How to Make Your Dart Stance Accurate?

The perfect dart stance is directly linked with the whole game because one cannot succeed without it. Different factors need to be handled with care while throwing darts such as your elbow movement, shoulder, and wrist. How can we forget aiming while talking about darts as it’s also one of the most crucial factors in the game of darts? Before we discuss some basics about how to throw darts with precision and some useful information about dart stance, let’s talk about some of the important things that one should seriously consider while playing darts.

How to Maintain Your Darts?

It’s one of the most frequently asked questions that we used to hear, and the answer is quite simple. Maintaining darts requires the following things:


Proper aiming will lead to the accuracy of hitting the target. Make sure you block every distraction that comes in your way while keeping an eye on your target. Always use your dominant eye while throwing dart because the chances of success are high if you use dominant eye. If you are unaware of the dominant eye, then do a simple test, close your eye and try to read something from a distance while keeping the other eye closed and do same with your other eye. Next time when you think about how to aim darts, don’t forget to keep these tips in your mind. You will observe that your one eye is way stronger in terms of looking things from a distance as compared to the other eye.

Use Three Fingers:

Using three fingers while holding a dart will lead to more grip and control over it. Your finger coordination with each other is necessary as it contributes to the speed so make sure that you are holding darts with your three fingers.

Proper Balancing:

It’s also another crucial factor while maintaining darts, it’s noticed that some people lift their one leg while throwing darts, it’s not recommended as it can disrupt your aim and accuracy. The proper balance can be only achieved with two legs.


Everyone tries their best to get closer to the dart board, but few of them know the right way because incorrect leaning can contribute to inaccurate aiming. Everyone has different height, and weight so you should try not to bend forward excessively, you have to try different bending positions and the one which suits you the best according to your body balance will be the perfect one for you.

Dart Throwing Distance:

The average and commonly used distance from the ground to oche is around 7 feet. But it’s not firm as it depends on the place and the type of dartboard that you are using while throwing darts.


We hope you have understood the basics about how to play darts with proper dart stance. As you know the game of darts is one of the trickiest games to play which requires proper attention and action. Make sure that you add these following things in your routine practice as a firm rule. Nothing can be achieved instantly especially in darts; you will need to have proper dedication and hard work capabilities to strengthen your skills. If you are in your learning stage, then don’t forget to check our other posts as well where we have shared tips for beginners.

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