What are Bristle DartBoards

Dart games are becoming popular and taking its place in the gaming zone. But if we talk about its types and their construction, then most of the people know nothing about it. In most of the tournaments, bristle dart boards are used because of their hard and sturdy construction. Most modern dart boards are made of sisal fibre, and other components like cork, paper, wood, and plastic are used to serve different purposes. Here we have provided a brief description of what are bristle dartboards made of. Read below and clear all your hassles regarding the construction of bristle dart boards.

How modern bristle dartboards are made?

A modern bristle dartboard is made of sisal fibre which came from agave plant family. Sisal fibre is used in the construction of a variety of products, but mostly it is used in rope and twine. Sisal fibre dart boards are also known as bristle dart board are the most renowned dart boards that are in use these days. Steel tip darts are mostly favourable for using on bristle dart boards. Sisal is known for its self-healing property which is the primary reason why bristle dart boards are made of sisal fibre. But what does that mean? Does it heal the hole made by steel tip dart as well? These were the questions that hurriedly arises in your mind. And the answer is yes! Bristle dart will self-heal from the hole created by steel tip darts. But dart boards usually exhibit wear and tear after a few time; similarly, a new bristle dart board will heal the hole quickly as compared to the older one. Sometimes metal wire used for constructing score numbers start to bend steel tip darts majorly cause this because steel tip darts causes significant damage to metal wire. Hence summarizing, it is clear now that bristle dartboards are made of sisal fibre which is mainly known for its self-healing property.

Can I use soft tip darts on bristle dartboard?

Another major concern which most of the people have is can we use soft tip darts on bristle dart board? Do they impose any danger to the bristle dart board? So the answer is Yes! You can use soft tip darts on bristle dartboard but just for the sake of practice, not for tournaments. Because when you are using soft tip darts with electronic or plastic dart board, the angle of the dart flight path is one of the most critical variables to make sure that soft tip darts will not bounce out. Soft tip darts need comparatively flat flight path. Throwing soft tip darts on bristle dart boards allow them to fall on the desired target without bouncing out. It is a great practice to throw soft tip darts on bristle dartboard to observe and modify your soft tip dart throw.

You can also use soft tip darts to protect your walls, or you can also use dartboard cabinets for protecting your walls.

Construction Considerations while buying Bristle dartboards

There are several manufacturing considerations that you should keep in mind while choosing a perfect dartboard for having a fun darting experience. For instance;

  • The density of the sisal fibre to determine the hardness of the board
  • The overall depth of the fibres which can affect the bounce out the ratio of darts
  • The amount of sanding done on the surface of the bristle dartboard
  • Verify that low glare paints are used in the colouring of the dartboard
  • The wires used should be thin
  • It would be best if you observed that regular rotation is applied on your dartboard.


Dart Board Dimensions and Sizes

Dartboards size and dimensions
Arachnid Cricket Pro 900 Electric DartboardArachnid Cricket Pro 900 Electric Dartboard
Arachnid Cricket Pro 900 Electric Dartboard
Ignat Games steel tip darts
Ignat Games Steel Tip Darts
Viper Padded Throw Toe Line Dart Mat (Steel and Soft Tip Darts)
Viper Padded Throw/Toe Line Dart Mat

Setting up your dart board is another crucial thing which most of the people merely ignore, and the number of them does not even know about it. You should have a spare room or place where you can freely throw darts so that no one gets injured. If you do not know about that, then there is no need to get worried because it is not a challenging, time consuming, and expensive task to set up your dart board. The first and foremost thing is that you should know the dart board dimensions and sizes. Then you can easily hang the dart board. Here in this article, we have briefly described everything for you.

Standard Dimensions of the Dart Board

For all those dart boards that are manufactured from sisal fibre dimensions are standard which are as follows;

  • Inside measurement of double and treble ring: 8mm
  • Inside diameter of bull: 12.7mm
  • Inside diameter of outer bull: 31.8mm
  • Center bull to the inside edge of treble wire: 107mm
  • Center bull to outside edge bull wire: 170mm
  • Outside edge of the double wire to outside edge of double wire: 340mm
  • Overall dartboard diameter: 451mm

No matter whether your dart board is hung on the wall or placed on a mobile stand, you should keep 3m distance from board measures bull to bull.

Dart Board Setup Instructions

As most of the people do not know about the setup of the dart board, then we have decided to briefly encounter this problem so that you can get most of it. Here are the basic instructions for setting up your dart board.

Height from bullseye to the ground

Setup your dart board around 5 feet and 8 inches high, measure this from the centre of the dart board (bullseye) to the ground. The height can also be measured as 68 inches, 1.73 meters or 173 centimetres.

