Tennis Darts

Tennis darts originally started in France eventually it became famous in the world every year tournaments are held in various places. It is an exciting and challenging game that requires a lot of practice time. A player needs to be aware of different rules, serving and hitting techniques, etc. The world of sports is vast, and it continues to grow. Dart tournaments are held every year as well. This time I am going to talk about a game that is a combination of two games it is called Tennis Darts. So, without further ado, lets dive right into the exciting world of tennis darts.

Tennis Darts, how to play Tennis Darts


  1. This game requires two players. You can also play a game of doubles with four players.
  2. On a piece of paper, write down the player’s name and create columns so, that you can keep an eye on the scores, tie-breaks, and games. To make it easy for you to remember whose turn it is to serve, you can add any sign. Each player throws one dart the one closest to the Bullseye becomes the ‘server.’
  3. This game has two playable areas you start from the left-hand side, i.e., numbers 5-19 and then move on to the right-hand side area, i.e., numbers 1-17.
  4. A server needs to strike a number from the playable area. This must be done within the first two throws. Failure to do so will result in the opposite side gaining points.
  5. The number that the server hits in the playable area become a ‘target number.’
  6. To win a set, you must win six games in case of a tie a ‘Set Tiebreaker’ game will be played.
  7. If a server lands a hit on the ‘doubles,’ it is called an ‘ace’ and results in the server gaining points.
  8. In case a server is unable to gain an ace. He will continue striking the ‘target number’ in the playable area. The accumulated score by the server is counted, and the total score becomes the ‘target score.’
  9. For a receiver to win a set, he has to score more than the server’s ‘target score.’
  10. If the receiver has more points than the server, he will gain a point on the other hand, if the server manages to retain his score, he will receive a point. In case of a tie, a new ‘target score’ will be set.


Let’s take a look at the scoring pattern of this game. If you manage to strike a treble it counts as three points; doubles count as two points and rest of the numbers counts as one point. This is applicable only on the ‘target number.’  To win a game a player has to score points such as 15, 30, 40 and ‘game’ this is similar to the original tennis game. There are two ways to win you can win points first is to strike a double of your ‘target number’ in a single shot, i.e., an ace. The second is to strike the ‘target number’ more time than your opponent. This will result in you winning a point. In case of a deuce, i.e., 40-40, a deuce tiebreaker will be carried out. This game lasts about twenty-five minutes.

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How to break a Deuce

A deuce occurs when both players end up with equal points, i.e., forty and forty. An extra game is played to break it. The target numbers end up getting changed to the Bullseye and the outer ring. If a ‘server’ manages to land a hit on the bullseye with a single dart, it is considered an ace and it results in the server gaining a point. Bullseye counts for two points. A server after taking his turn counts up all the points. The total score is called ‘target score.’ The receiver has to beat the server’s score to win the match. The player with the most points at the end of the game wins the deuce match. If both players end up with the same score, a new target is set. The game continues until someone manages to win.

How to break A Set Tie

The last thing we will discuss is what a set tie is and how to break it. A set consists of six games when both players win three games each a set tie occurs. To break this, tie an extra game is played. Most of the rules and gameplay are similar to the Deuce Tiebreak. However, in this version except for the first point each player gets two consecutive turns to strike the targets and win points. The first player who manages to score three points is declared the winner.

This is everything you need to know about Tennis Darts. This game is thrilling, exciting and a lot of fun.  You don’t need to go to empty lots or carry the necessary tennis equipment all you need is a pair of darts and a dart board. Grab your tennis-loving friends and get ready for a competitive match.

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