How to maintain your Dart and Dart Boards?

Necessary measures for the maintenance of Dart and Dartboards.

While it’s true that contemporary Dartboards are more durable and have fewer dart holes than their predecessors, they still need some basic maintenance that will ensure their good quality and increase their life expectancy. So, without further ado lets dive into the world of equipment maintenance.

Maintaining your Dartboard: –

The sharp-tipped darts pierce the Dartboards on regular basis and while it’s true that contemporary Dartboards can withstand their attacks a little investment in their maintenance can go a long way.

1-Rotate your Dartboards: –

The continuous rotation of Dartboard helps in slowing down its deterioration. There are some areas which are more prone to attacks such as number 20 and 19. This rotation results in minimum damage and avoids creating an uneven look. Now here is a process for the rotation if you are using a bristle board than remove the number ring and rotate the dartboard for a few segments. If you play darts frequently than its better to rotate the dartboard weekly. However, keep in mind that the rotation does not affect number 25 and bullseye so if these areas are getting damaged then rotation won’t help.

How to maintain your Dart and Dart Boards

2- Keep the Dartboards away from any kind of moisture:

How to maintain your Dart and Dart Boards

In the past pub owners soaked the wooden Dartboards in the water which resulted in the closing of dart holes, however, this also affected the dartboard negatively and created a lot of mess. The contemporary boards are strictly forbidden from being exposed to any kind of moisture because it can end up speeding up the deterioration of the board. You should take into consideration the condition of the place where you want to hang your board cool and dry place is the best choice

3-Use smooth dart: –

With advancement in technology, the models of darts are also changing. The new darts being engineered are more accurate and they reduce bounce rate, however, the use of these darts results in increasing the damage to the board. You should avoid making use of hook dart, blunt tips, and burrs. The hook darts provide a tighter grip on the board which reduces the bounce rate, however, when you remove these darts from the board it ends up tearing up the fabric as well. The continuous use of hooked darts results in strings emerging from the board. The blunt tips will also pull down the fabric of the board. Like our immune system, the dartboard also possesses natural healing ability which helps repair the damage that dart holes leave but the continuous assault at the hand of the blunt tip darts can end up damaging the natural healing ability of the board.

How to maintain your Dart and Dart Boards

4-Remove the dart by twisting: –

Instead of pulling it’s better to twist and remove the dart otherwise it ends up damaging the board. We understand the frustration that comes when a dart ends up getting stuck on a board and won’t come out. In these situations, instead of giving in to your anger and making use of brute force just twist the dart a little. It will come out without any resistance.

5- Don’t expose the Dartboard to excessive lighting: –

Make sure to avoid the excessive use of light as this results in dulling the color of the board

Maintaining your Darts: –

Now then we are done discussing the maintenance of Dartboard let’s examine how you can take care of your darts as well: –

1-Sharpening the Dart tips: –

As already pointed out that dart tips end up blunt or they lose their edge this results in darts bouncing off the boards. Such issues can be solved by sharpening your darts you can make use of grinding paper or dart sharper while sharpening take a look at the dart tip from different angles and ensure that the dart does not end up getting too sharped. If the dart is too sharp it can cause injury to fellow players and can damage the board as well.

How to maintain your Dart and Dart Boards

2- Replacing different parts of the darts: –

There will be times when some parts of your darts might end up getting damaged it’s better to replace them. In case of the soft tipped darts, you have the option of using your hand to bring the tip back to its original position however its better if you replace the dart with a new tip. The tips of the metal dart don’t bend but they end up getting blunt so you need to sharpen them.

3- Give the dirty dart a wash: –

The dart-like any other equipment also ends up accumulating dirt and dust especially the barrel of ends up getting badly affected. In this case, make use of detergent water and let the barrel soak the water for a minimum of six hours and then make use of a paintbrush or toothbrush to remove dirt from the barrel. The last step is to rinse the dart with clean water.

4- Use a mat to avoid causing unnecessary damage to the dart: –

Your darts can also end up getting damaged from being hit on the floor it’s better to place a mat under the board. In this way even if they bounce off the board they won’t come directly in contact with the floor.

So, dear reader Darts and Dartboards are important pieces of equipment for your hobby and profession. They are your partners that provide support during a game. If you neglect them ultimately, they will end up getting destroyed. Your little effort and time can help your Darts and Dartboards last a long while. The above-mentioned points are not that difficult to do you can take out an hour or two from your busy schedule on the weekends and do necessary repairs. So, dear readers. I hope these simple tips on “how to maintain your dart and dartboards” provide you superb results.

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