Distance from the ground to the oche

It is time to set up a throwing distance from the dart board. Measure distance 7 feet 9 inches and a quarter from the front of the dart board to the front of the oche (throwing line). You can also measure throwing distance as 93.25 inches, 2.37 meter or 237 centimetres. 

Distance from the center of bullseye to the oche

Once your dart board is completely set, it is better to measure the distance from bullseye to the throwing line to make sure that all measurements are correct. If this distance is 9 feet and 6 inches then Bravo! Your dart board is set correctly. The distance from the bullseye to the ground can be measured as 115.35 inches, 2.93 meters or 293 centimetres.

Distance for ladies

Most people ask about the throwing distance for ladies. So, ladies, you do not need any other setup measurements because you are all good with this setup. So you do not need to change the setup for ladies because throwing distance remains the same for ladies as well.

Dart board setup for wheelchair

Usually, the height of the dart board for standing player from the centre of the bull is 173 cm. But for wheelchair player, the height of the dart board from the centre of the bull is 137 cm.

Tips to Setup a Dart Board

Here are a few safety tips that you should always keep in mind while setting your dart board for a tournament or casual game at home.

  • Setup your dart board in a safe and secure area that should be wide enough so that people can stand around and wait for their turn or enjoy the game.
  • The floor of the gaming room should be carpeted or made of wood because cemented floors can damage the darts that bounces out.
  • The lighting of the gaming area should be adequate
  • It is better to place a dart board cabinet to protect your walls
  • Make sure that your dart board setup is accurate.

How Dartboards Are Made – The Complete Development and Evolution

how Dartboards are made

Hello, readers, I am sure that all of us at one or the other have experienced the joy of playing with darts and some of us might have even turned this into a career. Darts and Dartboards have a long rich history behind its development. In this article, I will take you on a journey to explore the birth and development of Dartboards. The Dartboards are regarded as the descendants of archery targets. Before the World War, the Dartboards were made of softwoods such as Elmwood, they were easy to cut and mold. However, these dartboards had two issues the first the short life expectancy and second the soaking of dart boards in water for the purpose of closing the dart holes. As the popularity of the Darts increase so, did the headache of the pub owners. The Nodor a company which was a clay manufacturer decided to seize the opportunity and provide a solution to the headache of the pub owners. They developed a clay Dartboard; however, this product was unable to gain popularity and became an unsuccessful product. However, the Nodor continued to strive for the development of ultimate Dartboard. They eventually succeeded in the construction of Bristle Dartboards. They were made from Sisai plant and as compared to its predecessors had many advantages such as longer life expectancy, better durability and automatic closing of dart holes. However, the company came across another hurdle which was the cost of production. The new Dartboard as compared to its predecessor was much costlier. This problem eventually ended up getting solved when elm wood disease spread and the import of wood was stopped. The Dartboards, in the beginning, did not have number segments instead the tree rings were used as indicators for numbers. Eventually, however, Brian Gamlin introduced the idea of segments. Every era added something new to the development of Dartboards. The wire became thinner, the shape changed and now we see before us the final product of all those efforts. In the contemporary world, different forms of Dart Boards exist such as Electronic Dartboards, Magnetic Dartboards, Bristle Dartboards, and many others. These Dartboards are made from different materials and target a different audience. Let’s take a look at them:-

Clay Dartboard

1-Bristle Dartboards: –

As already pointed out that Bristle Dartboards are regarded as a proper form of dartboards even after entering into the modern age their popularity remains the same. These were first developed by Nordon here is a fun fact a strange kind of myth got attached with Bristle Dartboards according to which these dartboards were made from horse or pig hairs this is not true. In the history of Dartboard, no board was ever made from animal hairs. The Bristle boards are made from Sisal and follow a specific procedure. So, let’s delve deeper into the procedure, shall we? The first step is the harvesting of Sisal plants after which their skin is cut off and all the moisture of the plant is squeezed out.  Sisal plants are commonly found in Africa however, China, Brazil, and South America are also regarded as its producers. The Sisal plants have to go through a combing process which leads to the development of a thick roll that is cut and is called Biscuits. These biscuits are then pressed into a round shape and a wooden backboard is attached after this the board goes through a sanding process through which any lose sisal strands are removed. The last few steps include spraying the board with color, attaching a number ring and adding wires. In the past 1.6 mm was a fixed measurement for the wires of Bristle Dartboards, however, with recent development, it became clear that thinner wires were better as they decreased the bounce rate of the darts from the board. The Bristle Dartboards accommodate people of all skill levels whether you are a beginner or a professional a good Bristle Dartboard can help develop your skills a long way.

