How to Play 501 Darts Game

The game of 501 is a fun a game to play as well. All of the 01 games have the same objective you have to reach number 0 and end the game with a double. 501 has a more extended period as compared to 301 games. This is also played in the professional tournament and is one of the most beloved games. So, let’s discuss what rules this game follows and let’s take a look at some tips and strategies that will help improve your game and make it a lot of fun.Here is a fun fact in the professional games the players that end up hitting the 170 marks try to end the game with the next three darts and are aware of which order they should take to check out

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Number of Players

Two or more players can play this game. If you have large group, you can also split into teams.


  1. Each player is allowed to throw three darts. However, you have a choice to throw one dart as well for example if you end up with a score of 20 then you have an opportunity to throw a single double 20 to end the game.
  2. There are 5 legs in this game which equals to 5 rounds. So, a player that ends up dominating the three legs wins the game.
  3. Each player throws a dart to decide the playing order. The nearest to the bullseye goes first while the furthest to it goes last. You can also make use of a coin toss to decide.
  4. The score from the three darts is subtracted from the total score. The last dart has to land on the ‘doubles’ digits otherwise you won’t gain any points.
  5. In this game you don’t need to ‘double in’ instead you start of directly however you have to target a double at the end of each turn.
  6. You can end up with a bust if the score you have left is exceeded or if the 501 mark is passed. You can also end up getting a bust if you have one left as your score because you can’t end the game without landing on a “double” and if you target a double number, you will end up in negative.
  7. If you go bust, then all your score from that round is canceled and you start from the score you had in your previous round.
  8. If even after playing 20 turns none of the players have managed to reach the zero score then the person with the lowest score will be declared the winner. The purpose of this rule is to prevent the game from dragging on too long.


The targets to score points are the same as 301 dart games. That is:-

  1. The Bullseye
    gets you 50 points and also counts as a ‘double’.
  2. The outer area
    of the Bullseye gets you 25 points.
  3. The outer ring
    is worth a double, and you get double points than the original value.
  4. The inner ring
    is a treble and is worth triple points than the original value


Here are a few helpful tips to help you improve and win 501 games. First, of all
this game goes a long period of time so getting anxious, impatient is normal,
but you have to control these habits and remain calm. If you don’t, you will
end up missing your targets, and instead of scoring points, you will end up
losing them.

Another thing is that whenever we are in a competition and manage to score a thrill
rushes through us this is called an adrenaline rush. This may make you feel
like you are on cloud seven, but in reality, it ends up hurting your technique,
aim and throw. The result is you come crashing down from your rush and end up
losing scores that you might have easily targeted, therefore, please try to
stay as calm as possible and control your excitement.  Always keep your eye on the prize, in this
case, getting to number 0 as quickly as possible. Keeping an eye on your
opponent score might result in you panicking, getting distracted and losing
patience. In this game, your enemy is the board you are stealing points from
the board, not your opponent. If you keep trying to target your opponent, you
will end up losing the game.

You have to devise strategies that will allow you to score the highest points and
end the game as soon as possible which is why your complete focus should be on
trying to cut down the board and targeting high numbers. Here is another tip if
you are fresher who has been playing this game for a long period of time by now
you have developed some sense regarding which targets you can hit quickly and
which have high chances of missing. So, focus on the ones that you know will be
easy to strike. It does not matter how high or low the score is. It is better
to gain a “double” on a low score than to target the high score and
have to restart from the previous round. There are some specific doubles you
can aim at which are easier to hit such as double 16, double 8, double, 20 and
Double bull. Double 16,8 and 20 are easy to target but if you miss you still
get a chance to land on high scoring numbers. The Double bull might seem hard
to strike but don’t be afraid to take risks If it appears that your opponent
will win the match than the only way to stop him might be by targeting a

I hope these tips will help you develop your game and will enable you to become a better player. So, invite your friends and enjoy this game of darts with them.

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