25 Dart Board Games played around the world

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Hey, are you planning a game night for your family but are confused regarding what to pick than take a look at our recommended dart games. These will make your game night a lot of fun. This article explains all the rules and regulations regarding different games which include but are not limited to 301,501, cricket, around the clock, halve-it, and many others. So, without further ado let’s jump into the world of dartboard games.

List of Top Dart Games : 

1-301 Dartboard Game

In the 301 Dartboard game, each player starts off with a 301 score. Each player is allowed to throw 3 darts and the score gained from these three darts is subtracted from the total score. However, a player is required to target a ‘double’ in the beginning and at the end of a game. In case of professional games, the players are allowed to jump straight into the game however, it is necessary for them to strike a ‘double’ at the end of the match so, that their score can be recorded. Another rule of this game is that you only gain score if you manage to target the exact score that you have left for example if you have 10 points left and you manage to gain 15 points then your score will remain unchanged similarly if you land a single 10 your score will remain unchanged because you need one single and a double to end the game.

2-501 Dartboard Game

The 501 Dartboard game follows the same rules as 301 the only difference is that the players start off with the 501 scores and instead of targeting the ” double” in the beginning they dive right into the match. These rules apply to both professional and general games.

3-Cricket Dartboard Game

Cricket like its name has some resemblance with the English game of cricket instead of outing players you are required to close off specified numbers which are 15, 16, 17, 18,19,20, and the bullseye. You can close off a number if you manage to hit that number three times this can be achieved by striking a single number 3 times or by making use of a single and a double or a treble. A player who ends up closing a number is allowed to keep hitting that number until opposing player or team manages to close the same number. If your opponent strikes a number that you closed you gain points until that number ends up getting closed by your opponent.

Cricket has many versions and depending on your location the rules may differ. Here is another version in this game of cricket one person acts as a bowler and the other batter. The bowler has to score 11 wickets which results in the batter being declared out but, the batter is allowed to score before those wickets are knocked out. The bowler gains wicket depending on where his dart lands if it lands on the outer Bullseye, he gains one wicket if it lands on the inner Bullseye, he gains 2 wickets. The Batter has to gain 40 runs before his score ends up getting recorded but, if a batter scores less than 40 runs his score is not recorded. Once the bowler knocks out the 11 wickets, the score of the batter is counted and the player with the most score wins. Different people have different versions of cricket available some don’t use the rule of 40 runs, some allow the batter to gain 50 runs in case of the bowler missing the dartboard and like this many other rules exist. Depending on your choice you can either play the first version or the second version

4-Hare and Hounds

Hare and hounds is another fun dart game. This can be played with two or more players. The game begins with a coin toss the winner of the toss is called the hare and the other is called the hound its job is to pursue the hare. The hare starts at number 20 and has to run clockwise around the board while the hound starts at either number 5 or 12. If the hare reaches the 20 before being caught by the hound it wins however if the hound overtakes the hare then it wins. Each player is allowed to use three darts.

5- Round the World

This dart game is very entertaining as well. In this game, you have to hit all the numbers around the board which are 1-20. The person who hits all of these numbers first wins the game, however, if you hit a double or treble number it still counts as a single number. There are a lot of different versions of this game available there is one in which you target the Bullseye either at the beginning of the game or the end. If you make the Bullseye a target in the beginning, then the person who hits it first will gain an upper hand however if the case is reversed and the Bullseye becomes the target at the end then the person who is left behind will have a serious chance to catch up. There is another version where instead of counting doubles and trebles as singles a player is allowed to jump one or two number ahead depending on where they land. So, have fun playing with these different versions of round the world.

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6-Legs Dart Games

This darts game does not require a specific number of players the more the merrier for example if you have a large family with a lot of kids then this game will be a lot of fun for you. All you have to do is draw three lines in front of a player’s name these are called legs. Each player has to score an equal or higher score than their predecessor. If a player does not score equal then their predecessor, then they end up losing a leg. If a player loses three legs, they end up getting eliminated from the game. For example, if a person scores 40 then the player after him has to score 40 or higher number than that. This winner is a player that has any legs left at the end of the game.