Nodor Bristle Dartboards

2-Magnetic Dartboards

Darts might seem fun but they have sharp tips which increase the risk of accidental injuries or other wounds especially among children to deal with this situation a new kind of board was introduced which is called Magnetic Dartboard. The darts for these boards are not sharp they make use of small magnetized tips. Some Magnetic Dartboards have a metal plating attach to them this, however, has a negative impact such as loud noise. So, each time you throw a dart you will hear a loud noise that will probably irritate your ears. There are some magnetic boards that make use of rubber material this reduces the impact of loud noise and make it easy to play.

Magnetic Dartboard

3- Electronic Dartboards: –

The continuous advancement in technology has brought many changes in the modern world and the world of darts is no exception. The new technology led to the development of a new kind of board which is called the Electronic Dartboard. The Electronic Dartboard unlike its predecessor keeps an automatic score record and is suitable for people who have difficulty managing their scores. The Electronic Dartboards are made of high-quality plastic and require a power source to work. The use of Plastic makes this dartboard light furthermore the soft tipped darts cause less damage to the electronic Dartboards because they end up getting stuck on the specified spider wholes. You can also use the Electronic Dartboard at home since its children friendly.

So, in short like everything else Dartboards have also gone through extensive changes. They have continued to develop and now Darts is actually recognized as a sport. The simple game which started in the pubs is now played at international level. The manufacturers are continuously on the lookout for better materials, designs and are striving to develop a dartboard that will surpass its predecessors further. So, whether you want to pick up darts as a hobby or profession it does not matter because the world of darts welcomes everyone.

Electronic Dartboard

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How to maintain your Dart and Dart Boards?

How to maintain your Dart and Dart Boards

Necessary measures for the maintenance of Dart and Dartboards.

While it’s true that contemporary Dartboards are more durable and have fewer dart holes than their predecessors, they still need some basic maintenance that will ensure their good quality and increase their life expectancy. So, without further ado lets dive into the world of equipment maintenance.

Maintaining your Dartboard: –

The sharp-tipped darts pierce the Dartboards on regular basis and while it’s true that contemporary Dartboards can withstand their attacks a little investment in their maintenance can go a long way.

1-Rotate your Dartboards: –

The continuous rotation of Dartboard helps in slowing down its deterioration. There are some areas which are more prone to attacks such as number 20 and 19. This rotation results in minimum damage and avoids creating an uneven look. Now here is a process for the rotation if you are using a bristle board than remove the number ring and rotate the dartboard for a few segments. If you play darts frequently than its better to rotate the dartboard weekly. However, keep in mind that the rotation does not affect number 25 and bullseye so if these areas are getting damaged then rotation won’t help.

How to maintain your Dart and Dart Boards

2- Keep the Dartboards away from any kind of moisture:

How to maintain your Dart and Dart Boards

In the past pub owners soaked the wooden Dartboards in the water which resulted in the closing of dart holes, however, this also affected the dartboard negatively and created a lot of mess. The contemporary boards are strictly forbidden from being exposed to any kind of moisture because it can end up speeding up the deterioration of the board. You should take into consideration the condition of the place where you want to hang your board cool and dry place is the best choice

3-Use smooth dart: –

With advancement in technology, the models of darts are also changing. The new darts being engineered are more accurate and they reduce bounce rate, however, the use of these darts results in increasing the damage to the board. You should avoid making use of hook dart, blunt tips, and burrs. The hook darts provide a tighter grip on the board which reduces the bounce rate, however, when you remove these darts from the board it ends up tearing up the fabric as well. The continuous use of hooked darts results in strings emerging from the board. The blunt tips will also pull down the fabric of the board. Like our immune system, the dartboard also possesses natural healing ability which helps repair the damage that dart holes leave but the continuous assault at the hand of the blunt tip darts can end up damaging the natural healing ability of the board.

How to maintain your Dart and Dart Boards

4-Remove the dart by twisting: –

Instead of pulling it’s better to twist and remove the dart otherwise it ends up damaging the board. We understand the frustration that comes when a dart ends up getting stuck on a board and won’t come out. In these situations, instead of giving in to your anger and making use of brute force just twist the dart a little. It will come out without any resistance.

5- Don’t expose the Dartboard to excessive lighting: –

Make sure to avoid the excessive use of light as this results in dulling the color of the board

Maintaining your Darts: –

Now then we are done discussing the maintenance of Dartboard let’s examine how you can take care of your darts as well: –

1-Sharpening the Dart tips: –

As already pointed out that dart tips end up blunt or they lose their edge this results in darts bouncing off the boards. Such issues can be solved by sharpening your darts you can make use of grinding paper or dart sharper while sharpening take a look at the dart tip from different angles and ensure that the dart does not end up getting too sharped. If the dart is too sharp it can cause injury to fellow players and can damage the board as well.

