How to Throw Darts

Game of darts requires proper strategy and techniques; if you want to learn how to aim darts, then you are exactly at the right place. You might be thinking that how you can grip on darts without doing much practice due to a shortage of time. In this article, we will share the most advanced techniques which will take your dart skills to next the next level in no time. Consistency is something which matters a lot in this game because everyone has a different throwing style according to their height and power. We are quite sure that these fantastic tips will not only improve your skills but also takes you to the next level when it comes to the game of darts. As you know, there are several throwing styles, but we strictly recommend not copying anyone and choosing the one that suits you best. Nothing in this world can be achieved without doing struggle; similarly game of darts requires proper practice so that you can discover your style. We will share some amazing darting tips with you but keep in mind that in the end, you have to discover your style in which you feel comfortable. After this reading this article you don’t need any darts accuracy training, all you will need is practice and only practice.

Minimum Movement

Don’t copy other people by just watching few dart throwing technique videos on YouTube because everyone has their style and technique. Your shoulder will play a vital role while throwing darts and you need to make sure that your shoulder stays still. The darts will be stray off course if the movement of your shoulder isn’t in rest. While doing practice try not to move your shoulders and make a firm grip on your shoulders.

Keep your focus on Release

Releasing darts is most crucial part of this game because some people throw before time while others leave until the last second. You must be wondering which one is correct. Well, the answer is quite simple; the one which suits you best and comfortable for you is the correct one. If you want to learn how to develop a consistent dart throw, then this release factor should be in your priority list during routine practice.

Use Three Fingers Only

If you Use only three fingers while throwing darts weapon, then we are quite sure you won’t miss your aim, and your control over darts pencil grip will remain stable. If you use more than three fingers while releasing darts, then the chances of missing the aim are high. Some people use only two fingers, but we will recommend using three fingers just to ensure more regulation and control. Many people use dart grip wax for gripping, but you should try to hit your target with perfection without using any artificial means.

Maintain straight position

Don’t bend your back or roll your hips while throwing as it will disturb your accuracy. Keep your shoulders, arms, and hips straight and don’t try to come closer to the board by bending your body because it’s not a professional approach. Every dart player has his/her own technique and style which they use while throwing darts after years of practice. If you are a new player or still learning, then we will recommend you to develop your own style which suits you the best.

Throw it with Force

After selecting proper aim according to your body position then throw it with proper force because if the force is insufficient, then the projectile will be disturbed. I have seen many people who spend more time on focusing and selecting their aim, but in the end, everything gets ruined due to lack of force which is required to reach darts board from a particular distance.


While aiming your target put your eyes on the dart board and the target you want to hit. If you are playing in a bar, then don’t get interrupted from the people passing nearby you as it can disturb your attention and aim. The focus is one of the crucial factors when it comes to the game of darts. If you want to learn how to throw darts with precision, then don’t ignore aiming factor as it will decide the success of your game.

Rinse and Repeat

Once you have identified and noted down your week points then the only area which requires your focus will be practice and only practice. You might have heard that practices make a man perfect so all these unique techniques which we have mentioned above will only work if you have a right experience and practice. According to various professional dart players, practice and experience are one of the most crucial areas which matter in the game of darts.


Don’t get disappointed if you are unable to hit your target with perfection because darts is a game of skill that requires continuous practice. Everyone has their own unique abilities and skills, so you have to discover your own technique which suits you. Put it in your mind that copying other dart players won’t give you any benefit because they have their own height, weight, and more importantly experience level, so it doesn’t mean if any technique is working for them will surely work for you as well. After doing a routine practice make a sheet where you will list down your weakness so that you can improve them slowly. Nothing in this world is instant, and especially when it comes to sports, then practice is a most crucial factor. If you are a newbie then don’t search about how to throw darts on YouTube because those videos are mostly uploaded by professional darts players or the majority of them are edited to get views. We hope after reading this article you have successfully identified and illuminated all your major and minor mistakes which were stopping you from reaching your destination.we also Listed best darts , best darts for beginners , Front Weighted darts , Rear Weighted darts , Soft tips darts , steel tip darts , magnetic darts .

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