What are Bristle DartBoards

Dart games are becoming popular and taking its place in the gaming zone. But if we talk about its types and their construction, then most of the people know nothing about it. In most of the tournaments, bristle dart boards are used because of their hard and sturdy construction. Most modern dart boards are made of sisal fibre, and other components like cork, paper, wood, and plastic are used to serve different purposes. Here we have provided a brief description of what are bristle dartboards made of. Read below and clear all your hassles regarding the construction of bristle dart boards.

How modern bristle dartboards are made?

A modern bristle dartboard is made of sisal fibre which came from agave plant family. Sisal fibre is used in the construction of a variety of products, but mostly it is used in rope and twine. Sisal fibre dart boards are also known as bristle dart board are the most renowned dart boards that are in use these days. Steel tip darts are mostly favourable for using on bristle dart boards. Sisal is known for its self-healing property which is the primary reason why bristle dart boards are made of sisal fibre. But what does that mean? Does it heal the hole made by steel tip dart as well? These were the questions that hurriedly arises in your mind. And the answer is yes! Bristle dart will self-heal from the hole created by steel tip darts. But dart boards usually exhibit wear and tear after a few time; similarly, a new bristle dart board will heal the hole quickly as compared to the older one. Sometimes metal wire used for constructing score numbers start to bend steel tip darts majorly cause this because steel tip darts causes significant damage to metal wire. Hence summarizing, it is clear now that bristle dartboards are made of sisal fibre which is mainly known for its self-healing property.

Can I use soft tip darts on bristle dartboard?

Another major concern which most of the people have is can we use soft tip darts on bristle dart board? Do they impose any danger to the bristle dart board? So the answer is Yes! You can use soft tip darts on bristle dartboard but just for the sake of practice, not for tournaments. Because when you are using soft tip darts with electronic or plastic dart board, the angle of the dart flight path is one of the most critical variables to make sure that soft tip darts will not bounce out. Soft tip darts need comparatively flat flight path. Throwing soft tip darts on bristle dart boards allow them to fall on the desired target without bouncing out. It is a great practice to throw soft tip darts on bristle dartboard to observe and modify your soft tip dart throw.

You can also use soft tip darts to protect your walls, or you can also use dartboard cabinets for protecting your walls.

Construction Considerations while buying Bristle dartboards

There are several manufacturing considerations that you should keep in mind while choosing a perfect dartboard for having a fun darting experience. For instance;

  • The density of the sisal fibre to determine the hardness of the board
  • The overall depth of the fibres which can affect the bounce out the ratio of darts
  • The amount of sanding done on the surface of the bristle dartboard
  • Verify that low glare paints are used in the colouring of the dartboard
  • The wires used should be thin
  • It would be best if you observed that regular rotation is applied on your dartboard.