How to maintain your Dart and Dart Boards

2- Replacing different parts of the darts: –

There will be times when some parts of your darts might end up getting damaged it’s better to replace them. In case of the soft tipped darts, you have the option of using your hand to bring the tip back to its original position however its better if you replace the dart with a new tip. The tips of the metal dart don’t bend but they end up getting blunt so you need to sharpen them.

3- Give the dirty dart a wash: –

The dart-like any other equipment also ends up accumulating dirt and dust especially the barrel of ends up getting badly affected. In this case, make use of detergent water and let the barrel soak the water for a minimum of six hours and then make use of a paintbrush or toothbrush to remove dirt from the barrel. The last step is to rinse the dart with clean water.

4- Use a mat to avoid causing unnecessary damage to the dart: –

Your darts can also end up getting damaged from being hit on the floor it’s better to place a mat under the board. In this way even if they bounce off the board they won’t come directly in contact with the floor.

So, dear reader Darts and Dartboards are important pieces of equipment for your hobby and profession. They are your partners that provide support during a game. If you neglect them ultimately, they will end up getting destroyed. Your little effort and time can help your Darts and Dartboards last a long while. The above-mentioned points are not that difficult to do you can take out an hour or two from your busy schedule on the weekends and do necessary repairs. So, dear readers. I hope these simple tips on “how to maintain your dart and dartboards” provide you superb results.

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What is the perfect darts throwing distance? Measure, height etc

The Perfect Distance For Throwing a Dart

What is the perfect darts throwing distance? Measure, height etc

Well, it’s really important to know about the dart throwing distance, measures, and height, if you want to hit on the bull’s-eye. You might have seen the game of darts the fluid, smooth and natural throwing of darts by the professionals creates the illusion of it being easy, however, the reality is not always what it seems. When beginners pick up the darts and they try to imitate the professionals, and they end up hitting a wall, also their darts don’t retain the same natural movement as the professionals. The result is majority quits here and finds a new hobby.

Dart throwing distance is different for men, women, people on wheelchair and the type of the dart you are using. To get this quick you should have Dart Board Height as 5 feet. 8 inches from floor to the center of the bull’s-eye. Distance from throwing line to the dart board: Soft Tip as 8 feet and Steel Tip as 7 feet 9 1/4 inches.

Ignat Games Steel Tip Darts
Ignat Games Steel Tip Darts
Viper Shot King Regulation
UZOPI 15 Packs Steel Tip Darts
UZOPI 15 Packs Steel Tip Darts

dart throwing distance

However, we have explained below about throwing distance in detail:

Things you should know about Oche before learning the Dart throwing distance

Oche is it refers to the throwing line from where the player throws his darts. There are a lot of stories and speculation regarding the origin of Oche. There are some who claim that the original term was “hockey” that was used by “The News of the world” in 1920 which was an English newspaper. There are some that claim that “hockey” originates from the word “hocken” which means to spit because in the pubs the throwing line was determined by a player spitting. The term “hockey” eventually evolved into “Oche” however, the origin of Oche remains a mystery even today. There is, however, another myth attached that a brewery by the name of S. Hockey and Sons existed in England whose crates were used to measure the throwing line. This, however, is not true because records indicate that no such brewery existed in England. This was confirmed by the Brewery History Society in 1980. So, now you know what an oche is let’s take a look at other things.

Well, we’re gonna discuss deep down helpful tips regarding Dart throwing distance, the height of the dart board, measures that can be taken and the standard regulations that are followed during a game of dart.

Dart throwing Distance: –

The Dart throwing Distance can vary depending on what type of darts you use such as Steel Tip Darts or Soft Tip Darts. The standard distance for Steel Darts is 7 feet 9.25 inches from the front the board which comes down to 236.86 centimeters. However, the standard distance for Soft Darts is 8 feet even from the board which comes down to 243.84 centimeters. The diagonal distance from the center of the bullseye to the back of the Oche should be 9 feet 7.5 inches which come down to 293.4 cm. These are the standard distances that are followed. There should be minimum 2 feet clearance on both sides of the board before throwing otherwise someone might end up getting injured.

Height of the Dart board: –

The Height of the board specified is 5 feet and 8 inches which comes down to 172.72 in centimetres. This is measured from the floor to the center of the bullseye.

The Perfect Distance For Throwing a Dart

Ladies Dart Throwing Distance: –

For our ladies who enjoy playing a game of darts, the standard distance is the same as men 236.86cm however, depending on the location the distance varies so in many different parts of the U.K most common distance other than the standard is 7 feet 6 inches or 7 feet.

Wheel Chair Dart Throwing Distance: –

Darts, unlike many other sports, don’t require strenuous physical activity which is why it is perfect for people with a physical disability to enjoy. In 2010 Russ Strobel introduced a standard height for Disable players which was based on the standard dartboard and came down to 137 cm. After the continuous effort, the WDF finally approved Russ’s request for a reduction on height. Other regulations are that the wheelchair should be behind the Oche line and that the players are allowed to place their chairs horizontally to the board.  There are Disability darts tournament held each year.

