Snooker Darts Rules , Scoring , Tips and Tricks

Snooker has a rich and deep history. It is as old as the game of darts and was introduced in the 19th century by British military officers. It eventually became famous all over the world. Many tournaments are held throughout the year, and so far professional snooker players have succeeded in earning a large amount of money. This time we bring you a dart game that is suitable for snooker lovers as well.  Snooker darts follow the same rules and scoring pattern as the original game. However, instead of playing with a cue stick and balls you make use of a dartboard and darts. Each player is allowed to use one dart per turn and has to target specific numbers on board. This is a perfect combination game for players who enjoy playing snooker and darts. You can also play this game during family night. So, let’s take a look at how this game is played.

Snooker Darts


This game can be played with two or more players. The more people you have, the more competitive the environment will be, and you will be able to have an enjoyable time. Below are the rules of this game. They are similar to the original version of snooker.

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1-      Unlike the other games, you are allowed to use only one dart per turn. To start the game, each player throws a dart. Player that manages to strike the area closest to Bullseye becomes a breaker.

2-      A breaker has to hit a number from 1-15 these are called red balls and are worth one point.

3-      Once a player manages to strike a red ball, he is then allowed to target a colored digit, but before shooting, he has to specify which ball he is targeting.

4-      If a player manages to succeed in targeting their specified number, they then have to aim for the red balls and the colored balls once again.

5-       A player can keep shooting until he misses his target, i.e. 1-15 number or a specific colored number.

6-      Failure to strike the target figure will result in, a penalty of four points or face value of a colored ball.

7-      Each time a red ball is hit, it is removed from the board. However, striking any digit besides the one specified will result in no number being removed from the board.

8-      Once all the red balls have been stricken and removed, each player has to target colored balls in specific orders.

9-      Players will get penalized each time they hit numbers in the wrong order or if their dart ends up falling off from the board.

10-  If a player manages to strike the outer ring area, it will be considered a miss, and no penalty will be given.

11-  This game continues until a player admits defeat or manages to close off all numbers.

This game enables a player to enjoy the original game of snooker anywhere any time. No need to go to a snooker club or wait for others to finish up, grab a dart board and get ready for an exciting match with your friends or family.

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In snooker, each ball provides a different score. The same scoring system is used in the dart version as well. Each number represents a different ball and has different points associated with it. Let’s take a look below: –

1-         Numbers 1-15 are regarded as red balls, and each one is worth one point.

2-         The number 16 represents a yellow ball and is worth two points.

3-         The number 17 represents a green ball and is worth three points.

4-         The number 18 represents a brown ball and is worth four points.

5-         Number 19 represents a blue ball and is worth five points.

6-         Number 20 represents a pink ball and is worth six points.

7-         The bullseye target represents a black ball and is worth seven points.

Here is an example of the gameplay. A player first lands a hit on number 15 this earns him one point. Next, he declares that he will target the yellow ball, i.e. number 16 this wins him two points. He once again manages to strike red ball this earns him another one score, after which he aims for number 17 but ends up striking number 18 this will result in a four-point penalty. As a result, his score will be zero, and the next player will take his turn. If he had landed on 19 or 20 number, the penalty would have been about five or six points.

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Here is a suggestion when a player plays a game for a long time, they become aware of their weakness and strengths. So, instead of targeting high scoring number or random numbers you should target figures that you are used to hitting. This will increase your chance of winning. Always remain calm, remember that frustration and Impatience will end up costing you the game. In comparison to the original game of snooker the darts version is much faster and ends quickly. So, if you are looking for a fun and exciting game to play with a group of people then this game is your best choice.