7- Killer

Now, this game sounds dangerous but don’t worry it’s a fun game and does not involve injuring anyone. This game requires three or more players. In this darts game, you are only allowed to target doubles. Each player gets three lives and all the players target random numbers by making use of their non-shooting hands. This makes the game a little challenging but fun alright continuing on a player who hits their target becomes the “killer” and is allowed to kill their opponents by targeting their numbers. So, each time the killer hits a player’s targeted number that player ends up losing a life the loss of three life results in a permanent death or in this elimination from the game. However, be careful that you don’t end up hitting your own double because that will result in you losing a life. Here’s a tip if you are playing with someone who is getting on your nerve or being annoying then team up with other players and eliminate that player first. Hey, after all, targeting a common enemy is also part of a strategy. However, if you are a highly capable ninja or assassin that prefers being a lone wolf then be my guest and eliminate all your targets in one shot. Whatever you decide this game will be a lot of fun and you won’t get target by the police for “killing” players.


Now this game is a little more challenging and requires a bit more experience in darts. However, if you are an amateur who has an interest in challenges, then this one is right up your alley. This game does not require a specific number of players. The first thing you should do is create a table add each player’s name in a separate box and create a column for each target number which are 20, 16, double 7,14, Triple 10, 17 and Double bull. These numbers are written in the above-specified order. You can take a look at the diagram below to get a clear picture regarding the table. Each player starts off with 3 darts and they have to target the specified number, for example, the first number is 20 if you score a double 20 and a single 20 your score will be 60 after that the next player will target the same number. However, in case you end up missing the next number which is 16 then your score will be cut to half as a penalty which means it will become 30 but if you hit sixteen even once during your turn it will lead to an increase in your score. You can see how the game eventually becomes more challenging when you have to target specific numbers like double 7, triple 10 or double Bullseye. Each player has 3 chances to target each specified number and at the end of the game, the player with the highest score wins.

There is another less challenging version of this game available as well in which instead of using the above-specified numbers you can make use of cricket numbers. They are easier to target and this provides you with a great opportunity to practice playing cricket at the same time. You can also play halve-it by targeting specific sequence numbers these can range from 1-10 or any other sequence you decide one. You still have to follow the basic rules of halve-it but come on you have to admit any game becomes more fun when you have different numbers to target rather than using the same old ones.

9- Shanghai

Now, this dart game might make you think about Shanghai city or China but believe me it has nothing to do with that. When a person ends up gaining a single, double and triple on the same number in a single inning it is called Shanghai. This game of Shanghai is played by making use of 1-7 innings and in each inning, you can only target a single number. Let’s say that you are playing in the third inning you will only be allowed to target number 3. This will continue till the 7th inning and the person who manages to score the highest after the 7th inning wins the game or if you manage to get a Shanghai in a single inning you win the game. There is another version of Shanghai that you can play only one more rule is added to the game which is if you miss a number you are out.The players can decide random number for example If you select 3 as a number any player who misses that number will gain an out. If you gain three outs you are eliminated from the game. It becomes easier to keep track of each player’s score if you use a table for it add the initials of each player’s name in a separate box at the top and create a separate box for each innings in a horizontal pattern similar to the halve it diagram.

