The Killer Darts Game

The Killer is a fun and exciting game to play with your friends especially for those who enjoy the thrill of chasing after an object and trying to eliminate. You can play this game with three or more players, and it is especially suitable for a situation where you end up with an odd number of people in your group. So, let’s take a look at the rules, tip, and strategies, etc. for this game.


  1. Each player starts with five lives.
  2. Each player, in the beginning, has to select a number this becomes their target number. These are random numbers and are chosen by throwing dart using your non-dart hand in case of a left-handed person right hand will be used and vice versa.
  3. Once the numbers are chosen each players name is written beside it. Two players cannot have the same number, and in case such a situation occurs one of the players will have to throw the dart again.
  4. Now, to become a “killer,” you have to land your dart on the “double” of your targetnumber. You then write down K next to it and continue hitting the number until Killer is completed. If while choosing your targeted numbers you end up landing a “double” then you automatically become a killer. However, that number must not be claimed by anyone else.
  5. ‘Double’ counts for two lives and  ‘Treble’ counts for three lives.
  6. After becoming a Killer, you are allowed to target other players each time you strike their targeted number, they lose lives but be careful if you end up accidentally hitting your own number it will result in you losing a life.
  7. Each player that manages to land a ‘double’ will become a killer.
  8. The winner is the person with any lives left.

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First write down all the player’s name on the left side of the board along with their targeted numbers and also add the 1’s or straight lines these signify the lives they have left. Once a player becomes a Killer, he or she is allowed. to target their opponents’ numbers. Each time the killer strikes his opponent’s number he or she loses two loses a life once an opponent loses all his or her lives, he or she is eliminated. The last player with any lives left will win the game.


These tips will help you in eliminating your opponents and provide you help to avoid becoming the first kill. First,in case you manage to become a killer don’t go crazy for example becoming a lone wolf and deciding to kill people indiscriminately this will result in you becoming the ultimate target for your opponents.You need to develop a strategy which will enable you to stick around till the end. Here is a suggestion you can ally with other people this will not only provide you protection but enables your group to take down the skilled killers first but always remember that your alliance members can betray you any time so, be careful. Also, if you decide to target a strong killer together eliminate him quickly otherwise, the plan will backfire, and the killer for revenge purposes will end up removing the whole alliance.

Instead of targeting the strong player eliminate the weak players especially if you have people with different skill levels. Why you ask because once the fight of the strong is over and the dust settles down, the weak will come out, and prey on the last person standing. Let’s take an example you are three players, and two of you are quite strong while the third one is not. The two of you try to eliminate each other first while the third player is left alone. At the end of your fight, the first player is removed, and you only have one life left. However, the third player has three lives left. The result the weakest player wins the game to avoid such consequences keep your focus on all players equally.

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Here is another tip don’t aim at the numbers that are right next to your own. If you do, then there is a risk you might end up targeting your own number and losing a life, however, if you are confident in your skills and have a good aim then be my guest. If you are a professional player with excellent skills then it’s better that you avoid targeting the bullseye during the number selection while it might transform you into a killer it will also end up making a fun game long and tedious.

Blind Killer

This is a slightly different version of The Killer. The rules and scoring remain the same as the killer. Please keep in mind the Killer dart game rules while playing this version. Two differences make this game different from the rest number one the players have no idea what their targeted numbers are. The number 1-20 are written on a paper and placed inside a hat the numbers are then shuffled. Each player is asked to take one number and memorize it after which the game starts.

This is where the second difference comes in you don’t have to strike your “double” number to become a killer because if you did everyone would know your number and there will be no need for the whole hat thing. The players all observer their numbers and count how many lives they have left once all of the lives of a player are eliminated, they step down.  The last player left standing wins the game.

This game should be played with people you trust won’t cheat your family or close friends otherwise this game becomes boring. You can make slight variations to this game that will help accommodate all the players in the group, for example, you can set a rule that to become a killer you would have to hit triple numbers. If there are a lot of beginners in your group then you can also add this rule landing on the single or wedges will make the player a Killer. The players don’t know their opponent’s numbers so, no specific strategies can be devised. It mainly depends on where your dart strike


Slight variations in The KILLER can help make the game more challenging and fun.You can increase the number of lives to six this will result in increasing the time. Also add in a rule that a single killer will be allowed per game this will make the killer primary target which will make the game fun, challenging and exciting as well. If you have strong players in your group provide them with a handicap such they will have to hit ‘trebles’ to be killers.  Have fun playing Killer with these little challenges.

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