The Perfect Distance For Throwing a Dart

The Perfect Distance For Throwing a Dart

Measures to take during the setting up of a board: –

So you bought a dart equipment but if you don’t set it up properly then the end result would that you won’t be able to play the darts on the regulated board, for example, you step up the dart board at 10 feet height than after continuous practising your muscles end up getting used to it but when you go to a pub or any other place where the regulated boards are being used you might end up missing most of the targets. So, take into consideration the above-mentioned distance and height. Here are some other measures you can take while setting up your dartboards.

1-Buy a dart mat this provides many benefits it protects the darts from getting damaged and helps point out the throwing line.

2-The location of the dartboard is an important factor you should find an area which is 11ft long by 5ft wide. It should be a place free from any obstacles and people.

3-Ensure that the wall on which you are mounting your board is flat. You can either use a backboard behind your dartboard or use a dartboard cabinet to protect the dartboard.

Regulations: –

The regulations regarding Dart games but the general rules are that every player brings three darts from home. The player’s scorer starts from 501, 301, 701 etc. depending on the game length. After a player has thrown 3 darts the total score is subtracted from the given score. The purpose of the game is to reach the 0. The score varies depending on where the dart land the bullseye will get you 50 points. If your dart lands on the outer bull you get 25 and so on.

The above-mentioned oche distances might change depending on your location it ranges between 7 feet,7 feet 2 inches, 7 feet 6 inches, 8 feet, and 9 feet. The game of darts has many variations, however, for tournaments, the standard distance and height are the above-mentioned one. So, if you live in any other region than consult your local dartboard association regarding the proper distance and height. I hope this article will help you in developing an idea regarding appropriate height, Dart throwing distance, and regulations. So, gather your art equipment and enjoy a fun game of Darts this weekend.

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Types of Darts You Need to Know About ( Steel Tip Darts vs Soft Tip Darts)

Types of Darts

Millions of people in the world play the game of darts .It is a well-known source of entertainment in this modernized world where there are a variety of choices available. Game of Darts is not easy to play because one needs to have plenty of experience to play this game like a professional player. The most important thing that matter in darts after your experience is the type of equipment you are using to play because the more quality darts you will use the more accuracy of hitting the target you will get. In this article, we will discuss Types of Darts with you in depth along with their benefits. If you are a new player, then don’t hassle to check our other posts as well where we have shared some mind-blowing darting tricks which you won’t find anywhere else.

Steel Tip Darts

Keeping yourself equipped with some best steel tip darts will be an excellent starting point for you. Steel tip darts are often used with bristle board as the durable surface of the bristle board easily confront the steel tip of the dart. They are usually made up of brass and nickel. These steep tip darts are also made with tungsten as they offer the most high-quality performance as compared to brass; nickel and copper darts. Let’s discuss some pros and cons of steel tip darts with clarity to highlight every positive and negative aspect of these darts.

steel tip darts


  • Excellent performance with more accuracy.
  • You will be less dependent on darting skills.
  • Comfortable and slender design.
  • Majority of them are available at a very affordable price.


  • Steep tip darts made up of brass material can have durability issues.
  • Sensitive shafts

Soft Tip Darts

Soft tip darts can also serve as an excellent replacement when it comes to the game of darts. It is one of the best darts for beginners. Soft Tip darts are mostly used along with electronic dart boards because of various reasons including their flexibility and soft design tip. Like steel tip darts these soft tip darts are also made with plastic, brass, nickel and tungsten material. Another critical factor that makes soft tip darts bit different from steel tip dart is their lightweight that’s why they cannot be used with any other darting board except electronic dart board. If you are looking for some honest soft tip darts reviews then here are some pros and cons for you based on our experience.

soft tip darts


  • Lightweight.
  • Highly durable as compared to steel tip darts.
  • Balanced weight distribution with easy handling.
  • Excellent grip and high accuracy.
  • Impressive design.


  • A bit costly than steel tip darts.
  • Sensitive shaft.

Final Words:

We hope you are now aware of soft tip darts vs steel tip darts. Remember, darting is one of the trickiest games that require proper techniques along with experience to master. One cannot become a professional darts player overnight; it requires hard work and dedication. Make sure you are having the right equipment while playing a game of darts because wrong equipment choices will lead to poor performance. These two basic types that we have mentioned above are one of the wisest decisions that you can make.