10-Baseball Dart Games

Well, if you are Baseball lover or if you just want to play baseball then this baseball game of darts is for you, of course, this game is not restricted to baseball lovers anyone interested can play it. However, unlike the baseball, you don’t strike players out. You can play this game with any number of people but playing with just two people is not fun so, it’s better you gather 9 players or more but if you can’t that’s fine as well. Here’s how you play there are 9 innings and each player can target the same number as the inning for example if it’s one then you are only allowed to target one which is exactly like Shanghai each player runs around the board scoring points. However, unlike the Shanghai, you don’t win if you manage to score a single, double and a treble in a single inning. After all the players are done the score is tallied and the player with the most runs win. In case of a tie, you can add extra innings and that is how you play baseball

11-Tic Tac Toe

I think all of us remember the game of tic tac toe from our childhood. It is a simple game with X’s and O’s but it is a lot of fun. Even apps are being developed for this classic and a dart version of this classic game exists as well. Let’s take a look, shall we? So, to play this game each player throws a dart the one that land closest to the bullseye goes first. This game requires three dartboard 2 small ones for each player and a third large one to play the actual game. The players each target a specific number depending on the single, double or treble the number is either marked by a strike, cross or a circle. If for example, a person lands a single 2, double 7 and triple 10. They would strike the number 2 to indicate that the number is closed, they will mark the double 7 with a circle to indicate is closing and in case of triple 10, they can either choose X or O to decide. This game, however, is suitable for a small group of people if you are a large group then it’s better to play in teams.  Another challenging aspect of this game is that you can only gain points by targeting specific numbers and if your dart lands on any other number it does not count. If you have small children in your family then you can play this fun game with them, I am sure they will enjoy it.

12- Prisoner

This game is quite entertaining. This is best suitable for 5 players but if you have 2 players available then that’s fine as well. Each player throws a darts and the one closest to the bullseye goes first while the one farthest to it goes last. The purpose of this dart game is to shoot darts target every number on the board starting from one and then going clockwise from 20. The players start the match by hitting number one however, scoring starts only after you hit the numbers in the double ring or the triple ring. So, for example, if you manage to target one in any playable area then the next number to target will be 18 and so forth going clockwise. If a player’s dart ends up landing outside the zone of double ring or bounces of then that dart is left in the board and the player who lost the dart has to start his next turn with the two darts that are available. Now you might be wondering where the idea of prisoner comes in let’s explore that as well. If a player ends up landing their target in the area around bullseye to the triple ring then that dart becomes a prisoner. Any player who manages to land their dart in the same area end up getting the prisoner and can use it. If there are 2 prisoners on the board then a player has to throw two darts in the same area to capture both targets. In this way, a player might end up with six darts which might not belong to him while another can end up with 2 darts. This game continues until a player manages to throw the darts in all the targeted areas that range from 1-20

13- Lawn Darts Games

The Lawn darts game are played on a grassy area that has no obstacles. Two target circles with a diameter of 16 inches and a distance of 35feet are placed on the ground. You should choose a target area that will allow your dart to stick to the ground after being thrown from 3 feet in height. Once the targets are attached then they can’t be removed by a player’s hand even when the dart ends up moving the target it will stay where it is moved but a player is not allowed to touch it. There are 4 darts that are used during the game 2 red and 2 yellow. The circle is used both as a target and the throwing area. The players each throw darts alternatively from their assigned throwing areas towards their targets. Once all the players have thrown their darts and the score is recorded this is called an “End” after which the players alternate their positions.

If you decide to play in teams of two both the players get a turn each to throw the darts. For example, if there are two teams of red and yellow with two players. The first player from team red will shoot, then the first player from team yellow will shoot after which the second player from team read will shoot and then lastly the second player from the yellow team will shoot. The Red player gets to throw the dart first at the beginning of the match, however, after the first End is finished the next team that is allowed to throw the dart first is determined on the basis of their scores. The players are allowed to throw the dart any way they want however, they are required to stand behind the circle while shooting their darts. The darts that don’t penetrate the ground or bounces off are recorded as dead. All the darts including dead ones remain on the ground until an End is finished and the score is tallied. The scoring is based on the following rules. The team whose darts are closest to the target circles are given points. The dart that lands inside the targeted circles gain three points. If the darts lands within 1 dart length of the circle the team is awarded one point. Let’s say for example the first red dart lands near the circle, the yellow dart lands closest to it, the second red dart lands where the yellow dart is but the second yellow dart remains the farthest from all three of them. In this scenario, the red team will gain a point. The team that manages to score 21 points first wins the match, however, in some cases people also add a rule that if a team exceeds the 21 points mark that team instead of gaining points loses them. In another case, you are required to score two more points than your opponent before being declared the victor. It depends upon your choice the general rules of Lawn darts remain the same.

