How to Hold a Dart

Game of darts seems to be a very easy game to play with your friends, but in reality, it’s a quite tricky game which requires various techniques. Throwing a dart is one of the easiest jobs on earth but hitting a target is something which matters. You should practice daily and compete with your friends to improve your skills otherwise you cannot master in this game without proper practice and technique. In this article, we will have a healthy discussion in which you will learn how to throw darts and how to hold a dart consistently with the help of advanced technologies. This post will be more focused on holding a dart which includes various styles so make sure you are not missing anything because these following factors are interconnected with each other, and if you ignore any of them then you won’t succeed in hitting a target with accuracy.

Get Into Throwing Position

The position of your body and distance from where you are going to throw darts is a critical part of this game. Make a red line which is also known as throw line and put your dominant foot and hand in a forward position from where you are going to throw a dart. It depends if you are left-handed then your foot should be in forwarding position and similarly if you are right handed then your right foot should be in forwarding position. While throwing a dart, you can raise your back heel off the floor but not the entire foot as it will be considered as a violation.

Maintain straight body position

If you want to know about how to throw darts with precision, then you should avoid rolling and bending your back or any other part of your body. You should maintain a straight body position without turning and rolling because it will interrupt your idea of aim. Some dart players lean their upper body in forward position while others in backward position so you should maintain a straight body position without crossing the throwing line because every player has his/her style which may or may not work for you as well.


Gripping in the game of darts is a crucial factor because you won’t succeed if don’t have control and grip over dart. Don’t hold dart from its barrel which is its front part because you won’t achieve grip in this way. Don’t hold and grip dart tightly because it can tense your muscles so the grip should be tight enough to maintain control over dart. Having an accurate touch over dart is more important than having force.

Aim according to your Eye level

You should raise the dart to the eye level for accurate aiming. Keep your shoulders in rest and raise the dart to your eye level, in this way your target will be more accurate and clear. For an excellent dart stance, you should take this factor on top of your priority list.

Always use the dominant eye for aiming

Everyone has a dominant eye and most of the times it is on the same side of your dominant hand. You should open dominant eye only while close the other one for perfect aiming because if your aiming is incorrect, and other conditions are satisfied, but the end result will be disappointing.

Practice Daily

All these factors which we have mentioned above will be useless if you are not doing enough practice because these techniques require proper experience so that you can identify and correct your mistakes. You should practice at least once daily for 1 hour by selecting a different target on darts board to test your grip on different throwing actions and positions. Try to hold dart according to the above methods in different ways and find out which one is working for you. You can name this practice as darts accuracy training as it will improve your accuracy. As we have mentioned several times that find your own style rather than copying so once you have identified the style which suits you the best then practice it more and more to make your grip stronger with that particular style.

Participate and Compete in Dart Leagues

Don’t hesitate to participate in dart matches because you will learn various things from these matches. Playing darts with your friends as a fun and playing in a match are both different situations so you should involve yourself in darts leagues to improve your confidence and skills.


If you are trying to search for how to hold a dart on YouTube, then we must recommend you should stop wasting your time and practice on your own. The videos which are available on the internet are uploaded by experienced dart players, and they have their style which may or may not work for you. Give worth to your time by doing proper practice and follow all the factors which we have mentioned above in details. Note down your mistakes on a dairy or paper daily and try not to repeat them tomorrow. The most important thing which you should always keep in mind is that you need to find your style which works for you and suits you the best. To discover your hidden abilities, you will need to practice darts daily and try some random techniques, after a few games you will quickly identify the working style. Nothing can be achieved instantly especially in sports so don’t lose hope if you are unable to hit your target with accuracy because the game of darts is all about practice. We hope from now on your fundamental concepts about game of darts have been cleared now but still if you are having some problem will accuracy then we will strongly recommend you to give more time to practice to discover a hidden style which works for you.