Types of Darts You Need to Know About ( Steel Tip Darts vs Soft Tip Darts)

Millions of people in the world play the game of darts .It is a well-known source of entertainment in this modernized world where there are a variety of choices available. Game of Darts is not easy to play because one needs to have plenty of experience to play this game like a professional player. The most important thing that matter in darts after your experience is the type of equipment you are using to play because the more quality darts you will use the more accuracy of hitting the target you will get. In this article, we will discuss Types of Darts with you in depth along with their benefits. If you are a new player, then don’t hassle to check our other posts as well where we have shared some mind-blowing darting tricks which you won’t find anywhere else.

Steel Tip Darts

Keeping yourself equipped with some best steel tip darts will be an excellent starting point for you. Steel tip darts are often used with bristle board as the durable surface of the bristle board easily confront the steel tip of the dart. They are usually made up of brass and nickel. These steep tip darts are also made with tungsten as they offer the most high-quality performance as compared to brass; nickel and copper darts. Let’s discuss some pros and cons of steel tip darts with clarity to highlight every positive and negative aspect of these darts.

steel tip darts


  • Excellent performance with more accuracy.
  • You will be less dependent on darting skills.
  • Comfortable and slender design.
  • Majority of them are available at a very affordable price.


  • Steep tip darts made up of brass material can have durability issues.
  • Sensitive shafts

Soft Tip Darts

Soft tip darts can also serve as an excellent replacement when it comes to the game of darts. It is one of the best darts for beginners. Soft Tip darts are mostly used along with electronic dart boards because of various reasons including their flexibility and soft design tip. Like steel tip darts these soft tip darts are also made with plastic, brass, nickel and tungsten material. Another critical factor that makes soft tip darts bit different from steel tip dart is their lightweight that’s why they cannot be used with any other darting board except electronic dart board. If you are looking for some honest soft tip darts reviews then here are some pros and cons for you based on our experience.

soft tip darts


  • Lightweight.
  • Highly durable as compared to steel tip darts.
  • Balanced weight distribution with easy handling.
  • Excellent grip and high accuracy.
  • Impressive design.


  • A bit costly than steel tip darts.
  • Sensitive shaft.

Final Words:

We hope you are now aware of soft tip darts vs steel tip darts. Remember, darting is one of the trickiest games that require proper techniques along with experience to master. One cannot become a professional darts player overnight; it requires hard work and dedication. Make sure you are having the right equipment while playing a game of darts because wrong equipment choices will lead to poor performance. These two basic types that we have mentioned above are one of the wisest decisions that you can make.