14- Scram

This game is somewhat similar to the game of cricket, However, instead of targeting specific numbers you can target all 1-20 numbers except the Bullseye. This game is divided into two periods. In the first period one player is categorized as a scorer and the other stopper and in the second period, the players alternate between their roles and the game continues. The stopper has to target all the numbers and the ones that he hits are marked with X these numbers are considered closed. The scorer then takes his turn and shoots three darts the numbers that are hit by the scorer are marked with a Tally “I” however if the number is already marked by the stopper when it is marked as “II”. The first phase ends once the stopper manages to target all the numbers from 1-20. The players end up alternating their positions and the new scorers throw three new darts. The scorer that manages to gain most points during their turn wins the game. The scorer has an advantage they are allowed to hit a number until it gets closed off by a stopper. So, if you keep on targeting high scoring points before they are closed you will manage to gain a lot of points.

15- Gotcha Dart Games

Now, this gotcha game of darts requires a lot of patience and commitment. In this game, you agree upon a specific score for example 200. This game will only end after a player manages to score the exact number that is 200. There are two other things that are involved in this game first is Killing, second is Busting. If you manage to score the exact same number of points that your opponent has then you are allowed to “kill” them this sets their score back to zero. Killing is an important aspect of this game and can be a lot of fun. In case of busting if your opponent manages to score more than the required score they are busted and have to go back to the number of points, they had before they threw their last dart. This game continues until the specified target is achieved which is why it is better to make use of small numbers instead of a large number such as 600. You should discuss and choose a number that everyone agrees to as this game can last for a long while.

16- Vogelpik darts

This is regarded as the earlier modern version of Belgian darts. In this game, however, the dartboard is hung at the height of 62 feet with a cork and the throwing line is 72 inches from the board which comes down to 6feet. Each player gets five turns per game and is allowed to throw four darts per turn. If you step over the throwing line it results in an automatic loss of points. The players have to wait until the score is called before they are allowed to remove darts from the board failure to do so will result in no change being made in case of an incorrect score being called. In case of a draw, the players are allowed to throw four darts each until the tie is broken. You gain points depending on where your dart lands. The bullseye is worth 50 points, the red ring is worth 25 points, the white ring is worth 20 points, the black ring is worth 15 points, the outer white ring is worth 10 points and the outermost red ring is worth 5 points.

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17- Chase the Dragon

This dart game can be played with two or more player and every player is given three darts. The purpose of this game is to target trebles which range from number 10-20, outer bull and then the bullseye. This order has to be followed. This game is more fast paced as compared to others. The first to target all the specified targets wins the game. The game targets common trebles that are main targets in the game of 501, therefore, it provides you with an opportunity to practice shooting for 501 games as well. A different version of this game exists as well it is called the three-headed Dragon. The winner of this game is the person who completes the basic dragon three times. This game provides players with an opportunity to play for a longer period of time and allows them to catch up with the player that has taken an early lead.

18- Grand National Dart Games

I am sure that all of us have heard about the Grand National a renowned horse race which is held every year at Liverpool. Don’t worry I won’t tell you details regarding the horse instead I am going to introduce you to the dart version of the Grand National. There are two different sets of rules for freshers and professionals. Let’s first take a look at the fresher rules. Each player is given three darts and they have to travel all around the board in anti-clockwise position starting from 5, 12 etc. The players have to target each segment during their turns before being allowed to pass for example if 20 is the starting number than they have to hit the number once before being allowed to target the next segment if they fail then they end up getting eliminated from the game. Each segment is called a hurdle and your horse has to jump over it. The first darts that completes its circle and returns to the number 20 wins the game.

