What are the rules of Darts - 101 301 and 501 dart rules

What are the rules of Darts – 101 301 and 501 dart rules

Dart is widely played in parts of the world, mainly in Netherland and The United States. Strength of the darts is that the rules are simple and it does not require any particular physical condition of the player. It gives a chance to the weaker player against a stronger player. One must know the terms and conditions of the game before playing it so that he knows the better strategies to win the game.

– General Rules of Darts

Before jumping into any game, you must know the main requirements and rules of the game. Some basic things which you must have before playing the game are as follows;

  • You must have a dartboard and darts.
  • Two players are two teams
  • Each player throws three darts on their turn with a maximum score of 180
  • Players should stand behind “oche” ( a raised horizontal block)

Darts Scoring

  • You need to know the value of different concentric rings.
  • The outer rings count as double the standard score.
  • Any darts landing in the inner rings can score three times the real value.
  • The outer bull scores 25.
  • The inner bull scores 50. This bull describes the player’s order.

Rules to play Dart Game for Dummies

Every game has some rules for playing it. Rules make players alert while playing. Although darts have no strict rules to follow beginners must know the rules before entering into the game.

  • Every player gets three darts per turn
  • Each player has to remove his darts after completing his turn and counting score.
  • If the dart is fallen or bounces back, it is out of play, and it scores nothing.
  • If you accidentally drop a dart and it’s not a misthrow you can throw it again.
  • Do not stand beyond the toe-line.
  • Always record your score before you remove the darts.
  • To choose who is going to play first, players throw darts at the bullseye the player who throws dart closest to the bull will play first.
  • A scorekeeper should not distract the player.
  • If your score reaches zero and you have darts remaining to throw, the game is over you do not need to throw the darts.

Rules of Darts 501

 Most professional matches are 501. It’s a double out game that means the player must hit the double so that he reaches the goal as soon as possible. This is the simplest of the games. Following are the rules of Darts 501;

  • The score starts from 501, be the first one to achieve zero scores.
  • There can be as many players as you want or you can play in teams as well.
  • The player or scorekeeper deduct score from each turn.
  • If a player scores 1 or less than zero, then the turn busts and player’s scores become the same as before the turn starts.
  • If no player achieves zero in twenty turns, then the player with fewer scores wins.

– Rules of Darts 301

There is a minor difference between 301 and 501. People get confused in it, but the rules below will clearly define the difference between them.

  • The score starts from 301
  • The player who scores zero first wins.
  • In the case of turn, the bust score becomes the same as it was before turn.
  • If both players failed to score zero, then the player with the lowest score wins.