How to Make Your Dart Stance Accurate?

how to make your dart stance accurate

The perfect dart stance is directly linked with the whole game because one cannot succeed without it. Different factors need to be handled with care while throwing darts such as your elbow movement, shoulder, and wrist. How can we forget aiming while talking about darts as it’s also one of the most crucial factors in the game of darts? Before we discuss some basics about how to throw darts with precision and some useful information about dart stance, let’s talk about some of the important things that one should seriously consider while playing darts.

How to Maintain Your Darts?

It’s one of the most frequently asked questions that we used to hear, and the answer is quite simple. Maintaining darts requires the following things:


Proper aiming will lead to the accuracy of hitting the target. Make sure you block every distraction that comes in your way while keeping an eye on your target. Always use your dominant eye while throwing dart because the chances of success are high if you use dominant eye. If you are unaware of the dominant eye, then do a simple test, close your eye and try to read something from a distance while keeping the other eye closed and do same with your other eye. Next time when you think about how to aim darts, don’t forget to keep these tips in your mind. You will observe that your one eye is way stronger in terms of looking things from a distance as compared to the other eye.

Use Three Fingers:

Using three fingers while holding a dart will lead to more grip and control over it. Your finger coordination with each other is necessary as it contributes to the speed so make sure that you are holding darts with your three fingers.

Proper Balancing:

It’s also another crucial factor while maintaining darts, it’s noticed that some people lift their one leg while throwing darts, it’s not recommended as it can disrupt your aim and accuracy. The proper balance can be only achieved with two legs.


Everyone tries their best to get closer to the dart board, but few of them know the right way because incorrect leaning can contribute to inaccurate aiming. Everyone has different height, and weight so you should try not to bend forward excessively, you have to try different bending positions and the one which suits you the best according to your body balance will be the perfect one for you.

Dart Throwing Distance:

The average and commonly used distance from the ground to oche is around 7 feet. But it’s not firm as it depends on the place and the type of dartboard that you are using while throwing darts.


We hope you have understood the basics about how to play darts with proper dart stance. As you know the game of darts is one of the trickiest games to play which requires proper attention and action. Make sure that you add these following things in your routine practice as a firm rule. Nothing can be achieved instantly especially in darts; you will need to have proper dedication and hard work capabilities to strengthen your skills. If you are in your learning stage, then don’t forget to check our other posts as well where we have shared tips for beginners.

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How to Throw Darts

Game of darts requires proper strategy and techniques; if you want to learn how to aim darts, then you are exactly at the right place. You might be thinking that how you can grip on darts without doing much practice due to a shortage of time. In this article, we will share the most advanced techniques which will take your dart skills to next the next level in no time. Consistency is something which matters a lot in this game because everyone has a different throwing style according to their height and power. We are quite sure that these fantastic tips will not only improve your skills but also takes you to the next level when it comes to the game of darts. As you know, there are several throwing styles, but we strictly recommend not copying anyone and choosing the one that suits you best. Nothing in this world can be achieved without doing struggle; similarly game of darts requires proper practice so that you can discover your style. We will share some amazing darting tips with you but keep in mind that in the end, you have to discover your style in which you feel comfortable. After this reading this article you don’t need any darts accuracy training, all you will need is practice and only practice.

Minimum Movement

Don’t copy other people by just watching few dart throwing technique videos on YouTube because everyone has their style and technique. Your shoulder will play a vital role while throwing darts and you need to make sure that your shoulder stays still. The darts will be stray off course if the movement of your shoulder isn’t in rest. While doing practice try not to move your shoulders and make a firm grip on your shoulders.

Keep your focus on Release

Releasing darts is most crucial part of this game because some people throw before time while others leave until the last second. You must be wondering which one is correct. Well, the answer is quite simple; the one which suits you best and comfortable for you is the correct one. If you want to learn how to develop a consistent dart throw, then this release factor should be in your priority list during routine practice.

Use Three Fingers Only

If you Use only three fingers while throwing darts weapon, then we are quite sure you won’t miss your aim, and your control over darts pencil grip will remain stable. If you use more than three fingers while releasing darts, then the chances of missing the aim are high. Some people use only two fingers, but we will recommend using three fingers just to ensure more regulation and control. Many people use dart grip wax for gripping, but you should try to hit your target with perfection without using any artificial means.

Maintain straight position

Don’t bend your back or roll your hips while throwing as it will disturb your accuracy. Keep your shoulders, arms, and hips straight and don’t try to come closer to the board by bending your body because it’s not a professional approach. Every dart player has his/her own technique and style which they use while throwing darts after years of practice. If you are a new player or still learning, then we will recommend you to develop your own style which suits you the best.

Throw it with Force

After selecting proper aim according to your body position then throw it with proper force because if the force is insufficient, then the projectile will be disturbed. I have seen many people who spend more time on focusing and selecting their aim, but in the end, everything gets ruined due to lack of force which is required to reach darts board from a particular distance.


