How to Play 301 Dart Game

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In this article, we discuss in detail how 301 Dart game is played. There are a lot of numbers and colors on the Dartboards this results in a great deal of confusion but don’t worry this guide on 301 Dart game will make it easier for you to play it.


The objective of this game is to reach the number 0 before your opponent quickly.


1- Each player is given three darts to throw and is allowed to target number 1-20 on the board.

2- All the players throw a dart to decide the order of their turns. The one closest to the bullseye goes first while the one farthest from it goes last.

3- This is one of the most basic rules of this game you have to land a ‘double’ in beginning of the game and another at the end of the game. Your score will only be counted if you manage to hit “doubles” at the end of your turn.

4- If you go over your remaining score or the number 301 then you are “busted” and as a result, you have to restart from your previous score. You can also gain a bust if have only 1 score left. For example, let’s say you have 11 scores left. You land a single 10 but now only 1 remains this will lead to a bust. 5- Your dart has to remain stuck on the board for at least five seconds otherwise the score will not be counted.

301 Dartboard Game


The scores are set according to the following criteria: –

1-The red circle in the middle of the board is called a Bullseye and counts for 50 points.

2-The four fields around the bullseye are worth 25 points.

3-The outer ring numbers count as ‘doubles’ and are worth double the nominal value.

4-The inner ring is worth triple than the nominal value which is why the highest score you can target is triple 20. This will give you 60 points.


Here is a suggestion the most important thing in 301 is to ‘double in’ quickly. This puts pressure on your opponent and can lead to them missing target. You should select a number that you able to hit consistently. It does not matter how high or low the value of the number is the only thing that counts is how quickly you can enter the game. Avoid taking risks to minimize busting. The players often end up becoming impatient after playing this game for a long while this happens especially in the case of beginners. The end result is a player will try to finish the game in one strike and the end up getting a bust. My suggestion is that instead of trying to sweep the game you should analyze the situation calmly and make a sound judgement accordingly for example, if you have number 50 left than it is better to target a single 10 because if you try to target the double 20 in your impatient state chances are you would end up hitting a triple 20. This will result in you going bust.

You keep a record of your outs. Many expert players try to get an out just after throwing three darts. The game of 301 can end up getting finished in the blink of an eye. It better to keep a record of your darts so, you can end up changing your strategy as required. These records are called “out charts”. You can take a look at the picture below to see what out charts are memorizing out charts can help you develop strategies that can result in you doubling in quickly. I am aware that you can remember all of them, however, remember one or two can make a whole lot of difference. Furthermore, if you have been playing for a long while you might notice that it’s easier for you to control your left/right aim rather than up/down aim. The left side of the board provides you with better options to target and gain score for example if your target number like 14,11,8 and 16 there are high chances of getting consistent results.  If your score requires even numbers to win than its better to target 4-18 or16-18 numbers as these are easy to target. In the case of odd numbers, you should target 7,19,3,17. These odd and even numbers can end up leading you to success.  Making errors is part of the game as well here is a tip don’t get too excited this can lead to you making mistakes such as stepping over the throwing line this will result in you gaining no points. When throwing a dart Ensure that you apply enough force so, that it will stick on the board for at least 5 seconds. However, throwing too hard will have the opposite effect such as the dart missing the target and landing somewhere else. Well, these are all the helpful tips that I am sure will ensure that you gain a victory during a game. So, try them out yourself and keep the rules in mind.

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