What is the perfect darts throwing distance? Measure, height etc

Well, it’s really important to know about the dart throwing distance, measures, and height, if you want to hit on the bull’s-eye. You might have seen the game of darts the fluid, smooth and natural throwing of darts by the professionals creates the illusion of it being easy, however, the reality is not always what it seems. When beginners pick up the darts and they try to imitate the professionals, and they end up hitting a wall, also their darts don’t retain the same natural movement as the professionals. The result is majority quits here and finds a new hobby.

Dart throwing distance is different for men, women, people on wheelchair and the type of the dart you are using. To get this quick you should have Dart Board Height as 5 feet. 8 inches from floor to the center of the bull’s-eye. Distance from throwing line to the dart board: Soft Tip as 8 feet and Steel Tip as 7 feet 9 1/4 inches.

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dart throwing distance

However, we have explained below about throwing distance in detail:

Things you should know about Oche before learning the Dart throwing distance

Oche is it refers to the throwing line from where the player throws his darts. There are a lot of stories and speculation regarding the origin of Oche. There are some who claim that the original term was “hockey” that was used by “The News of the world” in 1920 which was an English newspaper. There are some that claim that “hockey” originates from the word “hocken” which means to spit because in the pubs the throwing line was determined by a player spitting. The term “hockey” eventually evolved into “Oche” however, the origin of Oche remains a mystery even today. There is, however, another myth attached that a brewery by the name of S. Hockey and Sons existed in England whose crates were used to measure the throwing line. This, however, is not true because records indicate that no such brewery existed in England. This was confirmed by the Brewery History Society in 1980. So, now you know what an oche is let’s take a look at other things.

Well, we’re gonna discuss deep down helpful tips regarding Dart throwing distance, the height of the dart board, measures that can be taken and the standard regulations that are followed during a game of dart.

Dart throwing Distance: –

The Dart throwing Distance can vary depending on what type of darts you use such as Steel Tip Darts or Soft Tip Darts. The standard distance for Steel Darts is 7 feet 9.25 inches from the front the board which comes down to 236.86 centimeters. However, the standard distance for Soft Darts is 8 feet even from the board which comes down to 243.84 centimeters. The diagonal distance from the center of the bullseye to the back of the Oche should be 9 feet 7.5 inches which come down to 293.4 cm. These are the standard distances that are followed. There should be minimum 2 feet clearance on both sides of the board before throwing otherwise someone might end up getting injured.

Height of the Dart board: –

The Height of the board specified is 5 feet and 8 inches which comes down to 172.72 in centimetres. This is measured from the floor to the center of the bullseye.

The Perfect Distance For Throwing a Dart

Ladies Dart Throwing Distance: –

For our ladies who enjoy playing a game of darts, the standard distance is the same as men 236.86cm however, depending on the location the distance varies so in many different parts of the U.K most common distance other than the standard is 7 feet 6 inches or 7 feet.

Wheel Chair Dart Throwing Distance: –

Darts, unlike many other sports, don’t require strenuous physical activity which is why it is perfect for people with a physical disability to enjoy. In 2010 Russ Strobel introduced a standard height for Disable players which was based on the standard dartboard and came down to 137 cm. After the continuous effort, the WDF finally approved Russ’s request for a reduction on height. Other regulations are that the wheelchair should be behind the Oche line and that the players are allowed to place their chairs horizontally to the board.  There are Disability darts tournament held each year.

The Perfect Distance For Throwing a Dart

The Perfect Distance For Throwing a Dart

Measures to take during the setting up of a board: –

So you bought a dart equipment but if you don’t set it up properly then the end result would that you won’t be able to play the darts on the regulated board, for example, you step up the dart board at 10 feet height than after continuous practising your muscles end up getting used to it but when you go to a pub or any other place where the regulated boards are being used you might end up missing most of the targets. So, take into consideration the above-mentioned distance and height. Here are some other measures you can take while setting up your dartboards.

1-Buy a dart mat this provides many benefits it protects the darts from getting damaged and helps point out the throwing line.

2-The location of the dartboard is an important factor you should find an area which is 11ft long by 5ft wide. It should be a place free from any obstacles and people.

3-Ensure that the wall on which you are mounting your board is flat. You can either use a backboard behind your dartboard or use a dartboard cabinet to protect the dartboard.

Regulations: –

The regulations regarding Dart games but the general rules are that every player brings three darts from home. The player’s scorer starts from 501, 301, 701 etc. depending on the game length. After a player has thrown 3 darts the total score is subtracted from the given score. The purpose of the game is to reach the 0. The score varies depending on where the dart land the bullseye will get you 50 points. If your dart lands on the outer bull you get 25 and so on.

The above-mentioned oche distances might change depending on your location it ranges between 7 feet,7 feet 2 inches, 7 feet 6 inches, 8 feet, and 9 feet. The game of darts has many variations, however, for tournaments, the standard distance and height are the above-mentioned one. So, if you live in any other region than consult your local dartboard association regarding the proper distance and height. I hope this article will help you in developing an idea regarding appropriate height, Dart throwing distance, and regulations. So, gather your art equipment and enjoy a fun game of Darts this weekend.

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