While aiming your target put your eyes on the dart board and the target you want to hit. If you are playing in a bar, then don’t get interrupted from the people passing nearby you as it can disturb your attention and aim. The focus is one of the crucial factors when it comes to the game of darts. If you want to learn how to throw darts with precision, then don’t ignore aiming factor as it will decide the success of your game.

Rinse and Repeat

Once you have identified and noted down your week points then the only area which requires your focus will be practice and only practice. You might have heard that practices make a man perfect so all these unique techniques which we have mentioned above will only work if you have a right experience and practice. According to various professional dart players, practice and experience are one of the most crucial areas which matter in the game of darts.


Don’t get disappointed if you are unable to hit your target with perfection because darts is a game of skill that requires continuous practice. Everyone has their own unique abilities and skills, so you have to discover your own technique which suits you. Put it in your mind that copying other dart players won’t give you any benefit because they have their own height, weight, and more importantly experience level, so it doesn’t mean if any technique is working for them will surely work for you as well. After doing a routine practice make a sheet where you will list down your weakness so that you can improve them slowly. Nothing in this world is instant, and especially when it comes to sports, then practice is a most crucial factor. If you are a newbie then don’t search about how to throw darts on YouTube because those videos are mostly uploaded by professional darts players or the majority of them are edited to get views. We hope after reading this article you have successfully identified and illuminated all your major and minor mistakes which were stopping you from reaching your destination.we also Listed best darts , best darts for beginners , Front Weighted darts , Rear Weighted darts , Soft tips darts , steel tip darts , magnetic darts .

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How to Hold a Dart

How to Hold a Dart

Game of darts seems to be a very easy game to play with your friends, but in reality, it’s a quite tricky game which requires various techniques. Throwing a dart is one of the easiest jobs on earth but hitting a target is something which matters. You should practice daily and compete with your friends to improve your skills otherwise you cannot master in this game without proper practice and technique. In this article, we will have a healthy discussion in which you will learn how to throw darts and how to hold a dart consistently with the help of advanced technologies. This post will be more focused on holding a dart which includes various styles so make sure you are not missing anything because these following factors are interconnected with each other, and if you ignore any of them then you won’t succeed in hitting a target with accuracy.

Get Into Throwing Position

The position of your body and distance from where you are going to throw darts is a critical part of this game. Make a red line which is also known as throw line and put your dominant foot and hand in a forward position from where you are going to throw a dart. It depends if you are left-handed then your foot should be in forwarding position and similarly if you are right handed then your right foot should be in forwarding position. While throwing a dart, you can raise your back heel off the floor but not the entire foot as it will be considered as a violation.

Maintain straight body position

If you want to know about how to throw darts with precision, then you should avoid rolling and bending your back or any other part of your body. You should maintain a straight body position without turning and rolling because it will interrupt your idea of aim. Some dart players lean their upper body in forward position while others in backward position so you should maintain a straight body position without crossing the throwing line because every player has his/her style which may or may not work for you as well.


Gripping in the game of darts is a crucial factor because you won’t succeed if don’t have control and grip over dart. Don’t hold dart from its barrel which is its front part because you won’t achieve grip in this way. Don’t hold and grip dart tightly because it can tense your muscles so the grip should be tight enough to maintain control over dart. Having an accurate touch over dart is more important than having force.

Aim according to your Eye level

You should raise the dart to the eye level for accurate aiming. Keep your shoulders in rest and raise the dart to your eye level, in this way your target will be more accurate and clear. For an excellent dart stance, you should take this factor on top of your priority list.

Always use the dominant eye for aiming

Everyone has a dominant eye and most of the times it is on the same side of your dominant hand. You should open dominant eye only while close the other one for perfect aiming because if your aiming is incorrect, and other conditions are satisfied, but the end result will be disappointing.

Practice Daily

All these factors which we have mentioned above will be useless if you are not doing enough practice because these techniques require proper experience so that you can identify and correct your mistakes. You should practice at least once daily for 1 hour by selecting a different target on darts board to test your grip on different throwing actions and positions. Try to hold dart according to the above methods in different ways and find out which one is working for you. You can name this practice as darts accuracy training as it will improve your accuracy. As we have mentioned several times that find your own style rather than copying so once you have identified the style which suits you the best then practice it more and more to make your grip stronger with that particular style.

Participate and Compete in Dart Leagues

Don’t hesitate to participate in dart matches because you will learn various things from these matches. Playing darts with your friends as a fun and playing in a match are both different situations so you should involve yourself in darts leagues to improve your confidence and skills.