For more experienced players this fresher version might not create much excitement. So, for them here is a slightly harder version of the game. The one thing that remains the same is that you have to travel the whole board anti-clockwise in bother versions. However, in the professional version you start of at the larger 5 segments and target the alternate large segments such as 9, 11 and so on. This continues until you reach 1. Then you travel the board again in the second round targeting small segments of 5 and alternate numbers, in the end, you hit the bullseye. Each player has three lives and in case you miss a target so end up losing a life. The person who manages to complete the two circle or travels the farthest wins the game.


The name of this dart game creates the image of two boxers trying to knock each other out well it’s not exactly like that. This game is suitable for 2-8 players like other games the order of players is determined by shooting darts the nearest to the bullseye goes first and farthest to the bullseye goes last. The first player is given the opportunity to set the score for the players after them. The second player then has to get a higher score than the first player. If they fail a ring is placed next to their name. The knockout dart game continues if you end up with three rings you are eliminated. The winner is the last player left standing.

20-Loop Dart

As its name suggests this game is full of loops compared to other games you don’t only target the numbers on the board you are also allowed to hit other parts of the boards as well. Each player is given 3-5 lives and the order of the player is determined by throwing darts nearest to the bull goes first and the farthest goes last. Each player has to target the area their predecessor landed on after which they are allowed to target another area failure to do so will result in the loss of life for a player and the target remains unchanged. Let’s take an example the first player lands his dart in the Larger 5 area a single, double, treble or any other area of 5 will not be accepted the second player will have to land their target in the Larger 5 area. The victor is the one who remains alive at the end of the game.

21-Nine Lives

This a simple and easy game. The players have to hit targeted numbers from 1-20 despite its name each player gets only three lives if you don’t manage to hit a number with your three darts you lose a life. The loss of three lives results in you being removed from the game. The last person left is the winner.

22- 51 by 5’s Dart Games

The purpose of this game is to gain a score that can be divided by 5. Each score that is divisible by 5 earns a point. The player or team who manages to gain 51 points wins the game.

23- Tennis

This game is much similar to a tennis dart game. Each player is given a receiver and the server positions. The player starts off from the left side of that is number 5-19 and alternate position to the right side that is 1-17 numbers. This similar to a real game of tennis. The purpose of the game is to win 3 out of 6 sets. The player that lands their dart closest to the bull is given the position of the server. The server has to target the numbers in his playable area if they don’t the point is given to the opponent if the server manages to target a “double” they get an “ace” and win the point. In case a server does not manage to get an “ace” they continue to gain as many points as they can from the targeted numbers. A treble gets you three points, a double gets you two points and all the other segments get you one point. Once the server ends their turn, they tell their opponent the targeted number and declare their targeted score. The receiver then throws darts at the targeted number and tries to gain more score than the servers. If the receiver succeeds the point is given to him if he fails the point goes to the server and in case of a tie the server throws the darts again to set a new score. The player then changes positions toward a new area and the game continues at the end of a game the players interchange their positions of receiver and server. The new server then sets a new score. In case of a draw, the players play a set break round.

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24- Ice Breaker Dart Games

This is another form of dart game you can play. The purpose of this game is to get a score of 150 but you are only allowed to target number 1-12, of course, the double and treble of these numbers count as well. If your dart strikes the bullseye then it is called an icebreaker and will reset everyone’s score back to zero. Only three icebreakers are allowed per game.

25- Darf

The game of Darf is another popular game. However, for this one, you need a strategical mindset. The purpose of the game is to score as lowest as possible. The game is played for six round and from 1-5 the score gained is added while in the 6th round the score gained ends up getting subtracted. Each player gets three darts in 1-5 round and one dart in the 6th round. Here is a suggestion try to aim at lower numbers at the beginning round and aim at the highest number in the last round so, that you can land the lowest score.

Darf Darts