How to Aim Darts

Game of darts is a tricky game which requires attention and years of experience, but when it comes to throwing with success, then it can be a serious challenge especially when you are a new player. Aiming plays very vital roles in darts so don’t underestimate the significance of proper aiming because without aiming you cannot throw with accuracy. The grip of darts varies from player to player so buying an expensive set of dart won’t make you a champion until and unless you don’t have a right technique and most importantly experience. If you are serious about learning how to throw darts with precision, then this article is for you. We are going to share some core factors and techniques which make you pro improving dart accuracy. Before going further let me clear one thing that without proper practice these techniques are useless, so it’s crucial for you to practice these techniques to identify and improve your mistakes.

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Aim your Darts properly

Many people ignore aiming factor in darting because they feel everything is throw and body action but that’s a wrong concept because if your aim is not right then, you will surely miss your target. You should pay attention to aiming and try to imagine that your target is bigger. Find a sight line while throwing darts some people use hand tip while other use the dart tip. The goal of finding a sight line should be to line up your shot accurately. Another critical factor in aiming is hitting your target directly because many people aim left or right of the real target and try to become over smart. The last and most important factor in aiming is finding your dominant eye. Every person has a dominant eye so always aim darts with your dominant eye because you will gain confidence naturally after a throw.

Apply proper Force when Throwing

You must be wondering how come throw and aim resemble with each other, but that’s a reality. If your aim is accurate, but you are making any mistake while throwing then your efforts will be wasted. The throw is a crucial factor in the game of darts because if your throw is slow and the aim is right then, the result will be disappointed because aim requires a proper projectile to reach the target and if you are lacking in throwing force then you will surely miss your target.

Body Position

I have seen various dart players bending their body parts for perfect aiming but that isn’t the correct technique. Try to keep your body position straight and don’t bend or roll your back because bending your body can disturb your aim. Don’t copy other players because everyone has his/her own style according to their experience. If you are a new player or learner then I will recommend you to find your own style from the hidden creativity inside you.

Minimize your Movement

If you are moving your elbows and other body parts after watching a darts accuracy training video on YouTube or any other dart throwing technique video, then you are doing wrong. As you know our shoulders and elbows play a vital role while throwing darts so you should try to minimize the movement of your body otherwise your aim will be disturbed.

Distribute your body weight

You have to balance your position according to your body weight because putting too much of your body weight on foot can disturb your aim. If you want to distribute your body weight equally while throwing darts, then you should position yourself firm and unshakable.

Hold Dart Barrel Wisely

The dart barrel is a raised part of a dart which is closer to its center. You have to use three fingers only to grip the dart with accuracy so that you can have full grip and control over dart. Don’t hold the dart of its backside and also avoid curling your fingers while holding darts instead keep them open which will give you a good grip over dart. It is also one of the most crucial parts if you want to learn how to grip a dart because if you have good aim but weak holding position, then the chances of missing your target are high.

Trust yourself

Confidence is a major factor which decides the success of any task because if you have faith in yourself, then you will surely achieve your target despite having hassles. If you are interested in learning about how to develop a consistent dart throw then develop self-confidence and have faith in your skills. As you know our brain and body parts are interconnected with each other so when you are confused or in a state of panic then our body parts won’t function properly according to the command given by our brain. Try to relax while throwing darts because it’s not the end.


We hope most of your confusions are cleared now. Nothing in this world can be achieved instantly, and it requires hard work, dedicated and most importantly practice when it comes to the game of darts. All these techniques which we have mentioned above are interconnected with each other so don’t ignore any of them otherwise; your efforts will be wasted. Every person in this world is born with unique abilities, so don’t copy anyone else’s style because it may work for them but not for you, instead of copying try to develop your style which suits you the best. After reading this article and doing a necessary practice which is required to apply these techniques we are quite sure you won’t need to search how to aim darts like a pro next time. In the end, I would like to share one life-changing tip with you which will surely work in every aspect of your life. Once you have done all the efforts and hard works required to accomplish any goal, then have faith in yourself and be confident about success.

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