If you are trying to search for how to hold a dart on YouTube, then we must recommend you should stop wasting your time and practice on your own. The videos which are available on the internet are uploaded by experienced dart players, and they have their style which may or may not work for you. Give worth to your time by doing proper practice and follow all the factors which we have mentioned above in details. Note down your mistakes on a dairy or paper daily and try not to repeat them tomorrow. The most important thing which you should always keep in mind is that you need to find your style which works for you and suits you the best. To discover your hidden abilities, you will need to practice darts daily and try some random techniques, after a few games you will quickly identify the working style. Nothing can be achieved instantly especially in sports so don’t lose hope if you are unable to hit your target with accuracy because the game of darts is all about practice. We hope from now on your fundamental concepts about game of darts have been cleared now but still if you are having some problem will accuracy then we will strongly recommend you to give more time to practice to discover a hidden style which works for you.

How to Aim Darts

How to aim darts

How to Aim Darts

Game of darts is a tricky game which requires attention and years of experience, but when it comes to throwing with success, then it can be a serious challenge especially when you are a new player. Aiming plays very vital roles in darts so don’t underestimate the significance of proper aiming because without aiming you cannot throw with accuracy. The grip of darts varies from player to player so buying an expensive set of dart won’t make you a champion until and unless you don’t have a right technique and most importantly experience. If you are serious about learning how to throw darts with precision, then this article is for you. We are going to share some core factors and techniques which make you pro improving dart accuracy. Before going further let me clear one thing that without proper practice these techniques are useless, so it’s crucial for you to practice these techniques to identify and improve your mistakes.

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Aim your Darts properly

Many people ignore aiming factor in darting because they feel everything is throw and body action but that’s a wrong concept because if your aim is not right then, you will surely miss your target. You should pay attention to aiming and try to imagine that your target is bigger. Find a sight line while throwing darts some people use hand tip while other use the dart tip. The goal of finding a sight line should be to line up your shot accurately. Another critical factor in aiming is hitting your target directly because many people aim left or right of the real target and try to become over smart. The last and most important factor in aiming is finding your dominant eye. Every person has a dominant eye so always aim darts with your dominant eye because you will gain confidence naturally after a throw.

Apply proper Force when Throwing

You must be wondering how come throw and aim resemble with each other, but that’s a reality. If your aim is accurate, but you are making any mistake while throwing then your efforts will be wasted. The throw is a crucial factor in the game of darts because if your throw is slow and the aim is right then, the result will be disappointed because aim requires a proper projectile to reach the target and if you are lacking in throwing force then you will surely miss your target.

Body Position

I have seen various dart players bending their body parts for perfect aiming but that isn’t the correct technique. Try to keep your body position straight and don’t bend or roll your back because bending your body can disturb your aim. Don’t copy other players because everyone has his/her own style according to their experience. If you are a new player or learner then I will recommend you to find your own style from the hidden creativity inside you.

Minimize your Movement

If you are moving your elbows and other body parts after watching a darts accuracy training video on YouTube or any other dart throwing technique video, then you are doing wrong. As you know our shoulders and elbows play a vital role while throwing darts so you should try to minimize the movement of your body otherwise your aim will be disturbed.

Distribute your body weight

You have to balance your position according to your body weight because putting too much of your body weight on foot can disturb your aim. If you want to distribute your body weight equally while throwing darts, then you should position yourself firm and unshakable.

Hold Dart Barrel Wisely

The dart barrel is a raised part of a dart which is closer to its center. You have to use three fingers only to grip the dart with accuracy so that you can have full grip and control over dart. Don’t hold the dart of its backside and also avoid curling your fingers while holding darts instead keep them open which will give you a good grip over dart. It is also one of the most crucial parts if you want to learn how to grip a dart because if you have good aim but weak holding position, then the chances of missing your target are high.

Trust yourself

Confidence is a major factor which decides the success of any task because if you have faith in yourself, then you will surely achieve your target despite having hassles. If you are interested in learning about how to develop a consistent dart throw then develop self-confidence and have faith in your skills. As you know our brain and body parts are interconnected with each other so when you are confused or in a state of panic then our body parts won’t function properly according to the command given by our brain. Try to relax while throwing darts because it’s not the end.


We hope most of your confusions are cleared now. Nothing in this world can be achieved instantly, and it requires hard work, dedicated and most importantly practice when it comes to the game of darts. All these techniques which we have mentioned above are interconnected with each other so don’t ignore any of them otherwise; your efforts will be wasted. Every person in this world is born with unique abilities, so don’t copy anyone else’s style because it may work for them but not for you, instead of copying try to develop your style which suits you the best. After reading this article and doing a necessary practice which is required to apply these techniques we are quite sure you won’t need to search how to aim darts like a pro next time. In the end, I would like to share one life-changing tip with you which will surely work in every aspect of your life. Once you have done all the efforts and hard works required to accomplish any goal, then have faith in yourself and be confident about success.

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