areas made of plastic bristles and stick in quite well. As with the Theefun board, it’s less receptive of the special darts when compared to standard soft tip darts but makes up for that with ultimate safety.

If you’re searching for a board that you can put up for your children and leave them to it without any worries then this style of dart board is for you.

What I liked

  • Extremely safe
  • Large bullseye
  • Child friendly
  • Lightweight
  • Portable

What could be improved

  • Non-regulation
  • No inner or outer bullseye
  • More expensive than its competition



Soft Tip Dart Board Buyer’s Guide

A soft tip dartboard is essential for soft tip darts players who want to practice from home. They come in varying sizes, materials, and designs and it can be complicated to choose the correct board.

Before making your choice, consider the many factors below in our buyer’s guide and how they might affect your practice.

Build Material

Your soft tip dartboard should be made from a durable and safe material. Most dart boards are made from either hard plastic or rubber.

Hard Plastic

Hard plastic dartboards are made predominantly for soft tip darts with plastic tips. These boards are usually geared towards adults and regular players who want to practice for competitive play. The soft tip darts stick into the plastic beds by embedding themselves in pre-drilled holes all over the board.

Rubber Darts & Plastic Bristle Board

Rubber dartboards are mostly made for children’s boards and used with special rounded rubber-tipped darts. These boards and darts are not incredibly accurate or at all similar to regular darts and should only be used for casual use. A good example of this style of the board would be the Innocheer safety darts board. The target area is made of plastic bristles but can be penetrated by rubber-tipped darts.


The size of regulation soft tip dart boards is entirely dependent on the region where they are being played. In Europe, soft tip dartboards tend to be a direct replica of steel tip boards whereas, in the US and Asia, soft tip boards are smaller in diameter with larger beds. Both styles are generally good for practice but consider your location and which style of dart board you play on regularly before making your purchase.

Dart boards smaller than 16 inches in diameter are compact and extremely portable but relatively useless for effective practice. These smaller dart boards are geared towards children and casual fun but can also be a great introductory purchase for new players who are considering getting into the game of darts.


Because soft tip boards are designed largely for casual practice, many of them come with varying designs and color schemes. In itself, this isn’t an issue however if you’re looking to practice efficiently on a soft tip dart board you’ll want the scoring beds to have alternating colors. This means, for example, that the 20 bed will be the same color as the 18 and 13 beds, and the 1 bed will be the same as the 4 and 6 beds, etc.

This helps players decipher exactly where their dart has landed and assists with scoring. The same can be said with triple and double beds which should always be a different color to the single beds. A classic example of a standard color scheme would be the scheme found on the Robustrong dart board.

Bed Proportions

As mentioned in the size section of the buyer’s guide, bed proportions can vary massively on soft tip dartboards. If you play darts in Asia and the USA, the triple, double, and bullseye beds are around 20% larger than those on European soft tip dartboards. Be sure to check that the bed sizes match those that you are used to in your region or location.

Bullseye Design

Many soft tip dartboards do not feature an inner or outer bullseye, only one single large bed. This can be good for confidence since it’s much easier to hit a bullseye, but it’s not fantastic for practice on the inner bullseye. If you’re wanting to play competitive darts, you’ll want to make sure you purchase a board with both an inner and outer bullseye.

Mounting Hardware

No doubt you’ll be wanting to mount your soft tip dart board on a flat surface. You’ll need to check to see what mounting hardware is built into or comes with your new board.

Check the back of the board to see if there is an inlet to help you hang it on a wall. If there is no such inlet, check the top of the board for a hook or gap in the plastic frame which you could also hang on a nail.

Soft tip dartboards don’t tend to come with brackets or external hardware since you can’t screw them into a plastic frame.

Catch Ring

The catch ring on a soft tip dart board is the area around the edge of the scoring beds where the physical numbers usually sit. If you miss your doubles on the outside, this is where your darts will land.

Some catch rings are solid plastic meaning that any darts that land there will rebound or even snap. Others have tiny pockets built-in similar to the scoring beds so that your darts will stick into the board even if you miss. These catch ring designs are preferable to reduce bounce-outs and also avoid breaking your darts.

Included Dart Count

Most board sets come with one or two sets of darts. Don’t let these included darts affect your judgment of the board itself. The darts will be low quality and will need replacing relatively quickly with a decent set!

In Conclusion

Soft tip dartboards are a fantastic addition to the darting universe. They provide players with a safe and cost-effective means of home practice. They can even be great first soft tip dart boards for amateurs or children. The most important factors to consider are where you want to take your darts game in the future. Pick the correct board according to your ambitions and you’ll end up with a soft tip dart board that will serve you well for practice session after practice session!